Where I’ve Been – 5 Months of Grace

When I started blogging, four or five years ago…I had no idea the journey ahead of me.

There have been times when I needed to pause from blogging. Some of these “pauses” I might have, at one time, attributed to “Writer’s Block;” but I’m beginning to realize that most of the time these “pauses” have been at the discretion – and direction – of The Father.

This past Winter, was one such time.

I think we can all agree the Presidential Election this past fall brought about some very unexpected results. It was just after the election though, that something occurred, which caused me to take this most unexpected pause.

I received feedback from a reader. The feedback was innocent. There was nothing said that was mean or disrespectful. But in that tiny, unsuspecting response…I spent days, weeks (okay, yes, months) contemplating IF I should even continue blogging. I questioned many things…among them my ability to write, to discern and to accurately convey messages from the Holy Spirit.

Today was the day I was directed to go back and review the post that started this “5 months of Grace.” He wanted me to go back and see where I had stumbled because He wanted me to recognize that stumbling isn’t failure. It’s a pivotal time in our walk of Spiritual Growth. These moments are necessary for us to progress.

Personally, I needed to go back and review what it was that made me feel like I’d needed to retreat. And it turns out that this was another step in His learning curve.

In the days since I returned and wrote my first entry last month, I kept wondering why there had been such a “dry” season of writing. I knew it was about discernment but I also knew He wanted to tell me more. The LORD responded:

“From the beginning (2009), you were prompted to blog because you have something to say. Because, your words matter – because you seek ME. Everyone who SEEKS ME will FIND ME.

Last year, you had begun to look elsewhere for words to share from other’s. It’s fine to share insights, but don’t supplant your voice. Until such time as I direct, your words, your writing, are your voice. A Fresh voice – a voice that isn’t echoing what the World keeps repeating. The People don’t need to feast on WORLDLY wisdom: The people NEED the Light of the World.”

Talk about feeling humbled.

Who AM I that God would use me to reach – even ONE person – who needs HIM?

(Please don’t miss this beautiful song from Casting Crowns – Who Am I? )

So, yes…It turns out I needed to step away from here for a season. Usually, that’s a bad thing in the WORLD of blogging. But – this blog really isn’t mine. From the start it’s always been HIS.