Updated: A Warning Message to His Children – the church

“Do you hear ME?

Do you know I AM beside You?

I AM here. I have always been here, though you may not recognize ME.

Please turn to ME, now. Please call out to Me.

Seek ME and Find Me – The Door is STILL open.


Do NOT go to church as a “routine”;

BE THE CHURCH as intended in Acts 2!”

Please see UPDATED message near the end…


I was reading “Richard’s Watch” blog this morning. After I finished, I was prompted – quite spontaneously to share The Father’s Words above with anyone with ears to hear. I am sharing the link to his blog because this post was prompted by reading Richard’s. I do not understand the significance and if there is any, I ask that you take it in prayer to the Holy Spirit.

As a blogger, I am just a vessel. But as His vessel, He has given me the Word “Lament” to share. I don’t like using that word – but this morning I started tearing up prior to writing this…

In looking up the meaning of the word Lament I referenced Merriam-Webster online:

Definition of lament

  1. intransitive verb
  2. :  to mourn aloud :  wail nightingales lament without ceasing — L. P. Smith

  3. transitive verb
  4. 1 :  to express sorrow, mourning, or regret for often demonstratively :  mourn … must regret the imprudence, lament the result … — Jane Austen

  5. 2 :  to regret strongly He lamented his decision not to go to college


Twice this week I heard the following words in my Spirit – “Get Ready.” The most recent these words were conveyed was yesterday.  I only know when something is mentioned more than once, we are to take note. I don’t know what this means, but yesterday my Heart, Mind and Spirit felt an overwhelming heaviness…like a sadness – but this feeling wasn’t for myself; it was for the world.

Whatever is ahead, know that God LOVES US – He LOVES His Creation. He LOVES You – with a Love that surpasses ALL understanding (Ephesians 3:19, Phil 4:7)

I pray God’s Peace, Wisdom and Protection (Psalm 91) over you and those you know and love, today.

This UPDATE is not easy for me to share:

I normally try to include a video link with each post I share. When I posted this morning – whatever song I thought I had heard in The Spirit, I could not recall either the lyrics or melody. In the last few minutes I heard the word, Foreigner – as it related to music. The song I was taken to is “Cold as Ice.” No pun intended, but the song lyrics are chilling to listen to if you consider God’s warning and admonition from Revelation 3:

Video Lyrics: Cold As Ice

1Revelation 3:16 (KJB)

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”