Mixed Truths

The Mid-West got pounded by heavy rains, thunder and lightning today. Which is fine by me. It’s in those moments of hearing rolling thunder – and seeing lightning flash across the sky that Yahveh’s power becomes not just phrases I read from the Bible but tangible; with His unmistakable presence attached.


Speaking of storms, I perused Instagram briefly tonight before a social media posting on there stopped me cold.

If it’s possible to be both absolutely sad as well as feel a form of Holy Anger then I guess you could say what I saw, “lit my fire”…


What I read – a quote from what I understand is a well known Pastor made me do a “double take” and then, a “triple take.”

I do not want to directly re-quote it and I’m not comfortable mentioning names because I don’t feel that would be the right thing to do.

I keep battling with myself about this, but honestly, my Spirit actually started to hurt after I read what had been shared:

Here it is paraphrased.

– If you’re not having a fun time, stop what you’re doing

and go back to where you left Jesus.-





Pardon me, but I have yet to read ANY part of the scriptures that mention WE ARE SUPPOSED to be having a FUN time…or did I miss the memo? (that is supposed to be my attempt at humor)

I agree that scripture mentions JOY….but Joy is mentioned by PAUL when he is in Prison (Romans 5:3). And as far as I’m concerned, Jesus trip to Calvary was not something “Fun.”

In fact, as I recall, He admonished us to carry our cross (Matthew 16:24 and Luke 14:27). In this moment, I am recognizing that we will ALL have to remain wide awake and sober in days to come.

Jesus told us that as time moved along we would start to SEE things going really weird and HEAR the same. As in things would start to become “Topsy-turvy” – (2 Thessalonians 2)

I had been remaining on Instagram for a number of reasons – among them was to find messages of encouragement and hope…creative ideas and inspiration. But today, I have run across so many mixed messages from so many different sources about truth being completely twisted (1 on Instagram, 2 on YouTube) that I AM going to have to step up my “listening ears” in acknowledging the days we are in.

Now, more than ever…it seems almost too obvious that our ears and understanding are going to be tested.

Cling to HIM, Saints…

Cling to HIS Truth,

and KNOW it.

The road with all the fun is probably wider than what we need…It’s the narrow path that Jesus told us would make us ready for the “True Test of Faith.”