Expect the Unexpected

Would anyone agree with me that this has been a really unusual year?

I have written at length the last 5-6 weeks about this leg of the journey The Father had me on. Needless to say, I really didn’t know where He was taking me and honestly, I still don’t.

Many of you reading this – know that you KNOW – that a Season of Change is upon us. We really don’t know what direction the United States (or the World for that matter is going) but a shift is not only in process but is about to rapidly accelerate forward, even FASTer than it has been.

Well, this morning something occurred that I hadn’t really anticipated. I’ll be honest, I underestimated our God, Yahveh.

Many, many weeks ago…I think it was somewhere around the beginning of the year I was prompted to begin preparations for Him to do “Something New” – I guess that something new may be about to take flight.

This morning, as I was driving, I understood it was time. The things I have experienced in the last 8-12 weeks have not been for nothing. And though the picture still isn’t complete I received a prompting to, “go ahead,” I’m still waiting for Him to fully explain what they means, and I know He Will.

The awesome thing about believing in God is that we can Trust in His “Promises of Purpose” – whatever He would have us do or wherever He has us go is both for our benefit and to give Him Glory. 

Whatever He has me do next…this blog has been an amazing experience and I’m hoping some of what I’ve shared has helped you in some way as well.

Sharing this WORD may seem unusual, but it was what I was directed to do…I’ll continue to share and publish here as led.

May God Bless you,



2 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected

  1. Yes please! Your blog blesses me immensely, and i would love to see where our Lord leads next.God bless,Robin

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, an AT&T 4G LTE tablet


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