Watch For It: I AM Coming To You


Daughter of Zion,

The hour is late. You have seen the clouds gathering, I have shown them to you.

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Daylight wanes and twilight nears. The Labor pains that have been mentioned for so long…will burst forth into delivery. Overnight, (seemingly, in one hour) everything will change.


Looking back now, looking back in regret, does no good. If your wedding attire is spotted – then seek repentance in the moments left.


Weeping over what once was and what will be no more will do you no good. There are just minutes of hours left for those whose garments are not ready.


For ANY and ALL who are still willing to hear my voice, who WANT to hear my voice: Call out to ME. You know not what is ahead of you. Do not waste a moment. Seek now Truth, while the Truth is still available. There is a time before YOU when the restrainer will be removed. When this happens, The Holy Spirit will be difficult to find. It is not MY WILL that anyone should have to go into the testings and trials without ME.


Will you hear My Trumpet? Will you recognize MY voice? Will your Spirit Man be ready and prepared to receive Me? Be sure you understand why you MUST keep oil in your lamp and your wick trimmed. Examine yourself and ask for wisdom  – then, the Parable of the Ten Virgins will be clear.


Have you not noticed WARNINGS increasing? When a woman is in labor, do the contractions not increase with intensity and frequency as the moment of crowning arrives? 


Keep Looking UP.

Keep listening.

Keep Watching –


The Gethsemane Night watch is nearly past and when you least expect it, the same door that has been open for generations, will suddenly close.




(Lamentations 2:13)

(Romans 13:11)

(See all of Revelation 18 – v 17)

(Matthew 22:12, Phil 3)

(Luke 19:41, Jeremiah 4)

(2 Thessalonians 2: 5-7)

(Luke 21:28)

(Revelation 9)

(Psalm 48)

(Matthew 26:36)