Because I LOVE YOU

I’ve mentioned previously there are many songs that The Father has reminded me of in the past year. Many of these are categorized as “secular.”

This particular song, I again had no understanding of why I had been hearing…until today.

That song is, “Because you Loved Me,” sung by Celine Dion. The song is in the movie soundtrack for “Up Close and Personal” – it starred Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer.

I’ve watched the video link above several times. I even went so far as to check the movie out from the library last year to revisit it because I heard it in my memory so frequently.

What got me to this moment though, occurred this morning. It was hearing the following, as I dozed, after the alarm woke me from slumber:

“Judgement” followed by

“Sword” and not longer after


Those aren’t exactly comforting words to hear when the 5am alarm clock goes off.

It wasn’t ’til after I’d petitioned The Father for more clarity that He gave me the song…”Because You Loved Me.” So that left me completely dumbfounded and standing out in left field. “Father, I need more than that..cause I’m missing a really big puzzle piece between the words and lyrics to that song and the message you gave me upon waking.”

I got home and looked up the song video. As far as I was concerned, the theme was as carnal as you can get. And at first I was not even willing to share it here because it just didn’t feel clean….

It turns out that was EXACTLY His point.

“My Word is a double edged sword (Heb 4:12). The masses want so much to believe in a “reprieve” but little by little the situation is proving just how inaccurate that reality is.

So many are confused and mislead and misunderstanding MY WILL for their lives and what their needs are. My Word speaks and has spoken for itself, for generations. Yet, over time those Words have been twisted within the bounds of the pulpit. My Children have been “fed” these messages and consumed them without question, without testing EVERY Word presented against The Truth of My Standard. Did I not say long ago, to be cautious in what you listened to and accepted. Your enemy cares not for leading you astray. Yet BECAUSE I LOVED YOU, I wanted to give you an assurance (my guarantee) of Everlasting Life: MY SON.

You have entered a time like no other. Signs surround you, if you chose to look and see them. There are endless sources for you to receive your “news.” There has been much provocative “talk” about “Fake News.” The word fake is a synonym for counterfeit. And recall that Satan is the father of lies…he will do whatever he can to DISTRACT you.

I should not need to speak about what you see through your media. Though some of you are well aware of the battle for information too many are choosing to keep the televisions on in your homes. I understand the importance of “Current Events” knowledge but please remember, there are ALWAYS TWO Sides to every story. It is far too easy for people to judge. Has it not been said that 1st impressions are made and created within the initial 30 seconds of an introduction? And that 1st impression can last a lifetime…be very careful how you judge and what you base your impressions on because the human heart is easily deceived. (Jer 17:9). Judge not lest ye be Judged by the same measure. (Matthew 7:1-2)

My desire for each of you to know me as I know you; Fully.

I have seen each of you smile as well as watched your tears flow. I have wept with you in sorrow, grief and fear. I have been with you and shared your joys…Just because you do not see me in flesh, standing before you, does not diminish my involvement in your life.

None of you knows the day or the hour of The Messiah’s Return and that is intentional because of the forces at work – Spiritual Warfare.

Each of you needs to know, that what you will see in the future…is not the result of my anger to destroy, you but to test you. If you have spent ANY time in scripture and have read the Books of Daniel and/or Revelation, then you have read what my plans are for all people and this earth.

There will be a time ahead when your ability to see or hear will be hampered.

When that happens, will you recognize the touch of my hand of grace to guide your every step through and around dangers?

Will you be able to recognize my voice to know what to say, to whom and when?

If there are no lights (or electricity for power) to see with, will you be ready to depend on me as the LIGHT in the world to take the next step?

Will you be able to discern the nature of a situation and know what to do because you recognized MY DIRECTION?

When it feels like the darkness has surrounded you and you long for peace, will you know how to find “The Secret Place” of comfort My Son offers? (Psalm 91)

I do not warn you to panic, I warn you so that when this world does begin to crumble you will know whose arms will keep you safe and sheltered…then you will KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU and you WILL FEEL LOVED.”

Click the following link: Because you Loved Me.

(this above is the “CARNAL” version of the song)

“In this movie, the portrayal of the relationship is such that she believes her strength came from The Love of a Man. Likewise her successes. In the end, this man perishes while on an assignment. The title of the movie is prophetic -“Up Close & Personal” – for very soon all of you will face upheaval…those who know me will be equipped for the “un-reality.”

Though the story may be “fictitious” the reality of representation is very real. No man knows what day or hour may be his last, but your very destiny is in My Hands. So, just as no man that currently walks the earth can keep you safe and secure – remember that all men will eventually answer to The ONE True God. He is the one to Worship. He is the one to remain focused on. He IS the LOVER of your SOUL.”


*Of note: It was brought to my attention that even the movie’s character names are prophetic: The male lead character is “Warren Justice” (War and Justice – and he dies in the middle of a war zone) and the female is re-named “Tally Atwater” (Tally the Cost – for lack of faith n- At The Water – of Life)

Although I initially felt like I just couldn’t include it, the above insight into the video changed that.

Then I found the next version…And though it has a Mother’s Day message to it, that makes it really very appropriate. He loves us even MORE than our Mother’s – and as a Motherless Daughter this video was not easy to watch. He had to hold my hand through it because it seems like every time I watch it, I weep….

Then again, maybe that’s because He has me seeing it from the lens of the Holy Spirit and how MUCH He loves each of you. (cue: you might consider having a couple tissues at the ready.)


Because You Loved Me


It was while I watched this video version that I realized WHY he had been playing the song so often for me. It’s a love song – a worship song if you will between the Creator and His Creation. We Love Because He First Loved Us. (1 John 4:19)

I need to point out that there are so many people who may have difficult or strained relationships with their mothers. There are many reading this whose mother’s are no longer living. Sadly, there are far too many that have come from homes where a mother was abusive/neglectful…or just flat out unsympathetic and “cold.” Unfortunately, there are too many adjectives that could fit here.

That is why I have ALSO been prompted to let you know that as you listen to the song and watch the words in the video – that every place you see the word “Baby” replace it with the name,”Yahveh.” 

As I complete this post and revisit the video, I’m stunned by how many of the lyrics are Words that can actually be attributed to Scriptural References. Did you see them? Go back and look again….

Father, Because YOU Loved Me – I have a FUTURE and HOPE.

I AM what I AM because of YOU