Sharing: A Dream and Shofar Trumpets

I am stepping out in faith sharing this post. While I try to only post Words The Father has given me I am feeling a strong urging to share the two videos Rhonda Empson just uploaded, both of which I’ve just watched.

Rhonda shares a dream she had. There is a significance to it and Rhonda provides some interpretation but I know there is more to it. I am under the distinct impression that Donald Trump somehow represents a marking point in “Prophetic Timing.” The actual recounting of the dreams begins at about 2 minutes in.

Rhonda’s Dream

The second video is a continuation of the first. It is a gentleman sounding a ram’s horn and kudu horn. I have heard the “trumpet sounds” these horns make and they are amazing Holy instruments.

If you are familiar with the term “trumpets” referred to in the Book of Revelation, The Day of The Lord’s return for His People will likely be the sound of the Kudu (although, it could be either because each trumpet serves a specific purpose of Yahveh’s Will.)

For those anticipating that moment, for those who have looked forward to His return that trumpet blast will be a welcome, heavenly sound. For those who have not prepared their lamps with oil, those who have not remained in close relationship with will be a sound that brings on feelings of fear and dread.

Ram’s Horn and Kudu Trumpet blasts


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