Against All Odds

I’m noticing through my reading that there are a ton of people out there; readers, bloggers, other friends who are experiencing loss and separation…of their own friends, family and associates through a variety of means.

None of it is pleasant. None of it is easy.

But apparently, it’s necessary.

In all of it, God has a plan. He always has a plan

That’s all I’m saying


Here arrives another Mother’s Day weekend. This one feels different for reasons I do not fully understand.

But I know there are two posts I need to share as it “opens and closes.” This is the first post…


In 1984, The movie Against All Odds made its debut at the box office. Though I had heard of it at the time I’m not sure I actually saw the movie until many years later.

The song Against All Odds was something that reverberated in me for months (and obviously still is) years/decades after. Back then, I “recorded” the song from the radio using a blank cassette tape and proceeded to play and rewind that specific song (possibly) hundreds if not a thousand times during that next year (plus.)

At one point my former brother-in-law paused in front of me and asked “How many times are you going to keep playing and rewinding that?” I responded “Until I’ve heard it enough.”


I have arrived at the moment where I need to revisit and share this song today because it has a new meaning now that I can’t entirely define and I don’t fully understand.


And there is a reason it’s this song that has to be presented, it’s pivotal and timely.


I searched for a while for the right “version” and once I saw this one I knew I’d hit “Gold”


Before I share the theme song for this post: I’m going to share the post that goes along with it called:

“Foreshadowing: Updated”


Now, I’m going to let this song speak for me and maybe for other’s too who are feeling a similar set of emotions.


Against All Odds


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