Multiple Confirmations?

I have started compiling posts on another blog site – maybe that is a good thing because yesterday, on THIS site, I was inundated with what appeared to be spam comments…

No offense, but I “don’t got time” for that!


Onto the message:

This morning as I was reviewing a message from Richard Barker he  shared a vision from Lana Vawser. I have to mention that here because her vision seems to be in tandem with something I was given three weeks ago, today. It seemed like there were some overlapping/similarities.

I called it “Dream/Vision: Obstruct.” I copied the dream over to share here:


On Wednesday April 26, around 12:19pm, I was reading the Book of Mysteries and my Bible when I laid down to rest. This is kind of unusual for me mid-day.  But as I set the time for 40 minutes, I heard a soft whisper say, “I’m going to give you a vision.”

I laid down and closed my eyes…

Moments later, just as I started dozing, I saw it. It was a flash that lasted ever so briefly.

I was in a car, I was the driver. I think I know exactly where I was.

In front of me appeared a LARGER than life piece of road construction equipment (OR a better visual is equipment used by the Oil and Gas industry when they are working in the fields. I have seen pictures of these types of equipment and they are Gigantic/HUMONGOUS.)

The road I was on was two lanes either direction in addition to a turning lane. Just ahead of where I was at in the vision was the “overpass” of a road that runs East/West: 44/66)

This equipment was on my side of the road – taking up BOTH lanes. I was driving Northbound, the equipment was heading Southbound. I believe there may have been one other car ahead of me or in my vicinity, near me.  I have this strange recollection that the car was white and it was in front, but somehow, to the side. (I’m under the impression this car nearby was Jesus)

It appeared there was no way around this equipment without swerving over into the Southbound lanes (or possibly the turning lane) or wait for God’s divine intervention to intercede and move this larger than life monstrosity. But this THING had no business being where it was. In hindsight, too, while I was driving it almost felt like in THAT moment time had stopped and there was a “Pause” in the clock.

In the dream, after I realized this obstruction was right in front of me – my body “jolted” and the dream ended. But right before I completely awoke – the weirdest thing happened; I heard the word, “Sutra”

I looked up it’s definition; “Sutra” is Sanskrit for “thread.” Hmm

I have continued to contemplate that word and wondered “Why Sutra, why did I hear that word?” At one point, I realized it’s  pronunciation is similar to the word “Suture.”

I am familiar with the word Suture in general, but I looked it up:

Suture, literally meaning “seam”, may refer to:

I recognized the “surgical suture” definition but the one that surprised me was the geological suture. I’m believing both apply but I haven’t received a full interpretation of what I saw. I think it’s entirely possible the geological suture applies to a massive fault line “triggering” (and maybe more than one.)

Scripture Verses that accompany this message:

I first understood to look up the Book of Isaiah

Isaiah 44:6-8 (The Foolishness of Idols)

Then I proceeded to look up

1 Corinthians 12:19

Luke 12:19

Romans 12:19


4 thoughts on “Multiple Confirmations?

    • Richard, thank you. Glory to The Father. Thanks for the heads up. Updated the link. I’m working on a somewhat surprising piece that He’s had me contemplating on for the last week. Blessings, Kenzel

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  1. Kenzel – Is it possible that the equipment blocking your way is the religion of Christianity (Babylon version)? It has become too big and powerful and needs to be removed to make way for His true bride (represented by you) to pass through safely. It is full of idols. Jesus wants His body of Christ to be dispersed and follow Him to the ends of the earth for the gospel to be proclaimed. The equipment is a man-made self-centered sanctuary (mega churches in particular come to mind) that congregates together instead of dispersing. A major shaking (fault line) is coming to the “churches” where He is going to stop their progress and make amputations. I had a vision about 6 months ago where I saw the bottom half of a torso walking down a dusty road. It represented a body of people walking away, not knowing its destination because Christ had been removed as the head of the church (no eyes to see, no ears to hear for the amputated ones). Judgment on the churches is imminent. Just my thoughts. – Blessings, Stephanie

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    • Stephanie, I’ve had some ideas on what the different symbols might mean. I’ve learned that dreams/visions are multi-layered so what you have presented is entirely possible and I’ll ponder it. So far, I have yet to receive an interpretation from Him but have learned that interpretation doesn’t always happen right away. I appreciate your insight. Blessings, K

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