No Middle Ground

I never imagined a song might be used “Prophetically,” and so powerfully…over a span of more than 30 years.

Since I recently started hearing the melody and lyrics to the Song “Against All Odds,” I feel like I have been listening to the song as much as I can.

At first I was focused on the “me factor” – I was in the middle of a pity party for almost a week.

Finally, after a week of listening to this song and praying, He helped me recognize He was indeed using this ballad as an intended message but I wasn’t getting the intended meaning.

That is, until last night.

Music and song can and does have layered meaning. I’ve mentioned that I thought it was related to my grief over my Mom and how relationships within the Body of Christ are changing so rapidly.

This is something everyone in the Body of Christ (Yes, the church) is going though. (See this post from Glynda Lomax)

However, It goes much, much deeper than that.

“Against All Odds” is a ballad that is associated with a movie. But the bigger picture is that this song is a message for ALL PEOPLE with enormous prophetic implications.

I urge you to listen to it and really pay attention to the lyrics. 

Interpret The lyrics as being sung from the perspective of “the church” asking Jesus where The Holy Spirit went?

“Against All Odds”

What I’ve been shown in the WORDS of this song, is how the LUKEWARM people of the church will feel and what they will SEE when His Spirit is no longer on the face of the Earth.

There will be so many questions, so much confusion (exponential compared to now), so much hurt and emptiness….

I say this because, Jesus told us in His WORD that at some point the Holy Spirit, which was made available, at Pentecost would someday BE REMOVED from the earth. Recall as well, that Jesus said there would be a time when He would have to respond to many “I never knew you”…because earthly idols and worldly goals became your focus. 

The Lyrics in this song paint a picture of what the people who missed the warnings will experience once God removes the Holy Spirit from The Earth.

  • The heartache they will go through having missed getting to know Him.
  • They missed establishing a relationship with HIM before “The Event” occurs, this relationship would give them “Hope” to keep going.
  • It will be “Against All Odds” that unbelievers, the unsaved, or unrepentant will be able to get through the days of Great Tribulation (GT) – when the Holy Spirit has been removed from the Earth.

I shared yesterday about obstructions in the road or “roadblocks”…those roadblocks will only intensify after the Holy Spirit is removed.

Everyone is free to make a choice. Free Will is a gift every human being has been given…by God.

One more thing to point out; as I continue reading Book Of Mysteries – last night I was at Day 163 – Titled “The Appointed.” It was after reading this that the “Against All Odds” theme really made sense. Every person who lives on this earth will HAVE to experience some type of “testing.” Each person alive (right now) is APPOINTED to having their faith tested – will you follow Jesus (Yahushua) or the adversary? There is no middle ground, there is no gray area. This is life and the reality we face.

The Holy Spirit is here, now…but that will not last forever. Against All Odds is how things will look once the “And Suddenly” moment has passed.



2 thoughts on “No Middle Ground

  1. I so remember that song!! I remember listening to it over and over again it was one of my favourites and I saw the film as well although I cannot remember the film. When I followed your link to the song and listened to it I saw how beautiful the scenery was, the colour of the leaves on the trees but also there weren’t any people around. Sometimes we miss the most obvious beauty that is right in front of us. God has given us so much, so much, yet at times we do not see. I also listened to the video about the increase of darkness and light and I am finding this is happening all the time. I’m coming away from certain people having spent many hours sharing the love of God both non-Christians and Christians. It is true the darkness is increasing all the time. It is a little unsettling only yesterday a woman I went to share my faith with has suddenly cooled on me. I went back again yesterday and the coolness was even more. I now know to leave. I’ve just left another community online and been banned from another.
    Thank you for sharing your post as this is answering the many questions I have had with the LORD. Please keep me in your prayers sister as I am totally exhausted at this time. Just resting today with His Word but thought I would check some posts online. God bless jacky xx

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  2. very powerful word! I agree wholeheartedly. Many have tried to say that Jesus was addressing non believers stating that He never knew them but it is believers that He addresses in these verses.


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