Force – To – Part 

(Originally titled “The Chair” – I asked if I had titled it correctly just after I clicked publish and was given the above correction.)

This occurred on Pentecost Sunday: 

June 4, 2017
Having just arrived home from the road trip, and the 1st of too many washloads started, I finally made myself sit down and look at the invite.

My youngest nephew is getting married the 1st of July…in New Jersey. The rsvp was due on June 1st. I forgot to send it before we left.

I checked the “we decline with regrets,” and sighed. I inserted the response card back into the envelope and laid it face up on the table. Staring at it.

Not a moment later, I felt the support below and behind me give way…I practically flipped backward with arms flailing. My eyes couldn’t keep up with the speed of pace of how fast this happened.

I found myself on the floor with myself sandwiched between broken chair pieces. I sat/laid there, stunned. (The sore muscles/bruises would emerge within the hour)

After we put the broken pieces in the garage to evaluate their “fixablility factor” I thought about the implications of what had just transpired.

What was left of it….

That chair was literally ripped out from under me in seconds…as I was looking over that wedding invitation. Although I felt little “pull” to go and in some ways have had a distinct sense I should not…was this incident in any way prophetic?

Right after this occured I started to consider the idioms “the rug pulled out from under” and “pull up a chair”….although neither of these phrases directly applies the reverse certainly could….

Whatever is ahead as the months progress God remains my Fortress and Sanctuary…

I’m going to add that I lean into this being less coincidence and more prophetic in nature because back in late February/early March I had a dream and that dream seems to have been a warning of something that happened in the middle of March.

God never wants us to be unaware of what’s ahead – I pray that if this is an indicator of something ahead. ..all of us – as His children are covered head-to-toe by His Mercy.

I think I may still have to seriously consider taking an epson salt bath tonight….


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