Road Trip

The day we started the trip, he gave me a tidbit of knowledge via His still small voice: “This trip is intentional. You have lessons to learn. You will recognize them when and as presented.”


It was time to go visit Grandpa (my Father-In-Law). We left on Friday May 26 around 5:30am.

As we ventured through the Mid-West, it was in Texas we started to consider our journey options. Drive through Kingman, AZ or go through Phoenix. After many years of driving through (what I consider the wasteland of Kingman) I was ready for a change of Highway scenery…but I also had other motivations.

“Umm, if we’re driving through Phoenix, that places us fairly close to Scottsdale…right?”

(In my youth and pre-teen years, when we traveled to Scottsdale – my Dad would take me to the Sugar Bowl Ice cream parlour…and my kids had never been.)

“Well, there’s In & Out in Phoenix ANDDDD there’s the Sugar Bowl in Scottsdale. Dinner and dessert in one stop sounds pretty good.”

We wound through the Phoenix highways and landed at an In and Out in No. Scottsdale around the six o’clock hour – a bit late for dinner for us but we had saved up our lunch time appetite for lunch and dinner…

Once all that had been scarfed down (road time can make you rather hungry) we made our way to Old Towne; Geezzzz….



A lot of things can change in 35 years.

I did not recognize Scottsdale for the most part – I did recognize some of the little stores my parents browsed. But what felt weird was how many restaurants (especially bars) were there now. The town is realllly commercialized (then again, what town isn’t?)

The Sugar Bowl still felt the same, but it was different since my Dad wasn’t with me and this time I was sharing the experience with my kids.
There was only one other thing I needed to see. I wanted to re-visit the Doubletree Inn I stayed at with my parents in ’82


There is something I need to share here and now. Earlier in the day, in The Spirit, I had heard the Word Monstrosity“- kind of a weird word to hear if you ask me. I kept asking what it meant or why I was hearing it…


We left Scottsdale and drove about 5 miles – through some really trendy areas of Scottsdale. If you ask me, Scottsdale is almost more “chic” than what I think of as Rodeo Drive. For this former “Northwest” gal and “Sooner Chick” it was a bit over the top, but I guess that’s what happens with time and “progress.”

We approached the driveway entrance of said hotel location address and even as I turned into the driveway I KNEW something was very different. My memories of the Doubletree are distinct.

This location had a waterfall and fire at its entrance. The former Inn had nothing close to that.

We drove around this “Resort” 1 1/2 times before I finally found a parking spot. I wanted to see the Tennis Court up close. We got out of the car and walked into one of the hotel hallways. I found the (supposed) tennis court and I walked onto its surface.

“This isn’t it. This may be a Doubletree but it’s not the same one I stayed at.” A brief discussion ensued as I walked away in utter disappointment.

I walked back through the same hallways I had entered and felt fully uncomfortable – and not because we weren’t staying there. The place felt outright creepy. All the walls in all the corridors were made of black glass. The darkness of this glass just permeated everything and the length of these hallways reminded me of at least one (maybe two) football fields. They were THAT long.

We had just rounded the corner from the football field hallway, to the walkway, back to the car, when (as I was talking) I heard myself start to say “I don’t what happened to that original hotel but this isn’t it. This place is huge – it is massive – it is a Monstronsity.” As I heard myself say the word aloud I also heard the word repeating that had been spoken to me earlier that day.

I quietly gasped…never did I imagine I would actually speak that word aloud until it happened.




2 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Coincidentally Kenzel I am a Sooner chick (spent majority of my life in OK and went to OU) and a future Northwest gal as my family and I are moving to Washington state in a few weeks as God told us to.

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