The Eagle’s Advantage

I am currently reading the book trilogy The Final Quest (by Rick Joyner). The above example of the eagle reminds me a great deal of what is described by the author during his visionary experience of the upcoming war involving the “War Eagles.” Though I’m only half way through the series of 3 books, if you haven’t read it – I recommend it. 



9 thoughts on “The Eagle’s Advantage

  1. Thank you…I’m feeling inspired. Could you please share the title again, so I won’t have to go back through your posts to find it. I just can’t remember it this minute. I going to go a head and purchase it now, sometimes out of sight out of mind…if you know what I mean.



  2. Thank you Kenzel…now I remember. I do have that site saved. Getting older isn’t fun sometimes but only sometimes. 🙂
    Thanks for the reminder! I love your posts!


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