Miracles in The Land of Oz

In the middle of cleaning and reorganizing my hobby space today I found a position to place the digital antennae so that the tv channel could come in more clearly.

The program on was Dr Oz.

TV programming offers little to nothing I generally find of interest but you could say today’s topic on Healing and Miracles. ..kind of got my attention. 

Snippet of Medical miracles 
Unfortunately the “teaser” ends right before Dr Crandall makes what I consider the most profound statement of this segment (paraphrasing here) ..that Jesus still performs miracles and He is our ultimate physician. 

The last segment of the show features Carl Lentz of Hillsong United NYC. I’m not familiar with Lentz name but his message was refreshing  (for network tv) so I’m sharing a link to the transcript.

Carl Lentz 

 I could find no full length videos online for either of these show portions.

God is still in the miracle working business. I had started a blogpost earlier this week regarding this very topic. …


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