Numbers & The Hourglass

12:07 6/10.

In hindsight, Saturday in some ways mirrored the last couple of weeks and I’m going to have to remember things are changing. ..everywhere. 

As I look at the time it’s 12:10am…and I wonder how 24 hours slipped by in mere minutes…like sand in the hourglass.

An hour ago, I thought about the date of the day my mom passed away. 11/9…because at that moment the time on my phone was 11:09.

I started a post I need to complete about California but that roadtrip was a very telling picture about what God is doing: changing relationships among His people. 

Earlier I noticed the time stamp of 12:55.

I find dates and numbers really interesting and in this case I went to Seek The Father for deeper meaning. I prayed for guidance and was directed to The Book of Psalms

Here’s what I found: (I couldn’t locate a 12:55 in scripture but did find. ..

Psalms 55:12

But that felt incomplete. ..I went back and discovered the relevance of Psalm 11, Psalm 12 and Psalm 1. 

I have decided not to include the actual verses to give you an active part to participate 


As I  pondered what to think of these Psalms I was directed to finish reading the last pages of The Final Quest. I had just finished reading Chapter 11 (“The Battle”) and I was starting chapter 12, (“The Covering”)

The portion that got my attention was this:

“This is your covering, the Lord said. It will cover you and your mission. Only here can you see it as you do now. In the realm of earth it looks very different. On earth, it is very humble. This is what protects your heart and the heart of your mission. As long as you wear this, you will walk in my grace and authority. Remember this cloak as it really is. It will protect you from the coldness of evil times that you must walk through”

But the paragraph that really got my attention was this, part of the closing paragraph in Ch 14:

“No more words seemed possible as we all stood, knowing we were indeed on the threshold of the greatest adventure of all, but also the greatest struggle. Those who dream dreams and those who see visions would soon see their dreams and visions filled.”

And what time did I finish this post?

1:19 (hmm, mighty close to 11/9….


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