Bookmark: Small Steps….

Toward Victory

After my Sister’s death in 2011, followed almost one year to the day, by my Mother-in-law…I have tried in earnest to get rid-of and purge stuff.

When Mom and Dad died, other family members pretty much took the “lead” in deciding who “got” what. 

I was 17 and that moment in my deceased parents kitchen was my first taste of how humans handle earthly inheritance (material possessions.)

Back enroute from visiting Grandpa, I knew there were some unfinished things I needed to complete. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Easier said than done. ..” – This would apply.

In late February, early March I started to re-approach the 1st of several projects I had outlined for myself over the years Among them possible quilts for my kids

I had difficulty refocusing after Spring Break and it is now bordering on Summer. 

Upon arriving home from the road trip and catching up on what seemed like a dozen loads of wash…I looked at my “hobby room” and it stared back at me in all of its dis-array.

Step by step I made tiny changes. Each tiny change propelled me to the next step. 

Still the tshirt quilt hadn’t been resumed. A tshirt quilt really shouldn’t be all that difficult to make. I’m by no means a “quilter.” I don’t make quilts to enter competition…and I’ve only made 4-5, just to practice. The 1st two were baby lap quilts and the other two were photo quilts.

I’m feeling nervous about this tshirt project and I know I shouldn’t. So, today I decided “Baby Steps” is the way to go. 

The last time I sewed or embroidered was more than a year ago…which might explain a lot. If you stop doing something for a while, you can get “rusty.” 

Today, I needed to finish a teensy project I started almost two years ago (a bookmark)

I was going to embroider each student’s name on a bookmark as a Christmas present. I didn’t get to embroider any names on this, I just wanted to get re-accustomed to my machine again. ..before I work on something of real sentimental value. 

Here’s the bookmark

It’s not perfect and in hindsight I wouldn’t have used my serger on the edges. ..I just would have used my scissors or rotary cutter and sewn the sides with a “look-a-like” overlock stitch 

I am prayerful that The Holy Spirit will strengthen me to regain momentum on the projects I need to complete and see me through to the “finish line.”


2 thoughts on “Bookmark: Small Steps….

    • Fabulous! Do share what He has you create/make!
      Lifting you up in Prayer…
      Father: Fill Vicki with the overflowing and bountiful creativity of The Holy Ghost that you have designed her for. Allow your vision to flow through her and bring Heaven to Earth…so others may see YOU through her gifting/anointing
      IJN, Amen


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