Marked by Destiny

(Just when I think I have the correct title. ..I find myself corrected by the HS. This was previously titled “Memory & Time”)

Time After Time

It feels like once upon a time, though it was not so long ago…that a Sister in Christ gifted me with a treasure.

Today I shared a blogpost about reviving creativity in Baby Steps to Small Victories.

I think part of that spark has been building over the past few days when I have looked often at the gift box you see pictured below. (Update (6/16/17 1:09 pm -The odd part is…until last evening, this box had been in a different part of the house. For the purposes of the blog, it was brought back to the space where I do almost all my creative work. And I believe that is where it needs to stay.)

Inside it were 4 cross-style bookmarks…all made by hand. Until today, I never realized how much this represented Yahuveh’s (God) gift to us in His son Yahushua (Jesus.)

There are 5 ringlet bows on the top: 5 is the number of Grace.

There are 5 sides to the box (not including the base, which as the 6th represents not just the number of Man but Jesus Victory in crushing any power over the enemy.)

Once opened, inside the box were crosses carefully nestled within. Once we are saved, and have accepted Yahushua as our Messiah we are COVERED – encircled (if you will) head to toe by His Blood.

And – this is probably obvious to most of you but something I never thought of until this Holy Spirit moment: The vertical beam of the cross represents what would have been our condemnation because of sin – except that the horizontal beam (where Yahushua outstretched His arms – as Far as the East is From the West) represents the actual “bridge” (bridging the gap) of our Salvation.

The last part I recogized was the actual tail of the bookmark, the part that would hang off the edge of the pages of a book, such as the bible. I realized this specific “marker” represents God’s destiny and purpose for you, for me…for each and every person written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. 

The Bible is more than just an historical account of a Man (Jesus)…it is our guidebook. Each of us has a place and part to play in the day’s to come. Discover Jesus and He will guide you to the purpose HE Created you for. 


Thank you, Father…for the people you place in our lives..if only for a Season. Thank you for your Hand in ALL things.

Abba Father, Thank you for Memories, that not only remind us of where we have been – but who we are and ultimately how you are shaping us to become your Masterpiece(s). Thank you for the memories of the past…but truly thank you for the eternal memories you will create through doing greater works in us!

Barbara Streisand – Memory

Incidentally, even though the song “Memory” is from decades past, it sure seems like its lyrics are very fitting for the days we are in…


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