(Father, I pray I correctly understood.)

In the past year someone once shared a dream/vision with me. We tried to figure out its meaning, at the time, but we were stumped. 

In the dream, two people had been sharing a bed. (The bed was representative of their love for Yahveh/Yeshua/Holy Spirit). The two people were friends…as close as sisters; sisters in Christ. 

One of them was sitting up in the bed and she looked over at the space where her friend should have been…but was now gone. The pillow was saturated with some type of oil and the oil appeared to be spreading from the pillow onto the sheets. 

[Now, as I contemplate a very intense and unusual dream from this morning…I received what seemed to be an unexpected interpretation of that friends dream.]

Dream Interpretation:

The friend’s dream was a warning. As much as the Sister’s in Christ cared about each other and were very close…God’s specific purpose for them was not intended to be indefinite. 

Although it doesn’t make sense, God’s ways are higher than ours and after all is said and done each “Sister” would not just be better equipped, but stronger as well.

Both Sister’s are mighty warriors for the Kingdom but each one would take a different pathway on the narrow road. 

The oil that was on the pillow represented the anointing of The Holy Spirit that had already been received and it’s progressive movement onto the sheets represented what was to come. 

(I will update as/if I receive additional interpretation or insight)

Scripture references

Romans 8:28


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