Turning Scraps to Treasure 

If I can ever find the original photo from a couple years back, I’ll add it. 

I stood in the Hobby Room a couple minutes ago ready to shake my head in frustration.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a “makeover”…from the inside out… and nothing based on any movie theme either. 

When I first started this blog it took me a couple years to realize that (without knowing it) I had borrowed the title from John 1:5

Now, as I assess all the fabric stashes and material scraps that have built up since I bought that 1st sewing machine (which led to the serger and later the embroidery)…I wonder how so much accumulated so fast. You can stop heading down that rabbit trail because I did it for you last week. 

I bought the 1st machine in 2010…and adored it. Then I got a little curious about embroidery…so picked up a small unit to get familiar with the “art.” 

I got so familiar with it that I made 50 gifts on it. But my stitch field was limited to 4″x4″. I yearned to be able to tackle bigger projects. So, I ended up finding a gently used machine that had a stitch field large enough to work with bath sheets/towels.

I was then faced with a decision. Instead of continuing with what I already knew, I leaped into getting a real estate license. 


A year later, I remember another associate saying to me right as he was at the crossroads of decision…to stay in or get out. 

Just to hold an “active” Realtor license where I am can cost a minimum of $1,700/year. If you’re not pounding the pavement and looking for “business” (ie: listings) that kind of expense can really make you take a hard look at priorities. 

I’ll never forget Troy saying that (the ROI) wasn’t worth $1700/yr to keep an “active status.” When the time came for me to make that same decision…I did the same. I opted to flip my “active” license to “inactive” status. 

I bring that up because I remember debating with myself…before I even enrolled in the RE License school about whether I should really bother going to “school” or just continue with the sewing/embroidery. The latter was a creative outlet/passion/hobby…Real Estate was for the challenge to say “I did it” – 

In hindsight…I briefly got sidetracked to the wide path. I met some neat people in RE over the course of that 18 months but my heart and mind weren’t there. 

It’s nice to be back in this creative space. ..where (I recognize) anything is possible: 

Where all things are possible through Him who gives me strength….it’s just trying to locate that creative flow and “coax” it out of hiding doesn’t feel like it happens overnight – you know? 

So now, piece by piece. ..strip by strip and stitch by stitch I’ll take the remnants from all those years ago 

Fabric pieces/fragments

and hope the Holy Spirit guides me to create beauty from bits and fragments of cloth…into something usable.

Besides, I’m clearing this out because it’s hard for me to work in cluttered space.

And, maybe as each piece is cleaned up and joined into strips…those strips will become His canvas, reminding me of Yeshua’s love via Isaiah 53:5 that says “..by His stripes I AM healed…”

Amen and Amen 


4 thoughts on “Turning Scraps to Treasure 

  1. I’m smiling at your story. It’s so very familiar right down to becoming a Realtor. However, It took me five years to break away from that idea. The next excursion was the health care field, that wasn’t it either. Oh and that one cost me lots of money, school was hard, sure I have a certification but what’s that if it’s not where I’m suppose to be or what I’m suppose to be doing. And now I’m back where I started…many years later and many years older.

    It doesn’t seem so hard to rely on the Holy Spirit for direction, but we sure do make it that way, hard that is.

    No more “Vicki” ideas…I’m seeking, I’m praying, I’m waiting.
    Painting is His gift to me, guidance is what I seek from Him. That’s all He ever wanted.

    Blessings to you…


  2. I know…I missed a lot as well. I NEVER missed anything important until I was a Realtor. That was then, this is now and I’m pretty happy knowing I have a leader in Christ to show me the way.


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