Philippians 4:13 Motivation

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like feeling like I’m not accomplishing tasks.

I’m not even talking the “everyday gotta do’s” like washing clothes or eating. I’m addressing the kinds of things I have to pull myself up by the bootstrap just get started.

How many of us have taken time management “classes”…? Yeah, let’s not go there….

I have discovered, I’m not a list maker. I think I’ve discovered why and there may be a spiritual reason for it. 

I noticed this past week that when a list was written in pencil or pen..the item once completed could be “checked off” as complete. So, why would seeing a scratched out task bother me? Because, I’m recognizing that the remains of that completed task were a reminder of something previously unfinished. And my mind couldn’t shake that -shadow- thought. 

Instead of feeling achievement…I felt like a gerbil in a cage running on that wheel. 

As sat in my hobby room last week, I thought, “after all these years there’s got to be a better way, Father…help me – show me.”

And that’s when it happened and I’ve been trying something – new to me. 

It’s my “I can-do ALL things (thru Christ who strengthens me” board. 

In using dry erase markers and a white board, I jot the reminders down.  But when they’re done I erase them with the white board eraser. I juggle the items on the list as I need to and adjust what’s been completed in the evening and modify for the next day.

I love that when an item is finished I don’t see evidence of it…and for me that’s a good thing. It helps to remind me that no matter what I’m working on in the “natural” and what needs to be worked on in the everyday “gotta-do’s” and “have to’s” that my sins have been washed away as far as the East is From the West by Yeshua’s Blood. 

I started this motivation “exercise” about a week ago. 

The white board itself is probably about 8 years old (I love to repurpose/recycle)…but the concept of re-applying these resources after all this time makes me thankful. Thankful Lord, that your mercies are always within reach…even 2000 years later. 
I’m beginning to realize that everything He wants us to do, He will lead us along the path to the gate He desires us to walk.  All we need do is really observe, listen and obey.


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