Days of Yore – Paradigm Shift

Time is not only changing but based on what I saw last week, it is being changed and reflected in “popular culture” or the move towards that end (this is something I mentioned in a post on my sister blog today.)

I don’t feel like an “old” person…but suffice it to say I miss the days of the “lost art” of letter writing and phone calling (even using a CORDED PHONE!) and welcoming new families to my neighborhood.

When I saw what I call the “Nosey Neighbor” commercial the first time last week – my heart almost sank through the floor. I grew up in an era where the “Welcome Wagon” was the official introduction to a community when you had recently “moved in” to the area.

I wasn’t a kid all that long ago; and baking cookies or a pie or a cake to introduce yourself was not at all unusual…it was normal. I get that most people would rather buy commercial goods than bake their own because baking is more a science than an art (although I consider it both).

I will admit, just this past year – I baked cornbread to take over to the new neighbors to say Hi. I wasn’t there to snoop. I was there to smile, say hello and spread a daily dose of cheer.

I have been told over the past year or so, people don’t want homemade stuff anymore. People don’t want to see anyone at their door step (other than FedEx/UPS). People are not only choosing to refrain from expanding their “tribes” but only meeting their immediate neighbors. This is hard for me to fathom, because I feel like I have lived all-over and it always felt both exciting and fun to meet new people.

It’s taken me about 5 years to really comprehend that not only has all that changed but the days of yesteryear are – GoNe – and now (the Citi “Neighborhood” ad) is shedding light on why…

Seeing this ad has created a paradigm shift for me..television is really reflecting what is happening in society.  We’re witnessing history in motion and as most of us have learned “history repeats itself.”

Where this is headed I really don’t know but I’m focusing my gaze on the only ONE I know is in full control and with Him at the helm, THANK GOD, nothing happens by chance

Blessings to each of you,




One thought on “Days of Yore – Paradigm Shift

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes Kenzel, it has all changed…to what end, I don’t know either.??? I remember too…and it was fun and exciting to meet a new neighbor or neighbors, whether you were the new one on the block or someone new moved to your neighborhood. Either way and in some cases (in this day and age) including immediate …they not only DON’T want to meet you they won’t do anymore than wave a hand when you call out to say hello. They seem to be off limits. I wonder also, what brought us to this place?

    I think something in our human nature has been lost to fear, our hearts have been hurt by the unknowing and the risk of it.

    I’m also focusing on the Lord…the all knowing, the one who can open and heal hearts.


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