There are voices of the past I vaguely recall; my Mom, Dad, and Grandma.

There are memories of other voices from decades past that I don’t know if I’d want have to hear again. I’m sure there are a few of you reading this who know what I’m talking about. 

As much as I miss the day to day interaction with those I’ve loved, lost and now memorialize in thought…I realize now how much every one of us thrives on the vocalization of the spoken word. Especially the spoken word that is alive and full of God’s Power.

By this I mean just consider two portions of scripture – where God speaks Creation into existence (in Genesis) and then He tells the disciples on Pentecost to GO and spread THE GOOD NEWS because they have been filled by the Holy Spirit (Acts.)

I say this because I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about how God spoke to what we call the Major Prophets (Isaiah/Jeremiah/Ezekiel) and the Minor Prophets….how His voice sounded to them. How other people felt when encountering these men of God? 

I have met people over the years whose voices (via prayer or worship in song) provided a peace and Shalom that I guess I could only describe as other worldly…or maybe best described as “supernaturally anointed.”

I remember hearing someone sing (and especially sing “Hallelujah”) and I’d just want to cry (Happy tears mind you). 

When was the last time you felt that kind of Joy? A bit of Heaven on Earth?

Someone shared the scripture verse for the Month of July referencing Deuteronomy 31:6 today – and then concluded the message with “Hallelujah.”

The most interesting part was that that message was time stamped 2:34. Over the past few months I’ve seen lots of 1:23…and now I’m seeing 2:34 almost as frequently.

What am I trying to articulate through this rambling? God is a God of order. He is The Good Shepherd who protects his sheep and I’m grateful that He is able to bring everything into His perfect alignment.

So, Hallelujah to Yeshua (Jesus) from whom all blessings flow…that you are directing not just my pathway,  but the pathway of each soul reading this. 

Because, You are the Great I AM.

Bless all who are reading this…


3 thoughts on “Echoes 

  1. Echoes…I love echoes of the past and also of the present.
    God spoke to me in the past and He speaks to me now. At the point where you say “mind you” it brings a smile to my lips. My Grandma, when either telling me to listen to her (or I’d be in trouble) or to hear the importance of her message would say “now mind you” in other words…it’s important that you understand what I’m saying to you). Our Lord and Savoir does the same, it’s there in His message, “mind you”.


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