When purging creates 

4th of July 2017 was low-key – intentional.

As my Summer purge continues, I looked inside a bag hanging on a door. There were 2 skeins of yarn I’d bought years ago. I took one out just to practice crochet. I finished that skein having made something less than a placemat. Sigh. 

(Yes, I started to unravel it to make something more practical/usable. Question is will I?)

I moved on to the other larger yarn skein. Keeping in mind I have little to no knowledge about crochet…I’m youtube self taught. 

I didn’t know what I was trying to make but I was hoping for more than a placemat or table runner. The result is my new full length scarf… (I still have to finish the ends). It’s by no means perfect but the color of the yarn turned out to be some of my favorite colors once this started taking shape..go figure. .

Then, I started working on a partial skein of blue…

Until that skein was gone. ..if I could find a matching blue that might end up being a nice scarf as well. 

Finally, there’s a birthday party this weekend daughter is attending and we wanted to give something other than a gift card. 

I went to find Red Heart Sashay yarn last week at Joann’s. Here is the result of that effort (which I mostly completed last night)

It’s for a 13 year old girl that loves purple. The yarn is actually a purple “metallic.”

I never imagined I’d actually get ANY of those original skeins crocheted into something I could possibly use. 

Now that the long weekend is past I’m hoping to get back into the hobby room!


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