20/20 & Force-to-Part

For those of you who listened to yesterday’s audio podcast, you may find this interesting. I tried to record a segment today. Tried being the keyword. Either I misunderstood the instruction to record these or there is something going on in the Spiritual realm – because I experienced one technical difficulty after another this morning.

I like starting the audio recording with the background music, but today I found my recording headset would not “sync” with the background music option. I guess I could record without music as part of the opening (Sigh…) I spent more time trying to trouble shoot the blue-tooth headset, background music and trying to produce a clear and audible recording that I really have started to wonder if it is worth continuing….

That being said –

Seeing that a recording is unlikely today there is something else I will share that I had always meant to…


Is Hindsight 20/20?


A week before the road trip to California in May, I was holding my glasses in my left hand. Out of the blue, the left side of the glasses completely severed from the frame. See photos below.

This is similar to how I was holding them when they broke

This is what they look like now

I had just had these frames and lenses replaced under a warranty I had purchased, less than 4 months prior. Meaning that this NEW 2nd pair would have NO warranty.

I had to go back to the prescribing eye Dr’s office and find a new pair of frames to fill a new prescription. There is an equally interesting story to go with the search for that new frame and what happened in the weeks thereafter.

As reader Tony had commented on a previous blog post…there really is no such thing as coincidence – I’m speculating here but ponder whether the breaking of the left eye glass frame and the incident with the kitchen nook chair are connected. The glasses breaking (having to do with “vision” happened a week before the trip. The chair happened the day we arrived home.)

Glasses break (sheer off their frame) –

A chair breaks in the center of its construction – Foundation

I’m not “reading more into this” than I should – I just find both situations rather unusual.




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