Purpose Achieved

“It’s time for you to write the post, get started and I will guide you.”


I just went back and looked at when I started this blog: December 3, 2013 (12/3/2013)


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…where did the time go? It astonishes me to recognize that He has blessed me with this platform for almost 4 years now (albeit, I have not always blogged consistently).


The last book I read was The Book of Mysteries (Jonathan Cahn). I finished that — I think it was last week (possibly last weekend.) It was a tremendous book. One I consider a great tool to use as a Bible Study. I learned so much from it and I thank The Lord for Rabbi Cahn for both writing it and publishing it.


This feels like the most unusual post I have ever had to write – it is both as challenging as the 1st blog I ever wrote on 12/3/2013 and possibly even more difficult to find the words.


Honestly,  this is a post I never imagined He would have me write.


For those of you who have kept up with this blog for any length of time…I have been praying earnestly for direction. I have asked for wisdom, clarity and insight.


I had been under the impression I was to make audio podcast recordings of the very first blog I ever wrote (which I started doing.) Whether I continue those or not, I do not know. Only He does.


But on July 20th, 2017…I did receive direction regarding this blog and I was almost stunned upon hearing it. I actually did ask for additional affirmation/confirmation (which was given) but here was what the Holy Spirit shared with me that morning ONE WEEK ago today (July 27)


“The purposes for which you first started the blog have now been fulfilled. Your time on the blog is complete.”


I received a similar confirmation later that evening and then the next day was given this:


“The ultimate purpose for the blog has been achieved. You are now released from it.”


I have hesitated all week on writing this. Really wanting to be sure I understood His intent.


“Daughter, there are seasons for everything. Recall that you found it almost “laughable” when I first directed you to start blogging back in 2010. It took you nearly three years to understand that my directive was genuine. Those things I direct my Sheep to do may not always make “sense” to them in the natural but there is always a reason for that which I guide you to my plans and purpose. And that which I guide you to, I will also direct you through.

I AM a God of Order

To My Children: I utilize a variety of means to talk to my Sheep around The World (each of my Sheep do hear from me differently and many of them still do not recognize it is I speaking to them – I continue to admonish each of you to Seek Me and test the Spirits in doing so.)

Daughter, Though your work on this page is complete – you are still a vessel for which I have plans.”


Prior to His sharing with me that my work on here is complete, I knew there was something I needed to include – as it pertains to music.

One evening, I quite spontaneously started to sing in the shower (the lyrics I began to sing were “I stand in Awe of You.”) At the time I was not really aware of the song title nor the artist…though I knew that I knew the song….

Earlier today (July 29) I heard the song lyrics, again, and this time I knew the groups name. I also knew that meant it was time to publish this post. The following link is the song I am to share:


“Let My Words Be Few”


Over the course of time (the last couple of months), I somehow knew deep within that a moment like this was approaching. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. From the beginning, I didn’t realize that this blogging journey would prove to not just be a personal challenge to me but one that would benefit others as well. What a Gift…I am grateful for it all.


I do not know exactly what happens next…but as God’s Words directs us in 1 Thessalonians 5:6 : “Keep watching and remain sober (be aware/alert)”


If I am directed to blog (or podcast) again, I WILL…but as I understand my time writing on this site is complete.


One real life story I will share:

About two weeks ago, The Holy Spirit did prompt me to stop by an assisted living facility (impromptu) near where I live.

I walked into the reception foyer and was met by the facility director. I introduced myself and handed her an embroidered flour sack towel.

Years ago, I had personalized this towel for someone that I was never able to actually present it to. On the towel were the following words: “Grandma Ruth’s Kitchen.”

I asked the facility director (I believe Lydia was her name) if she might have anyone living there named “Ruth.”  She did….Ruth had just celebrated her 90th Birthday in the last week or two and Lydia thought she would love it.  (And incidentally, I knew I was not to sell this item.)


I want to Thank each of you for sharing your time with me here, reading.

In closing, I’ve thought back very frequently to Spring 1984, the time right after my Mom died. Though I wrote about this previously, I had a dream/vision of her that Spring. In the Vision, she essentially told me, “Everything would be alright.”

It was during my reading of the Book of Mysteries months ago that I discovered the Words she gave me were right out of the Bible. From Exodus 33 (When Moses Sees the Lord’s Glory):


Exodus 33:

12 Moses said to The Lord “You have been telling me, “Take these people up to the Promised Land.” but you haven’t told me whom you will send with me. You call me by name and tell me I have found favor with you. 13 Please if this is really so, show me your intentions so I will understand you more fully and do exactly what you want me to do. Besides, don’t forget that this nation is your very own people.”

14 And the Lord replied, “I will personally go with you, Moses, I will give you rest – everything will be fine for you.”

(The rest of the passage through verse 18 applies to the vision I was presented, please continue reading this scripture if the Holy Spirit prompts you to.)


In the dream/vision I was given, as soon as Mom spoke the word “alright” I turned my head to my left and..over my left shoulder I saw a man’s head but couldn’t make out his face because THE LIGHT emanating from it was SO Bright it was almost blinding.

Click here to read “Dream/Vision: Face to Face”

Whatever tomorrow holds I pray that each of you walks closely with the Holy Spirit and is guided by Him in the days ahead. I hope you enjoy this song and Thank you, Joy, for this beautiful rendition of: Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here


Blessings to All,




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