Eye of God

I am trying to keep up with what He is wanting me to post here. This is the 2nd prompting I have received for sharing a Word today. There may be a 3rd and I’m praying for clarity over it.

This blog post was published on the other blog back on August 19. I have been prompted to post it here.

Did you recognize My Hand in the tipping of the scales?


MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN (Daniel 5:25)…the handwriting on the wall is inscribed across your land be it by a shadow of my workmanship.


As the Sun and Moon join and traverse across your “Great Country of America” – how will you be weighed? The object that darkens the light of day foreshadows that soon coming battle you shall face.


Who among you will seek to gaze at this heavenly wonder? Who among you will seek to understand the implications of My ROVING EYE across your land?


Did you not know the election tested the condition of your heart? Did you SEEK ME for wisdom back then…? Do you know what this event will measure? Have I not said in My Word that the EYES are the lamp to the body?


Consider that as an eclipse causes the LIGHT of Day to be dimmed…at the appointed time (which is fast approaching) MY Children, Children of the Day…those that carry MY LIGHT – will emerge.




The epic battle that you have long read about will no longer be the subject of scoffers – for the enemy that has stolen from the invisible comes to challenge those on the earth.


Remember that even as time marches forward and the darkness increases the Lights I have planted on earth via The Holy Spirit shine ever brighter.  Who will be among the virgins found waiting and ready vs wanting?


Recall that I AM placed the Sun and Moon in the Heavens. I SEE through a different lens than mortal Man. Have you examined yourself thoroughly?


Now, NINE MONTHS after the “infamous election” I will re-evaluate what you have learned – or if you have grown. I SEE EACH OF YOU just HOW I CREATED YOU…and now my EYE (THIS ECLIPSE) will in part further determine if your wicks have been kept trimmed.

Do you have enough oil? Are your wedding clothes clean and spotless?

Though not all is as it seems…I AM aware of ALL that is happening in the darkness.


Do you discern The Truth? Do you know who speaks the TRUTH?


I AM that I AM


Know ME and SEEK Me, as I have known you, because the tables will again be overturned.


As with all messages please seek The Lord for wisdom and understanding.


Amos 8: 9-10

Daniel 5

Isaiah 8 (8:21-22)

Isaiah 21 (8)

Jeremiah 8 (8:21)

Jeremiah 21:8

Matthew 6:22

Psalm 8

Proverbs 8 (21)

Proverbs 21 (8)

Zechariah 8:21


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  1. Timing is everything…as is with this word! “Have you examined yourself thoroughly”? Exactly what He has me doing, what we all need to be doing, asking us if our lamps are full, do we have enough oil?

    Thank You!
    I’m writing today too…

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