This Is It

The origin of this message dates back to more than a year ago but The Holy Spirit has been preparing me to write it since last Friday evening.


“Go and read the novel you wrote, the one under the desk.”

“You mean the one I was told to scrap and start over at the Writer’s conference?”

“Yes, that one. Go and read it.”

I had heard “Go and Read it” at least once each day since Friday.

Last night, I found myself sitting in the chair and “fishing” the manuscript out from under the slush pile I call a desk.

I started paging through the jumbled mess of writing. I had forgotten how many pages I printed out.

I had barely started to skim read the pages and I started trembling, then I started sobbing. Some of what I have published here on the Testimony series was among this slush pile. What’s in the slush pile though feels much different than what I wrote that you’ll find here.

It’s not gruesome but it’s like experiencing what the soldiers in the trench do (spiritually) sans the physical blood and gore.

 And, I discovered that what’s spiritual in some cases can be more jarring than the physical scars of the natural.

I was surprised. All the writing surprised me. Because a part of it included a detailed spiritual conversation with my Dad.

By the time I finished reading the pile I sat back feeling a sense of bewilderment…and as if I was shifting between heaven and earth at the speed of light.

It made no sense and yet made more sense than anything ever has. It seems like it was another convergence of the natural and spiritual.


That feeling lasted all night. I’ve written about Paradigm Shifts before…but this is a big one and it leads me into the real message I’m to share with you today.


After I read those slush pile papers, He told me to Lean into Him and trust Him.

I’m supposed to let His Words flow through the keyboard. So Be It.


Last night as I was getting ready for sleep I heard these words: “This Is It” and it is directly related to this…


This Is It.

(Found @ ~2:30)


America (The U.S.A.) is The Titanic.

The bulk of the remainng message now dates back to last year and the time of The Election.

I was truly unsure of what to do with that election. I wasn’t thrilled with either candidate but I also knew that I was not to abstain from the voting process.

I wanted to feel encouraged by the ideas that Trump was promoting and it’s not like I wasn’t familiar with him.


The Apprentice: 1 Official Intro


The above is the Season 1 opening trailer for The Apprentice. The Father has had me post the trailer with a strong suggestion for you to watch it because references will be listed based on symbolism.

  1. Trump’s Helicopter in this video includes the #76 (There is only one 76 I was able to locate in the Bible. Psalm 76 (76:10 – Trump is a vessel of God’s Judgement and 76:7 applies here because he has shown his anger in his speech/tweets) I think God is using Trump to call out the dark but there is also a fine line and you can read about that in Matthew 5:22

  2. Near the beginning, there is a globe style statue. (This is at the :29 mark – See Proverbs 29, 1 Kings 22:29-35) No, I’m not saying he is a globalist – but he is completely surrounded by the ways of the World…and Jesus taught us that to be absorbed by man’s ways could ensnare us (Matthew 19:23-24)

  3. The spinning and accelerated clock at :46. Read Isaiah 46, Jeremiah 46 (I also recently saw a clock very similar to this in The Spirit.)

  4. The cab at :50. I think the number on the top of the cab is a 21 (Read Isaiah 21)


I understood I am also to share a vision I was given the day after the election.

This was the day, the world pretty much changed for me because I had felt deceived. I am only going to share a portion of the dream with you, the portion I have been told to release.


I was watching the morning news. Trump was all over the headlines with his victory. I was generally feeling optimistic that I believed God’s Will had been accomplished.

However, at one particular point, I saw a snippet of Trump – smiling and waving, followed by a cut away to his building, Trump Tower. In that moment, I literally and physically cried out to God…because what I saw in The Spirit was horrific. I saw Trump’s Tower coming down. As in, somehow I was shown that it would physically collapse. I don’t believe this represents just his building. I think this represents him, as well. Imagine going from a mood of celebratory JOY after having watched what seemed to be unprecedented election results to seeing its collapse and destruction? Not cool. Not cool at all.

But that is why I have been beckoned to write today. It is a follow up to the  previous message which addressed Destruction and The Destroyer…well, the message today: This is It!


“Father, must I share this message?”

“As I said before, you do not have to but if you do not, you will be held accountable.”


The following will emphasize where we are. The length of this video is 4:32 (note the countdown effect)…and be aware that at “1” the Suddenly occurs.


The clock of acceleration is at full speed and there is no stopping what has already been determined. There is no need for me to write the words. The message of the Iceberg is detailed enough…in 4, 3, 2…


Iceberg Right Ahead


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