Prophesy Purpose – Prophesy Direction

It is difficult to write your thoughts when you are faced with the reality that there is nothing new under the sun…

Ecclesiastes 9:10

History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new. What can you point to that is new? How do you know it didn’t already exist long ago?

I recently (beginning of Autumn) went back to read Ecclesiastes. The 1st time I skimmed it some years back and at the time it read as jibberish and borderline pessimistic.

This time, it read differently.

This time my mouth dropped and each verse tugged at my heart strings: Ecclesiastes is specific to NOW time. For me, personally, it reflected a sort of imagery, “philosophy-ing,” of a world spinning out of control (although its inhabitants are not aware of this) and the people are unable to realize the reality of the peril they will face until it’s too late.

Ecclesiastes IS the Book about the absence of God in a life overflowing with carnal priority.

What prompts this post – just days before Christmas is re-reading the Book, “Running with The Giants.” I have three of these John Maxwell books on loan from the Library.

I just finished reviewing Noah’s account and was in the middle of Esther.

Beautiful, blessed, anointed and purposeful Esther….

While I was reading the two stories I repeatedly understood a divine directive. So, I will do something He has asked of me and my accomplishing this is only possible by His Grace.

You will find the message He intends for me to share via the attached link at the end – (it is to be delivered via audio recording)

Several times in the last year it was brought to my attention that the words I speak matter. Honestly, scripture says the WORDS we ALL speak matter – as there is LIFE and DEATH in the tongue. We should all know by now that what is in our heart is reflected by our words.

Prophecy is the Testimony of Jesus Christ – and Jesus didn’t mince His Words when it came to giving us direction about The Truth and the narrow road. He spoke in parables for a reason. His messages, lessons and examples were no less spot on than had He spoken directly. He spoke the way He did with intent: in Love, Purpose and Encouragement.

Over the past two years, I had regularly kept up with a number of prophetically based websites. It wasn’t until recently though that I began to curb this habit. I am now more cautious than ever about what I read and watch. The words I speak, the words I think and my world view are affected by what I read and watch likewise. Thus, I must be careful about what I “digest” and carefully discern all things through the filter of Holy Spirit.

With that in mind…please take the audio message I am sharing and seek The LORD for confirmation and wisdom. 

We are all in the same fight against the invisible and unseen. He wants us to win The Race He has set before us…it’s up to us to keep on armor on, remain focused on His Will and maintain faith in His Promises.

Father, I pray this message achieves what you intended…

I published my new episode Dec 22, 2017 13:42 Prophesy Purpose, please check it out.





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