You’ve gone too far

This message is to “today’s church.”

I don’t need to say much. 

The Holy Spirit placed this song in my Spirit yesterday…I initially tried to ignore it (obviously not wise to do that).

I was directed NOT to post a lyric video. This version is what The Father wants. Why? 

Listen closely…Church: The message is simple and clear. Your days are over. 

“My CHURCH was never intended to serve as a social club. Today’s CHURCH has refused to reflect as my servants did in The Book of Acts. Do you think I have not noticed? What you witness in this video is the filth that has infiltrated your “supposed temples” of worship. 

Be wary – your words and actions have been measured. If you have not spent ample time in The Wilderness will you be ready for the tables to be overturned?

Pay attention Laodicea, the Storm Surge arrives…

Digging in the dirt 

Take note: The Storm surge is followed by a Siege and Tsunami.

As with all messages please pray and seek The Lord for understanding, confirmation and wisdom. 

Rev 3:14-22

Matthew 23

Matthew 5:13-16

John 2:13-25

Luke 6:24-26

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