As A Mist 

The Evergreen trees though they never lost their leaves – were shrouded in thick gray fog.  I never felt their warmth.

They never beckoned me to come closer…

Their mountains a foreboding presence sang a melancholy song. 

Overflowing rivers were but dry river beds. Waters of streams parched my thirst rather than quenching the weary traveler. 

How a human heart could not find what it searched for in a world so full of promise

The search ended unfruitful – the seed that awaited the sun to blossom left beneath the trees from whence it sought escape. 

Covered by the mist 

The seed driven further into the ground. It remains unseen and unnoticed. It waits and aches for the winds that will direct its flight. 

Where are you oh winds? Hear my cry. Let me not remain waiting to blossom.

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