Yesterday’s blog-post wasn’t the only Revelation I received. It was already just too lengthy to continue on.

It wouldn’t surprise me if people who read that…raised an eyebrow in the process. That’s precisely the reason it took me days of contemplating to even begin writing about it.

Yet, that insight wasn’t really what is most important. That’s the subject of today’s blog.

One of the very first bloggers I ever met on WordPress was Linda (Clay) Hasche (believeacts2 and believeacts2fire).


Once – what seems like a very long time ago – Linda mentioned to me it was so important to make sure we remained an extremely clean vessel and within the Will of God. Since each of us has a God ordained purpose and destiny, we needed to keep asking Him for help to stay on track with His plan’s for us. I agreed then, as I still do. Thing is, I didn’t really understand what that would entail.


Can we all agree that the only sinless person to ever walk the earth is Jesus Christ? If so, then that forces each of us into a position we might not be ready to face; discovering that each of us (at various points on our Christian walk) may in fact have some type of unholy Spirit “hanging around our shoulders.” This isn’t meant to scare anyone because this is a Spiritual reality we have to deal with. Jesus came to GIVE US the tools to fight this invisible thing called “Spiritual Warfare.” And here is your reality check for today – have you ever heard the phrase “you are being tested”?  Well that in part refers to the concept of Spiritual Warfare.


I don’t care how holy we think we are. By the sheer nature of the reality that we walk this earth – Spiritual Oppression is a reality. We can see that it happened to the Israelite’s back in the Old Testament Book of Exodus. This is why we read about Jesus casting out so many demons in the New Testament. He was giving us real time examples of what to do and how to do it. Notice that there is no casting out of demons in the Old Testament? That’s because we weren’t given the POWER to do so until Jesus was given to us. He was the game changer.

Part of the reason I was so hesitant on sharing that blog yesterday wasn’t just what felt like the magnitude of the origination of spirits – a better part of it was simply the shock of having been given it in the first place (James 4:2). Who am I that God would decide to release it to me?


I wrestled with God most of the week over it. But there was a turning point which leads me to today’s message. Repeatedly this week, I had started meditating on the meaning of Psalm 26:2 and Proverbs 16:2.


Before I received the message regarding the Origin of Warfare, I had also received Words of Knowledge and I wrote most of them down. It was Wednesday, while I was reading The Word that I got really frustrated with myself over what to do with this “stuff.” Exasperated, I finally blurted out: “Father, why do I struggle so hard to release your revelations and insight? Especially Words of Knowledge? Help me understand!”


And there was a momentary pause – before I heard, “Ahab Spirit.”

Silence (on my part) – followed by “Say What?!”


“The Ahab Spirit. It exists quietly in the shadows and attempts to try to minimize how you see your Kingdom work and if it can – foil success and progress. It tries to make you think you couldn’t possibly be able to contribute to the Body of Christ and weasels doubt into your mind so that you perceive what you receive from ME is by “fluke”instead of divine Holy Spirit.

Its desire is to leave you dangling – and ultimately seeking to have you think you provide no real benefit (even though you are not the source – BUT THE VESSEL).

The reality is there are so many people out there who DO benefit from Words of Knowledge if for no other reason than the revelation will prompt them to start asking questions and pondering WHO they are and in doing so asking more questions of ME.

But the core emphasis behind the Words of Knowledge is to assist the brethren. Then My People can test The Spirit and ASK Holy Spirit for Wisdom, Clarity and Understanding.”


So, this week’s journey brings me up to the last 24 hrs. Having posted yesterday’s blog – last night I heard The Lord say: “You belong to me. You are my possession. Are you ready for me to prepare you for my use? It’s time to Burn away and remove that which holds you back.”

I gasp slightly, then respond: “LORD, I have come to the end of myself. I can go no further. You know your purpose is the reason I am here.” I can feel my shoulders tighten in slight hesitation before I give my next response. Then in the Spirit I reply: “Burn it.”


“Then it is time to remove the remaining dross. My People: Stay close to me and steel yourselves.”


Earlier this morning, I felt so out of sorts. It was like The Spirit of Confusion and Spirit of Sadness were running wild. Finally, I was prompted to sit down with The Word.

I had just finished reading Day 18, about Jacob’s Death, when tears started running and I started feeling something weird deep inside – like where soul and spirit meet. (Hebrews 4:12)


“Lord, now what is going on?”


“Huh?”and then I heard Eustace speaking (in the first :30 seconds) these words

and finally I saw this in my Spirit…


Eustace and Aslan


“I AM burning away that which has tricked you into holding back your spoken words.  Both unbelievers and the church need Words of Knowledge. If you can just trust ME, let me lead you. The hours left for healing are few.”


Amen, Jesus, Amen….

Post script addendum

“Children, the BIGGEST lesson you must take from this is the caution I gave you in Matthew 24:24. That IF it were possible, even the elect could be deceived (The Great Deception – Grand Delusion)

If YOU have not entered into “self-examination” to purge anything unholy – whether you believe it is there or not – this is what could cause you to stumble and fall under the category of the deceived. (Psalm 139:23-24)



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