757M: Encouragement for Bethany

Last year, A tornado emerged in the middle of the night and took everyone by surprise – leaving a substantial amount of damage. 

This event was so spontaneous the Tornado Sirens didn’t even have a chance to go off.

Today, as I was driving in that area of post damage, I looked at one of the buildings (a motel) still shut down for its complete renovation – and I thought to myself “Father, I wonder how long it took for the people that were in that building that night, to be able to leave and return to their homes?”

I hadn’t even finished that thought when I heard the word “Earthquake” distinctly spoken in The Spirit. Yet, it was the way the word was expressed that got my attention. As if the word earthquake itself was shaking. I instantly looked at the car clock and it read 7:57. At first I thought – does that mean a 7.5 or greater shaking? And does this relate to Cascadia?

And then it hit me (pardon the pun)…7:57 could represent a location. I didn’t even have to search the internet to KNOW what 757 represented. A plane. And then I remembered Boeing has it’s airfield facilities in Seattle and a large plant in Everett…as well as Renton…

I don’t know what it meant, if it meant anything at all. Could have been nothing. I make no predictions and I always know God is ultimately in control.

I do have an addendum message to give to Bethany. Do you recall I shared with you about how important it would be to “resist” The Spirit of Sadness – after whatever is coming – happens?

Yesterday, The Holy Spirit gave me a first hand experience to share with you about this and understand what you will be feeling. I didn’t know what was happening until after.

During the day, I felt an intense feeling of sadness. It was not easy to deal with. I didn’t even recognize it at first and I couldn’t figure out what was up. After several hours of thinking “what is going on?” – I somehow or other “landed” on a podcast from Glynda Lomax titled, “Hope & Loneliness” (this is a recast from a 2012 blogtalk radio show that she shared yesterday).

The podcast is a tad over 1 hour long. But it was made clear to me while listening that I needed to share it with you – AND anyone else needing to be “battle ready” against this spirit.

Bethany, this Spirit is sly. But God and The Holy Spirit are still stronger. I finally realized that in hindsight. Even speaking aloud something as simple as “In Jesus name, I reject the Spirit of Sadness. Depart from me!” or “Jesus help me” you will send a shock wave through it. That resistance made a difference for me.

Here is the link for you (and anyone else who might want to listen while they work) Encouragement

If you haven’t learned how to clothe yourself with Ephesians 6:10-18 that will really help, too!

Always remember, no matter what…you will never be alone.


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