You Will See – Few Are Ready

Watch this

(This was written at least a week ago, maybe two or three. Something is prompting me to post it now.)

There’s not much need to warn any more. No one will listen. The few who do already recognize what’s ahead.

A couple of times over the last few years I have shared about the power of Holy Spirit language. Pastor Dave Roberson wrote about it and the link to that free ebook is somewhere on this blog.

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time in prayer and focusing on The Father’s Will. The take away was those who have spent time praying in The Holy Spirit have the better chance of making it through what’s ahead.

Never underestimate God’s Power…He is Faithful and True.

Do not look to the world’s leaders for answers or direction – because Our Redeemer and His Restoration draweth nigh.


Pray like you have never prayed before; Ask for mercy of the lost, and for the blinded…they will need those prayers to endure.

Isaiah 60

Isaiah 61

Is this a sign – as per 1 Thessalonians 5:3 that we should be paying attention to? (Scroll down the schedule to 3:00 pm)

Does this relate to Peace & Safety?

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