Come Out (of Her): The Devil’s Playground

This blog entry is bittersweet…

A couple of months ago I was given a dream – it disturbed me immensely. I mentioned previously that I knew it was multi-layered and that it dealt with the Times that we are in (the soon coming abomination of desolation) – meaning the reality of the great deception that is upon us.

In the course of the passing weeks, I had been made to understand that I would be given that dream’s interpretation but that I would not like it.

I did receive the interpretation. It is not something I will share but the realization of its meaning is difficult at best and thus it brings me to the final crossroads.

I know God has a plan. In the past that plan had him direct me to leave facebook. I also eventually left Twitter – then Periscope, and Instagram. I have not yet determined what will happen to this blog, if anything.

The crossroads I now face, that we all face, is the world we are in.

We are to be “In the world but not of the world” (John 17:16) and that is why what The Lord told me just before I received the dream interpretation makes so much sense: “You are done with WordPress.”

At first I wasn’t sure why He would say that…until He replayed snippets of the dream for me and provided His own interpretation. In that moment, I dropped to my knees in horror and pleaded for mercy. The Spirit was right…not only did I not like what the dream meant but I wasn’t ready to hear it. To be honest, I return to write this blog entry in complete and total humility.

It might seem weird but The Lord brought this scene into my Spirit today.

Padme’s unintended discovery relates to the reality of The Truth of what The Church is currently facing (deception) and that the dress Jesus Bride is wearing is stained.

The only way for the stains to be removed is for her to wait upon Jesus for restoration through Judgement. Essentially, the dream meant that no one will escape what’s coming unless they know the Truth of Jesus’ Promises.

That means cutting through all the junk of man’s doctrines and begging for the Spirit of Truth to reveal what the body needs to gain victory.

Unfortunately, in light of what I was personally shown (in this moment) I no longer feel worthy to write His Words – so I am voluntarily stepping down from this platform and Spiritually I now cover myself in ashes and sackcloth while I wait for Him to guide and direct me.

In closing:

In The Spirit, the world I have known was just turned upside down. This is probably why I had the Earthquake dream soon after.

Dear Yahuveh: I know that My life was bought at a price by Jesus…May your Will be done.

I hope I have done what God intended for me to do through the words He gave me. I will share with you that some of the last words He recently gave me were “remember that on-line you are in the devil’s playground…since he is prince of the air – and the internet uses wi-fi.”

God Bless you and I pray that I am found worthy to meet you at The Gates of Heaven.

Goodbye for now….

On Eagle’s Wings

Revelation 18 (v:4)

Numbers 6:24-27


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  1. The Devil’s playground is not where anyone wants to reside 24/7. At times I jump in to war with the darkness but I never stay too long. It will suck all of your oil if you stay too long…The Bridegroom tarried and the wise virgins knew that they needed their oil full & wicks trimmed…as well as extra oil because it was going to be a very long walk. The long trek builds perseverance, courage, faith, humility. Humbleness and a greater love when we stand on the top of the mountain.

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