888 – 717 – Alpha & Omega – The Imp(a/o)ssible

What The Pharisees missed is what The Church (Laodicea) will, likely, also miss – because the word “Laodicea” points back to the “decayed” fig tree which provided no fruit due from lack of growth (ie: Truth)


The 717 is the 888

Laeacco Mountain Tomb Cross Sunset Scenic Photography ...


Since the world is becoming ever more virtual – in many ways our daily life seems much like the day the Sun stood still – and we stand inside a “time bubble” as it were.

Many now find themselves working at home – and schools have now switched to or preparing for on-line (virtual classes).

This is true of my children. What’s so ironic is that when my students were younger, I really wanted to try and home-school them – but I was told that because I was not a certified teacher and didn’t have “formal background” that I was not fit to do so. That made me sad.


I had taught them to read and swim and each of those opportunities gave me the chance to grow closer and bond with them. While I was helping them learn, I also learned.


That kind of bonding isn’t something that can be satisfied by just keeping their schedules full.


I never imagined at this stage of the game – high school – that they would now be immersed in a world of virtual education.


As I was listening to morning announcements –  the word “impossible” was mentioned – and in The Spirit I saw the word “im-PASS-able” – then I saw the words: “Alpha – Omega”

Making the cross in this image more than profound.


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The Father and his relationship to the Son are represented by the vertical line. The top of that vertical line (what I think of as a vortex) highlights God’s presence in the Aether/Stars as the Originator/Creator and Source of the Galaxies.

The Horizontal line is the relationship of the Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost and their presence abiding with the human children of earth. The Comforter that Jesus promised whose waters were spilt out from Jesus at Calvary (also reminiscent of Genesis 1:2) The same one who today is here guiding God’s sheep under the wings of Heaven’s Protection (Ps 91) and still calling out in these late hours to those whose hearts have not softened.

So, what’s the point? The Wheels that Ezekiel saw (Ez 1)- are Alpha and Omega. We are within the realm of time and space (of which all things consist under Elohim’s control).

The Father and Son represent the Alpha. The Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost represent The Omega. The Omega is the scales of Judgement that are part of The Father’s Mazzaroth.

888 is Jesus Christ

717 is The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ at Mark 9:2

The Im-poss-ible becomes Im-Pass-able because of Alpha and Omega

Im-pass-able is the pass-over of the Omega – the 11:11 becoming the 717.

A person must experience the 11:11 as they journey through to the 30-60-100 fold blessing. (Luke 8:8, Gen 26:12, Mt 13:8)

For those who are walking in The Spirit – you will understand.

For those who are still aligned in the doctrines of men, seek the Holy Spirit and ask to receive Wisdom.