11k Milestone

This is my Christmas Thank you Card….to each of you – new friends and old –

While some bloggers may attract thousands or even millions of readers and subscribers – I stand in amazement that as of this week we’ve reached 11,000 blog views. So far, only 2019 has had better numbers with 11,159 views…but the year still has 6 days left.

It still stuns me to reflect on this blogsite. Started all the way back in 2013/14 – I recently received a WordPress Anniversary message congratulating me on having reached the 7 year mark.

7 Years? That feels like a lifetime right now…

So, in gratitude to Father Yahuah and The Holy Spirit for guiding my hand over the years….

Here are the Top Posts and Pages according to this blogs “Stats” page –

So for instance, 1) Means the blogpost – Title – with most “Views” and its title is “Smelling Smoke” which has received 9,301 views….

  1. Smelling Smoke 9301
  2. Home Page 915
  3. Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies 102
  4. Do You Sense it? A “Quickening” 52
  5. About Me 39
  6. Green Lentils Braised 36
  7. Welcome 33
  8. Sharing: A Dream and Shofar Trumpets 28
  9. Spiritual Abuse: When Praise & Worship are inhibited 22
  10. Reflecting The Future 22
  11. Quantum String Theory 21

Now, there is one blogpost that should probably have been included in the Stats above – but for a period of time I had marked it as (Private) – which is “Holy Spirit Awakening” – the other blogpost that is a personal favorite of mine is: “Foreshadowing: To Let Go”

This year, Christmas 2020 just doesn’t feel the same anymore. It’s not that I don’t care about Christmas but I lost my zest for all its Commercialization about 2-3 years ago – and having to bury GrandPa on 12/23(19) didn’t exactly put me in a joyous mood. If anything – I have worked hard Spiritually this year to reassess the concept of what “Worshipping in Spirit & Truth” mean to me, while finding balance and harmony through the Gifts of The Spirit and what that means to me.

This is one of the other videos that has given me hope that all people – some day will have a place to stay warm, dry, and sheltered….