Alpha & Omega X: The Coming Manifestation

I have been hearing the “Rule of 10” in my Spirit, repeatedly, for a couple of days.

We are nearing the point of entering The Great Tribulation. Doesn’t matter if you believe me.

People in Australia know it – People in Europe know it – People in Canada – and America is just coming to grips with what the nefarious Archons are doing.

It didn’t really all just start with a mask. Most of the “woke” now know that (if anything) the mask causes more harm than good. It’s all part of Agenda 2020/30 and the W H O objectives using B – u- s – h and every other dark entity as a pawn in their plan.

Start watching the following video at 7:20 and listen until about at least 9:07 (or for as long as your Spirit will allow. I had to turn it off at 9:55)

However, as we are learning what is occurring around us has everything to do with what you believe or don’t believe.

In this case of the “Rule of 10” applies to Faith/Grace and what you choose to Believe.

The worldly church (now owned by the Pope/Vatican) is fully involved and very much a part of the W – H – O initiative.

Long story short – all the worldly churches in America that abide by the five – oh – one – see3 tax codes which allow for tax exempt contributions ARE PART of the WHO beast system. You might not like hearing that – but this is where the Rule of 10 comes in.

Within the scriptures there is mention of a “tithe of 10%”

It is this tithe that is part of the 501 tax code. When you have given your tithe to any tax code abiding church you have FED the beast system. Yes, some of that money is used to assist those in need – and with what they have done to the world economies – the needs have been increasing.

We are currently in the beast system. There is no need to be wondering what it is. GHWB and his 1991 address confirmed their intent. They have been waiting a long time for their “lord Ba’al” to take his seat. The Beast system started the day The Romans crucified Christ Jesus. The only reason The Great Tribulation hasn’t kicked into high gear is because the Holy Spirit – Restrainer has not yet been removed.

The Holy Spirit IS the symbolic representation of The RULE of TEN!

NOT The Patriarchal church!

The Rule of 10 relates to both a Spiritual Tithe and a physical tithe. Just as there is both a physical Israel – Spiritual Israel and a Mother Jerusalem and a Daughter Jerusalem. Do you not recall that Jesus said, “If you have seen me you have seen The Father.” Jesus as God in The Flesh was The Father. Mother Jerusalem is The Holy Spirit – and the Daughter (New Jerusalem) is also known as Daughter Zion. Daughter Zion is the Coming New Jerusalem. This is why there is so much confusion in the world today – it is the ending of the epoch of Pisces (when Jesus walked the earth) and the transition into the next epoch of New Jerusalem – Daughter Zion – The Heavenly Kingdom (Age of Aquarius).

What I have discovered is that each person that has not submitted themself – surrendered – to the saving power of Jesus Christ is likely going through the Great Tribulation. I have heard so many people talk about “no one is coming to save you” or “we are the ones we have been waiting for” on social media – The Father has shown me it is highly likely these who will be here for the “test of tribulation” or otherwise known as “Jacob’s Trouble”

I believe there is a harvest of souls – in various visions over the last 10 years I have seen the First Fruits harvest.

I now know that BH Oh bummer is the AC. I didn’t realize it fully until this year. But I acknowledged it during his 1st election acceptance speech in 2008 – when I announced to no one aloud “this is something right out of the Book of Revelation – it’s like he is the AC.” I barely even remember saying it until The Holy Spirit reminds me of those words.

When the Restrainer is removed – that is the First Fruits Harvest of the Elect (Read 2 John 1). It is the First Fruits Harvest that IS part of the Spiritual Rule of 10 and the first of the 3 Harvests (Raptures/Harpazos)

Now, I have read a lot thoughts and comments over the years about people who don’t believe in a “Rapture” and those who talk at length about a dystopian nightmare. As I have prayed over all of these ideologies I realized that is all also part of Elohim’s plan. That which you believe in your heart – is to where you will go.

The easiest way to describe the Rule of X is – where are you contributing your 10% tithe to? Or rather, to where are you putting the fruits of your labor? If you are using your time, talent or money to help another human being (on a personal level) you are acting as the hands and feet of Jesus (Luke 3:11). If you are contributing to the weekly offering plate of a 501 you are supporting the Harlot of Revelation 17. This is how the Rule of X applies. Only TEN Percent of those in the church will be part of the harvest.

TEN Percent – (in reverse TEN spells NET – 153 fish of John 21:11)

The biggest shock the world has coming is that while Jesus walked the earth as The Father in the Flesh – the Great controversy of Genesis 3 is about to occur. Whether any men reading this like it or not – the true reckoning will come with the arrival of God’s Holy Spirit but appearing as Jesus did when he was transfigured at Matthew 17 and Mark 9. This is the opening of the Apocalypse.

Go read Genesis 3. Eve was called The Mother of All the living – though she was ultimately betrayed by “Adam”

However, the Woman of Revelation 12 is the same one as the woman of Galatians 4:26 AND the Omega of Revelation 22. The Omega is the counterpart to Jesus’ Omega. They are the first and the last.

You don’t have to believe me – but you should pray and ask The Holy Spirit for wisdom, discernment and understanding.

I would also highly recommend Judi’s playlists on the truth of Israel/Palestine, as well as “Paul”

Edit to add: Please – I beg each of you – to Surrender yourself (your ego, pride, anger, hurts) to Jesus and accept his Gift of eternal Life through The Holy Spirit. If you wait and the Day of The Lord arrives, it will be too late. Please read “Smelling Smoke” to understand how important this is.

God Bless each of you reading this