Foundational Increase

My one prayer to the Father has become, “Please, increase the Harvest. Bring more people to this blog that YOU – Father God – established.”

If Smelling Smoke is what it takes to find those who have strayed from you. So be it.

With each daily project I either begin – or continue to make progress on – my Spiritual focus has changed.

It is now becoming clear to me that the “wake up” call Holy Spirit gave to me all those years ago was intended to echo far and wide.

Yet, here we are. April 2022. The world continues to reel like a drunkard in the most unpredictable directions.

Yesterday, out of the blue – people on our street emerged to discover that a family or who only moved in just shy of three years ago were moving out. They had not just one but two moving trucks being loaded to empty their house and relocate.

“Father, Please increase the Harvest.”

I spent yesterday cleaning out and weeding part of my garden in the morning and finished most of my backyard last evening:

“Father, Please increase the Harvest.”

Today, I worked on the red brick stone walkway to help even out its sand elevation.

“Holy Spirit, Please bring an increase in the Harvest.”

During each of these projects – the only thing I now pray for is an increase in lost souls for God’s Harvest. I have now begun to ask fervently that more people will find the messages Father and Holy Spirit have given through these blog-posts.

If it takes people having to experience the Spiritual Supernatural via “Smelling Smoke” – then Father God, Jesus and Ruach – PLEASE Bring Them!