The Queen – 7/22/2022

As much as I have sat down and started to write something to share – so many of those posts remain unfinished in the draft pile.

However, this morning I woke up at 5am and a few minutes later went back to sleep – so I don’t know what time this happened but I do know I awoke again about 7:30 or 8am. It has been a while since I had any dreams or visions but I’d asked Father to show me how close we are to the apocalypse and what was next.

It was only one scene.

I was in a main room of an unfamiliar place. My kids were there as well. It was very much present day. I was standing and leaning against a counter. Then looked over at a door. The door opened by itself and there stood Queen Elizabeth. She had her characteristic smile on her face but something was off. She said nothing but she gave me a weird “vibe” – though she smiled there was something off with her eyes. At this moment in the vision, my only reaction in the vision was a very subtle curtsy. Upon doing so, she disappeared into thin air. The Holy Spirit kept my eyes directed to where she’d been which was right by the light switch at the door. The light switches were flipped from “on” to “off” although I did not notice any change in the light where I was.

The Holy Spirit then re-directed my focus to the lower sitting area. The Queen reappeared and was now sitting. Though she smiled, there had been a change. She began changing and morphing. It was like darkness was finally overtaking her and choosing its form/shape.

I have seen the photo images and videos of Elizabeth from her Platinum Jubilee. The You-K can celebrate all it wants to but something is amiss – and its not just Philip.

There is a very big planetary alignment coming up on July 31/Aug 1. that involves the planet Uranus. Recall how recently there was an explosion at Hoover Dam? Uranus is related to explosions, fires, and thunderous events.

After I heard about it, I kept getting a reminder about the blog post written years ago called “Quickening.” Take a closer look at Hoover Dam from an aerial view. In many ways it resembles a woman’s womb.

The day after that 7/19 explosion The Holy Spirit shared with me that though many people have previously thought we were in the midst of “birth pangs” up to now we have experienced what is known as “Braxton Hicks” contractions. This has been the precursor to what’s ahead. I also did a search for the meaning of “Hoover Dam” in gematria. And it’s association in simple gematria is 101 (Revelation 10:1) – The Angel and The Little Scroll.

I’m understanding that it was intentional for The Queen to “milestone” her Jubilee Celebration because in the minds of the e-leet it mirrors the Jubilee alluded to in the scriptures.

The Queen’s initial disappearance at the door indicates they will release news of her “passing” but that will also coincide with the departure of Holy Spirit –

Be prepared for the “unexpected” – be prepared to see the fulfillment of prophecies from the Book of Revelation and Daniel.

Revelation 9

Revelation 6

Revelation 8