The Last Song: Flashdance of Fire

I remember the feeling – that day in February 2016. It’s etched in memory

The Father told me the Plasma Wave would return. This time it likely won’t be invisible

Well today I had a confirmation that it is indeed coming.

Today has been physically tough. Something is happening in the Spirit. I can feel it within my cellular structure. It’s like a smouldering fire that is ebbing and flowing.

As I feel this wave begin to wash through and over me – it does not move fast – it moves slowly.

(It would likely freak the average person out)

There is a reason Iesous (Yahusha) advised us to thoroughly examine ourselves. Because those who hope to and want to survive what’s coming will need to have cleansed themselves from the inside out – thoughts, words, deeds, intentions…

The coming “cleansing” has little to do with physical strength

In 1983 when my Mom was dying of Cancer, my Dad took her down to the Bahama Islands for a “cutting edge” treatment. Neither one of them wanted her to take part in Chemo. They were down there for months. The first part of her treatment occurred while my middle school was still in session. So, the plans were for me to fly down there and stay with her during the final week. That was a tough trip. I don’t remember most of it, except for the last night before we left.

That night, there was a TV show on – some type of pageant style competition. The only thing I remember, the only thing that stuck from watching that night was the song that was performed, by Irene Cara.

The coming Plasma wave:

What is coming is a full blown version of what I experienced back in 2016 – the difference this next time will be that no one will escape it – AND those who have not made themselves ready through Spiritual Purificiation will feel like they are experiencing h-llfire.

All day today, August 14 – I have felt what I realize is a refining fire within…it affects every part of the body structure.

Flashdance – as a word represents the “Plasma Wave” that will come and wash over and through all beings. Numbers 16:32. God told us this would also happen at the “end of time,” Revelation 12:15-16.

The Plasma Wave is coming – Pray to be accounted worthy. Ask The Holy Spirit to Prepare and Purify you.