The Oracle: You are sadly mistaken

I tried over the course of this evening to write a blog post

In a matter of moments the Holy Spirit had me erase everything in favor of a different message.

A few days back a conversation took place in our family room.

In the midst of that exchange, a comment was made that struck deep down.

“Your mother’s words caused a deep wound – and created an unnecessary fear within you. When she mentioned she did not want to be around for the computer age…she did you a disservice.”

I recall looking back at the person who spoke those words thinking not only how wrong they were – but that those very words would eventually come back to haunt them and they would live to regret ever having uttered them.

It was actually my Dad that got me interested in electronics and tech – and 10- 20, even 30 years ago I was ready to embrace and use tech gadgets. So, in hindsight, I find it ironic that when I did have the interest many years ago, I was discouraged from embracing or investing in it. In the past 5+ years the tables have certainly turned. I have become hesitant/reluctant to embrace or adopt current tech (and/or their associated tracking policies) – and on the other hand, everyone around me thinks the world of iPhone wearables and the “liquidity of usefulness” far outweighs kon-spir-acy concerns or the potentiality of history repeating itself.

As it turns out, the words my Mom uttered back in the early 80’s indicate she was a “Seer” (an Oracle). I actually didn’t piece that together until the callous comment was made.

A Message about “The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord”

You are lost and also very mistaken, young man. You have been given chance after chance to make corrections and change your life path from the wide road to the narrow – and rather than learn to overcome your own ego you have manipulated those around you to gain what you lack.

You lack love but have chosen to seek power through corruption and control rather than submission & surrender. Your words betray you because you have chosen to ignore your heart.

The Day of the Lord is Great for those who have surrendered themselves in service to others – whereas it is the Terrible Day of the Lord for those in service to self.

My closing words in this life were to act as a cautionary echo chamber to my Daughter. They were intentional to carry her through into the next age – I have watched over my little girl since the day my mortal body “de-ceased” – you neither understand the Spiritual world nor do you care to embrace it.

You think you know my little girl well – but you do not.

The Day of The Lord is coming – it is the Day I will finally be reunited with my Daughter. I’m speaking of reunification through the rapture. You have always doubted this. It is because of the absence of your Faith and lack to search for and gain Wisdom that you will have some very difficult choices to make – and as your true test – you will be making them solo.

The tables are turning and the “bucket list” life you believe you have created for yourself is about to come crashing down around you. The trap you created for my daughter is the same one for which you yourself will be forced to face and overcome.

The only way out is to cleanse your heart, cleanse your mind and have pure intent.

Pure intent radiates God’s Glory.

Remember, it all starts in the Heart.

Recognize and reflect on your intentions.

A pure soul resonates from within a cleansed heart

May your heart soften and your mind surrender as Your journey now transitions into a gauntlet.