The Unraveling & Teresa’s Vision

Just over two years ago I sat down to my sewing machine and struggled.

I struggled within my heart as well as within my Spirit.

Two years ago the world was catapulted into confusion and the “W” (E) – [F] appeared “on stage” in homes across the land to create widespread fear. That was the last Spring/Summer I ever bothered to give the lame stream media my attention or trust.

Yesterday marked another turning point for me – I sat down with my seam ripper and unraveled – stitch by stitch – seam by seam – a face mask that I had started but never finished. It was a version called a “smile mask” and last night I finally separated all the pieces. The front, back and the piece of clear plastic intended for the “smile” window. It felt so good to dismantle the whole thing.

Father told me that the reason I had been led to deconstruct the mask is because it represents what is currently happening on earth. All current systems are unraveling – being deconstructed – torn apart and brought down.

Deconstructing the smile mask is an indicator that all those in “power” who have falsely represented themselves will ultimately answer to The Elohim and they will not likely be smiling when all is said and done.

On a brighter note Elohim encouraged me to watch this video from New Jerusalem Channel. It is so beautiful. I hope you will take the time to watch it as well.

It is an incredible dream and has both beautiful art work as well as the description of the Holy City that is described by Teresa.

Blessings of Hope and Love to All


The Queen – 7/22/2022

As much as I have sat down and started to write something to share – so many of those posts remain unfinished in the draft pile.

However, this morning I woke up at 5am and a few minutes later went back to sleep – so I don’t know what time this happened but I do know I awoke again about 7:30 or 8am. It has been a while since I had any dreams or visions but I’d asked Father to show me how close we are to the apocalypse and what was next.

It was only one scene.

I was in a main room of an unfamiliar place. My kids were there as well. It was very much present day. I was standing and leaning against a counter. Then looked over at a door. The door opened by itself and there stood Queen Elizabeth. She had her characteristic smile on her face but something was off. She said nothing but she gave me a weird “vibe” – though she smiled there was something off with her eyes. At this moment in the vision, my only reaction in the vision was a very subtle curtsy. Upon doing so, she disappeared into thin air. The Holy Spirit kept my eyes directed to where she’d been which was right by the light switch at the door. The light switches were flipped from “on” to “off” although I did not notice any change in the light where I was.

The Holy Spirit then re-directed my focus to the lower sitting area. The Queen reappeared and was now sitting. Though she smiled, there had been a change. She began changing and morphing. It was like darkness was finally overtaking her and choosing its form/shape.

I have seen the photo images and videos of Elizabeth from her Platinum Jubilee. The You-K can celebrate all it wants to but something is amiss – and its not just Philip.

There is a very big planetary alignment coming up on July 31/Aug 1. that involves the planet Uranus. Recall how recently there was an explosion at Hoover Dam? Uranus is related to explosions, fires, and thunderous events.

After I heard about it, I kept getting a reminder about the blog post written years ago called “Quickening.” Take a closer look at Hoover Dam from an aerial view. In many ways it resembles a woman’s womb.

The day after that 7/19 explosion The Holy Spirit shared with me that though many people have previously thought we were in the midst of “birth pangs” up to now we have experienced what is known as “Braxton Hicks” contractions. This has been the precursor to what’s ahead. I also did a search for the meaning of “Hoover Dam” in gematria. And it’s association in simple gematria is 101 (Revelation 10:1) – The Angel and The Little Scroll.

I’m understanding that it was intentional for The Queen to “milestone” her Jubilee Celebration because in the minds of the e-leet it mirrors the Jubilee alluded to in the scriptures.

The Queen’s initial disappearance at the door indicates they will release news of her “passing” but that will also coincide with the departure of Holy Spirit –

Be prepared for the “unexpected” – be prepared to see the fulfillment of prophecies from the Book of Revelation and Daniel.

Revelation 9

Revelation 6

Revelation 8

2/14 Dream: Eric C²

Sleep has been – difficult to find and it comes in fits and spurts. I haven’t had dreams in what feels like a year or more. So, when I have a dream that I at least in part remember, that’s probably important.

When I can’t get the dream off my mind – I know it’s probably something I should write about.

Dream: I was suddenly in a room. There was a male, I was told by Holy Spirit it was EC² and his Dad (whom I never met – although EC, early on, had asked me to). I think I spoke with them (telepathically) because deep in my Soul I feel like we had a conversation. EC² looked different (but I know in the Spirit, I also do not look like I look, right now.)

We didn’t communicate for very long – before they were ready, it was time for me to leave.

I had transitioned from the room I was in with him and I was now walking solo down a street (the word “cobblestone” comes to mind as I type.) But as I was walking and soaking up the beauty and aesthetics of this locale – I could again hear someone’s thoughts coming from behind. Someone was again talking to me telepathically. I turned around to look and it was EC². I knew I needed to keep moving, so I turned to progress onward.

As I continued walking, the next thing I knew – he was walking on my left side – I recognized his Spirit but his physical appearance had changed slightly, and this time, his Dad was not with him.

I don’t recall what, if anything he may have said in the dream – but in the Spirit right now I hear “I’m not letting you walk alone. It’s time for Love to come back around.” I also now understand that this dream is also less about me and more about what is occurring in the life of EC²

I think this all revolves around the End of the Dispensation of Grace and the past month I keep “seeing”

22222 – as in February 22, 2022.

I became familiar with this song in ’91. And I am only now realizing how prophetic in nature it really might be.

I’m sharing this video trailer clip because it was what we went and saw the evening of our “blind” date. “The Cutting Edge” has turned out to be one of my favorite movies – especially if I need a good laugh (and really, who doesn’t lately?)

What’s so weird is that my own parents met and were married for 36 years after being set up on a blind date (I kid you not) –

Yet, because of the events that led up to this blind date, I did not have high expectations for the evening.

[Ed. Note: Pay close attention to the opening trailer – the poster on the back wall is of the Calgary Games ’88. First, the Olympics currently “in swing” through 2/20 and hasn’t there been some events also occurring in Canada(?).

Could these events have synchronicity?

The 1st Fruits Wedding – Dancing on “The Ceiling”

Before I begin – I want to give thanks to Father God, Jesus Christ and The Ruach HaQodesh. In addition I also want to provide clarification

I am very grateful to New Jerusalem channel and to Lindsay and Tim for their dedication to Father God Elohim and the coming Kingdom of New Jerusalem. In my last blog post I mentioned how much I was overwhelmed by the narrator voices.

I’m just gonna come right out and say this – the woman who shared the dream her nephew had – if the current rapture dream is yours as well – please do not hide your voice because it is beautiful and I always thought it was. Hearing the voice of the sister who was a “guest speaker” also helped my soul to heal. So, God Bless you – Father please bless her and that child with your Treasure House of Love, Peace and Protection.

Peter, if you read this I want you to know – I loved my earthly Dad – but when he died it felt like I had been hit by the caboose (Mom’s death was what felt like a freight train), because I hadn’t had the chance to get as close to him, as I had my Mom. Neither of the experiences and events that followed was easy but all/both catapulted me towards growing in Faith and comprehending how amazing our Elohim really is!

I have healed from the events surrounding my mother – it took a lot of work, writing, studying God’s Word and praying over 3-4 decades to make sense out of God’s plan for this soul’s journey.

Peter, whether or not you already know this in the Spirit or will (hopefully) understand it, there is something about the quality of your voice – that has been helping me to heal from emotional damage that earthly men have done in the decades following my Dad’s sudden and untimely passing. That was why I cried when I heard your voice. Because within your voice, somehow – I heard a frequency of love from Heaven. Thank you for the gift of your presence – and your efforts on behalf of NJC & A&ΩPW

After I heard both of you speak on the last message(s) and about the rapture dream – I started to see more into the Spirit. Hearing you both also helped my Spirit recognize that a vision I had back in 1990 was of the 1st Watch Wedding.

I have also been seeing some amazing sky cloud formations – and today – I saw Jesus in the clouds to the West. He was poised with outstretched arms and looked like he was awaiting to receive/grasp the hands of his Bride.

“Evergreen” reminds me of my earthly parents – I recall them listening to this song and it reminds me of the Love they had for each other – which I was fortunate enough to observe even if for only a short time.

Luke 12: 37-38

In Celebration of the Coming First Watch Harvest/Gathering

And while I absolutely love the Christina Perri song “Thousand Years” – I am adding and updating this message with this video from Lionel Richie. For several specific reasons. Many years ago (pre-9.1.1.) I was waiting for a flight heading to Jamaica. The flight was late in taking off and it wasn’t until the last moment I understood why.

I heard commotion near the front of the plane at the loading ramp and the next thing I knew I heard the words “Hey, Lionel!”

I didn’t think much of it until I looked up and glanced – and saw Lionel Richie standing in the aisle way – turn his head, wave a greeting to fellow passengers and take his seat.

As for this song – While driving this afternoon – I heard “Dancing On The Ceiling” by Lionel Richie. Until today, I have never seen its official video. But it is rather fascinating. Because the gathered group is shown dancing on the ceiling. However, if New Jerusalem “comes down” from Heaven then the “upside down” dancing in this portrayal is not just dancing on the ceiling but is also dancing on the floor of Heaven. It would however be the “ceiling” from Heaven’s vantage point). Do take note that there are 3 dancing transitions as part of the “drama” (representing the 3 harvests of Heaven.)

And I believe that New Jerusalem that we read about in Revelation is by The Power of God Elohim – just above us (suspended) – in mid Air.

– And finally on the drive home today – at almost the exact point and same position as when I saw Jesus in the clouds this morning – I saw a staircase in the sky. A round/circular staircase. The stairs were almost exactly at the same meeting point as where Jesus hands had been extended earlier today.

And Jesus said, I am; and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven

Mark 14:62

I pray we hear the sound of the Trumpet call SOON!

Heaven’s Aether

In the nearly 8 years since Father God directed me to start this blog – this is one post I never expected to share.

I don’t even know where to start – talk about writer’s block.

In the very early days, when I was just dabbling and getting familiar with what blogging was about – I had made contact with someone whom The Holy Spirit had directed me to reach out to. As I recall, I think her name was Rachel.

It was almost as if Rachel knew she was supposed to give me a message – because after that initial contact it wasn’t all that long before I heard back from her. And her response astounded me.

Father God had given her a beautiful message to share but the portion of the message that had astounded me the most was when He said, “you have seen Heaven – you have been there.”

Hindsight is 20/20.

A Vision of Heaven

Over the years, when I would go to sleep at night – often as I laid in bed I could feel and hear the Holy Spirit call me to me to come and “sit”. When I heard that, I would begin to see a body of water. A beautiful lake. A mountain off in the distance.

Where I sat was next to and just under a tree. The tree was situated next to this vast, lakeside body of water. And the water was pristine.

Though I had heard the Holy Spirit call me to this place, it felt like Jesus was right there too. I didn’t necessarily see him, but I would put my head on his shoulder. And if it was a time of great difficulty I was going through – I would ask Him in the Spirit to hold me and would feel him wrap me close.

This scenery was pretty constant, but Heaven is different and it’s a bit challenging to describe because there exists a purity within Heaven that does not exist on earth. What was fascinating is that what I did or could do when I was at this Heavenly location was polar opposite of what I (or any of us) can do as a human on earth.

Because the tree was lakeside, when I sat under the tree I was able to dip my toes in the water. Within moments of dipping them, I felt a yearning to swim. As soon as I felt the yearning, it’s like I was lifted up and into it without having to make virtually any effort on my own.

The most interesting part of swimming there was I could breathe underwater and that was so exciting and surreal that as I came up to the surface I didn’t just “bobble” and tread water – I flew up and above the water’s surface! That’s when I also realized I wasn’t wet from swimming. I had emerged from the water completely dry. My clothes and hair were even different – as if swimming in that lake wasn’t just a Spiritual Baptism but an experience that brought about a physical transformation as well.

It was soooo cool!

I write and share this vision now – to give people hope. Not to give up on Jesus’ Promises of the coming abode of Heaven.

(If TAO is listening: I sobbed thru it)

Of Dreams and Prophecy

It has been a long while since I had a dream. The last one I had was in 2018 – and I’m fairly certain what I dreamed about and saw was the 6th Seal (Rev 6:12) Quake.

I had recently asked Father to help me understand what is coming but to do so gently. I really don’t know how much more my heart, soul or Spirit can handle seeing what a mess the Patriarchy has made of Yahuah’s creation.

This dream occurred this morning. 7/11. I had almost forgotten about it until later this afternoon. Frankly, I didn’t really want to share it because it was just so weird. I have waffled back and forth….until just a few minutes ago when in The Spirit I heard…”You should share it, because this isn’t just about you…this dream will (ultimately) affect many”

Ughhh – that’s just a gentle way the Ruach lets me know that I need to share it because doing so is an Act of obedience.

So, here goes….

We (my family was with me) walked into a store. I think it was a travel agency of some kind

My spouse requested a ticket for me. I distinctly recall it was ticket for a Cruise Ship. I was kind of dumb-founded by this. (I have zero interest in taking a Cruise)

I don’t recall being handed any kind of a ticket just that my spouse said I should go, and I would enjoy it. The next thing I remember is being a in room/bedroom trying to pack for this trip. I had some swimsuits in my hand and was searching for other items of clothing. At that moment I realized…why would I be going on a trip now with so many uncertainties? I should cancel this… and as I was about to put everything back, the dream ended.

This dream was so odd because the only time we have ever walked into a travel agency (AAA) was to book a 13 day trip we took in 1999 touring Europe and places like England, France, Rome, Germany….

As far as Cruises go, we have taken a few though the last was probably in 2005/6.

I had decided years ago after having gone Gluten Free that I would probably not take any more because my eating habits also changed after they removed my gallbladder – and the highlight of a cruise (besides Ports of Call) was the dining experience. To top it off, I think we have only ever booked one cruise with a travel agent and then proceeded to arrange the rest ourselves, online

In real time, we just had a conversation about the future and travel plans – (which is why this dream was so strange). He currently likes “van life” travel and touring the country in small spurts of time. I’m content working in my garden – growing plants and (trying to grow) vegetables – at least for the time being.

I will also say this, I feel like the exchange at the ticket counter indicates there is some type of “transition” coming. And that the Cruise Ship referred to here isn’t necessarily what we have come to know as the traditional Ocean Liner…

The Algorithym of Unity





Recognize these words? Good. You should.


I am here to tell you something you need to know. Everything you thought you know – well, it’s not.


You’ve been hearing much rhetoric recently about there being “movement” to create unity.

Unity in the world.

Unity among men.

Unity among all faiths.


The common denominator in ALL of it – is a matrix (no, not exactly like the Keanu Reeves movie. You’ve got to remember that The Matrix is a Hollywood production.)


No, The Matrix I am talking about is a Godly One – and until this morning I really wasn’t sure it existed. The reason I say that is because during one of my daily in-depth bible studies recently I discovered The Word MATRIX in The Strong’s Dictionary. No Joke.


The Word Matrix can be found in Exodus 13:12 and Exodus 13:15 and Exodus 34:19. In addition, Numbers 3:12 and Numbers 18:15. There is only one root word to Matrix and it is found in The Hebrew:


H7358: from 7355; the womb; (comp to 7356) matrix, womb

7355: to fondle, to love, espec. to compassionate. Have compassion, love, mercy.

7356: from 7355, compassion (in the plur) by extension the womb (as cherishing the fetus) by impl. a maiden – bowels compassion, damsel, tender love (great, tender), mercy, pity, womb


Where is this WORD study leading? To be honest, I have studied The Word almost more diligently than I ever studied any subject in college (except maybe Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis)

I’ve been told a couple times in the past, that most people wouldn’t understand the way that I think. Until now, I don’t think I realized the implications of what that meant. It has an association with The Godly Matrix.

The Truth is that Scripture isn’t just a book of how to live well. And it isn’t just a nice history lesson. It is not just THE LIVING WORD. It is more. It is OUR MATRIX.


The Matrix of The People of God.

Eve was The Matrix. And The Serpent knew it. I am also under the impression that Adam knew it but for whatever reason he was silenced.


Back to the Title of this post.

You might have noticed a few blog posts back that I had mentioned I was no longer worthy of writing The Lord’s Words.

That was based on a dream I’d had. The dream was about The Bride and the apostate church. A larger hunk of that dream was personal in nature, so I shared what I could. The remaining personal interpretation was given yesterday and I better understand Yahshua’s righteousness and my position in Him. Praise God!

That being said, this blog still belongs to Him and Him only. I will only write as prompted.

He is having me return to another writing assignment I was tasked with sometime ago. For the last year or so I knew that I knew there was something I was supposed “to do” – that thing I was supposed to do was this writing assignment. I confess, I just wasn’t sure I could write it…but that doesn’t exempt me from what I have been asked to do.

And He has asked me to do this. There has been a fierce battle over this in The Spiritual Realm so I have a request: Please pray over me for this assignment. The writing is intended to benefit all those who are lost, broken, hurting, isolated and otherwise far from God.

I ask for you to leave any comments of encouragement and/or prayers on this blog post – but even if you pray silently as an intercessor…I thank you and Our Lord for those.]


The Believer’s Acronym for Unity is:

United  In   The  (Body of) Yahshua


The World is going to start talking a whole lot more about Unity and it won’t be related to Eternal life. The algorithym the world speaks about is related to CERN, AI, Google and a host of others you are likely (hopefully) already familiar with.

The Truth is this. The Algorithym of the Godly Matrix is going to bust wide open. This is going to happen either just before or when the Tribulation starts.

I have learned through a series of hard lessons not to mention dates or timing because I also just learned in the Spirit that because of the Time Space Continuum the time framework of Heaven doesn’t translate well into our world (consider the similarities in nature of how difficult it can be to translate the scrolls from their original language of Greek/Hebrew into a word form WE can understand.)

Again, we keep forgetting God Way’s are higher than ours.


One last thing I’ll mention. Quantum Physics.

Don’t go all weird on me.

Years ago (2006?) I was given the WORD: Quantum Physics. I tried to learn about it then, but I had just barely begun drinking Milk. So, let’s get real right now.

God is Creator. If He created the Universe and Galaxies then isn’t it possible/probable that HE USED Quantum Physics to do it? After all, He knit you and I together in our mother’s womb and as mentioned before His Ways are higher than ours…besides, HE IS GOD.

When you get down to it – what is the difference between knitting the galaxies together by means of quantum physics or knitting us in our mother’s womb? Sounds a whole lot like the Book of Ecclesiastes to me!

Here’s the definition of quan·tum phys·ics

[quantum physics]

  1. the branch of physics concerned with quantum theory.
    “quantum physics allows for particles to be in two states at the same time

One last reality check about how GOD’S Quantum Physics fits into the Bible. I was just given Ephesians 2:6 and Ephesians 1:20 as confirmation. (Pray over the highlighted purple text above as it relates to the verses given from Ephesians)

In closing:

Brothers and Sisters, I saw The Banquet Table and a portion of The Great Hall recently in a dream.

Notice I didn’t say the Wedding Feast.

I saw people gathered around a LONG table – it was SET and ready but we were there for a “meeting” soon to commence.

What we are here for, isn’t far off. The moment MANY of us have longed for is JUST AHEAD. I don’t know what just ahead means – so just stay in the Spirit and really WALK with HIM.

I don’t think IT will happen the way everyone hopes it will or wants it to – but seeing what I was shown is something I never imagined I would even get to dream about!

Very soon, those He has called will be “Pulled into” something very real (surreal) – so Make Haste – and make yourselves ready.


This Blog and Blog Post are covered by The Blood Of Christ


From The Father: About Dreams

When you visit any website (a blog, video or via content anywhere on the internet) regarding anything about dreams people have had, you need to be aware of something.

Years back when I first discovered and became interested in prophecy and the prophetic, I thought all things were created equal…kind of like what’s mentioned in Genesis.

I’m here today to share a caution from Our Father. This is something I wished I’d known a long time ago….

God gave us Jesus for a reason…then Jesus told us He needed to leave to send us the Comforter/Counselor. There was a reason for that.

As you visit other websites or watch videos where people share their dreams and corresponding interpretations — please note whether or not they mention “I believe this means” vs “Holy Spirit/God told me.”

Dreams from The Father WILL be interpreted. Interpretation is provided by The Ruach.

Over and again when I have visited internet sites where people share dreams they have had and the author includes the phrase “I believe this means”…very often (not always) but often they are providing a carnal interpretation…which could unintentionally convey something entirely different than our Creator intended.

Think about it – Adam and Eve stumbled when the enemy twisted God’s Word. Then Sarah stumbled thinking she needed to help Abraham in order to fulfill God’s plan. NOT!

I have seen through observation what The Lord is pointing out – it is happening consistently over and again in what people write and vlog (this also includes my own blog posts about dreams/visions – Sigh).

It is scattered across YouTube.

Dream interpretation can be “fun” but when it comes to God, he moves with purpose and intent. What He has taught me and He WANTS you to know is HE WANTS to have the last word in helping you. He does this b having The Holy Spirit GIVE you your dream interpretation at the moment you need to know.

Anything you try to interpret by your own power/energy or effort will probably fall short. Here’s the serious caveat…was the dream even from God? Always test the source. (1 John 4:1)

Ask God in prayer after you receive the dream to confirm it WAS from Him. God doesn’t lie – He can’t and won’t. He’ll tell you that much even if he doesn’t provide immediate interpretation.

It’s tough to pause when wanting to share Holy Spirit interpreted Dreams. This is what happened yesterday when I’d received a large chunk of dream interpretation in the afternoon and then the final portion last night. I hadn’t expected that, and God is WAY-bigger than our best expectations!

The point is, prophetic dreams aren’t for us to interpret or speculate on. They are God’s business.

This is a strong word of caution to utter for ALL who are willing to listen – but this is what I’m hearing

“Don’t interpret MY GIFTS of Dreams. They are used to direct, instruct and teach my sheep. To attempt to interpret on your own and by your own power is a form of rebellion. Refrain from doing so and wait on me; If you must, Repent.”

Father, I repent for making guesses at interpretation about my own dreams. Forgive me.


Daniel 2

Daniel 4