The Gifts are Ready!

My goal with each approaching Advent Season is to get my gifts in the mail by Thanksgiving (at least that’s my goal)…

I started the Christmas Skirt in the summer and actually finished it Thanksgiving weekend. (Yes, I am easily distracted & have many “squirrel” moments!)

Once again, Thanksgiving arrived and I was not ready to ship anything yet, but at least they were started or I had the raw materials in hand.

Fortunately, I finished them last night.

The results:


One Christmas Tree skirt for the newlyweds

(A pre-printed panel, sewn/serged and monogrammed/embroidered)



Personalized & Embroidered

Flour sack/tea towels for the kitchen


10 Place Mats

These were pre-printed so I had to make and add the binding to finish off the “raw edges.” I also added some crystals to the tree but those are probably are hard to see. If you look closely you can see a red crystal in the center of the gold star on the tree.

(Only 3 of the 10 mats are shown)



Time to get moving. I’m way behind on my blog posts, memoir & other unfinished sewing projects!

Wishing you a blessed Advent Season,



Teacher Gifts

Thankfully I had blank napkins at the ready. I quickly whipped out these beauties.

4 packs of personalized embroidered napkins.

I made 4 sets in one night. They were the easiest gift I’ve made yet!

I told the recipients they were made to be used, washed and enjoyed!

IMG_5972 IMG_5973 IMG_5974 IMG_5975

Embroidering: Napkins


Embroidered Dinner Napkins



Embroidered Dinner Napkins


Close up of Lettering


Yes! I just finished making my first Christmas present.

A set of 12 dinner napkins.

Maybe this year I will get them shipped before December 1st!!

Custom made (fancy) hand towels with “bling”


Cotton Hand towel with Applique/Square Frame & Monogrammed “R” And cotton ribbon adds a cheery touch. This item is not currently available. But I do take orders: each item is unique and as such not all items will turn out identical. Please email me with questions


Cotton Hand towel Embroidered with Satin Applique & Monogrammed “W” Fancy satin style ribbon (chocolate/brown) adds feel of luxury to this guest/gift towel. This item not currently available. May be ordered. Duplicates may not look identical to what’s shown Please email with additional questions.


Cotton Hand Towel Striking applique with black satin background & a Red Monogrammed “B” Applicque also includes 3 Swarovski elements crystals Detail work on lower portion includes decorative stitching and grosgrain ribbon also embellished with swarovski crystals Please email me with questions about this item.


A secondary twist on the Circle B Applique Monogram. Using Blue Satin and Polka Dots.


A Blue Denim “G” Applique – with a twist. I’ve used metallic rainbow thread.