Rabbit Holes – Foxes Dens

This video is a “mind bender,” presenting the current state of world concern and what has happened to it. It needs to be viewed at Brighteon. I encourage you to view/listen and then, pray for clarity, wisdom and understanding.

I share this information as a means of disseminating Truth(s) from Lie(s), Fact from Fiction. Like each of you reading this, I have to rely on Yahuah Ahavah Adonai – Father God and Holy Spirit for wisdom, understanding and direction.

What’s really odd is that when the commotion over the “V-irus” took root and went “viral” last Spring, I remember reflecting on a couple of things.

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” – I can’t tell you how many people “invited” me to take part in that. While I realize that the challenge was to benefit those fighting a debilitating illness – something didn’t “jive” about everything surrounding that (ie: Social media pressure to “conform”)

I don’t belittle others who like the challenge or have taken part. It was a personal decision and an observation on my part to refrain from doing so.

Thus, I have been mindful about the (p-andemic/pl-an demic) V-irus and have continued to remain aware of the (conflicting) guidelines released by our Alphabet organization…

Having shared the preceding – the primary purpose of this message is The following video. It is a message that has apparently been banned from – YutzTube – It is Dr. Petrella speaking about the va%%ine and it includes subtitles. I am going to leave comments open on this post for the time being- anything offensive, unkind or derogatory will be removed. This is the time when we need to support and encourage each other because we don’t know what T-P-T-B will try next. Now is the time each of us needs to dig deep and search for Mercy and compassion. May Yahuah bless each of you with His Shalom