Why Beirut? – The Cedars of Lebanon




We saw much damage yesterday among the fields of Lebanon.

Lives lost among bloodshed, families torn apart, property destroyed, collateral damage….unfortunately there is more to come as Prophecy marches on toward its fulfillment.





Last night as I pondered Beirut – and the graphic and visual images of what most would attribute to a mini n-ke (or suitcase) b-mb or even possibly a d-e-w — it does not matter.


Darkness, has once again stolen children from those that loved them.

The actions that have been carried out will leave those thirsty with bloodlust at the mercy of The Beama Seat of Christ.


As for Heliofant’s I Pet Goat II. I am tired of hearing about people’s interpretation and their perception of darkness.


I reviewed this last night out of Holy Anger and sheer frustration. Nothing is what it seems.


So, FWIW, I will share with you what I see…


In the opening scene with the goat and the barbed wired – the barbed wire represents the lines we used to see that run across our television screens, and yes, the people as a whole are the goats because most of us at one time or another have watched tv, listened to radio, political rhetoric – all of it….Christians, Pagans, Unbelievers…all religions. As a whole, no one has been exempt from the programming of the Puppeteers

And yes, I said puppeteers. The Majority of the world is still asleep to all the programming (economic/religious/cultural) that we have been exposed to.


In the classroom scene, the apple rolls and lands right next to the number 7. When the apple opens the two halves form the perimeter shape of the #8.

Together, that reads 8-7 or August 7.

The reason I mention this is that in the video, the camera depicts Ob-ma as looking at that date and the Lotus blossom (Rose of Sharon) has bloomed and is “sweating bullets.” I have this distinct impression this scene relates directly to Revelation 12. Although most believe “O” to be the Son of Perdition – I have other thoughts on the matter. A dream I recently had would seem to indicate otherwise…but we really won’t know until it happens.

I ask of you to PLEASE maintain a heightened awareness of your surroundings. I do not say this to cause fear or paranoia but to make you aware to be prepared for anything and everything.

Appreciate what you have right now – in this moment.

Here’s what I do see though in relation to the young blond girl who was holding the apple. The persona of this girl holding the apple is the same, as the woman at 3:19 dressed in black (Song of Solomon 1:5) holding the symbolically (devoured) man-child of Revelation 12:4. The persona continues as the “crone” depicted in the Tower at the 4:40 minute mark. The Crone is the barren woman described throughout The scriptures. If you look at the top of the tower she is held in. There is a Cross on top of the structure AND an illuminated Heart next to the window “bars” – has anyone noticed that the top of the tower the “Crone” is trapped in looks like the helmet from Ephesians 6:12-18? The woman in the Tower is not evil. She is protected under the Helmet of Salvation and by The Hand of Yahuah which comes out of the clouds and shines illumination into the tower (Songs 2:9 & 4:8 ).

The “Crone” or “Hag” is shown topless.

Many would say that would seem pornographic…but those “targets” are otherwise known as the “Targeted Individuals” or the True Believers/Christians who receive sustenance through the milk (Songs 2:5-8) of The Word of God.

Her presence, with the Hand of God descending from the cloud, points to the barren woman (Ps 113:9) who has been scorned and ridiculed (Joshua 6:17)

That may sound twisted but have you ever heard the scripture verse about “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” Is 5:20


I Pet Goat II is a CGI re-enactment of The Scriptures we call The Bible.


At 4:53, The Hag is shown bleeding from her Vesica Pisces.

While an old Hag or a barren woman is typically unable to menstruate. This moment points to the Transfiguration of the woman – the pure energy Nikola Tesla referred to as the 3-6-9 ultimately transforms that Hag/Crone into a young maiden once again as Jesus said was possible in Revelation 21:5…behold I make all things new.


The blinding illumination inside her tower cell is followed at 4:54 by the man traveling through a dark tunnel and finally arriving in a city in which case his – SOON – meteoric rise causes a huge explosion to the City by the Bay (Beirut). The City by the Bay endures death and destruction to the Children (Trees/Cedars) of Lebanon.


Now, what finally prompted this post…

Fast forward to 5:50…with the boat emerging from Satan’s womb…


At 5:55 the Jesus figure inhales a deep breath (is this the Breath of Ruach HaQodesk OR the Son of Perdition?).

At the moment, I tend to lean into the idea that this this figure as NOT Jesus or Yeshua HamaSchiach because of that CROWN of Thorns on his head.


They are there at 6:00, but by 6:04 that crown has “twinkled” and vanished into thin air from his head. The Satan figure at the top of the womb from which he emerged – his eyes TWINKLED brightly SIMULTANEOUSLY as an Earthquake occurred and then the Jesus figured floated by underneath.

Note that just after his crown of thorns fades away – the church in the background FALLS. The Patriarchal church system currently in place will soon FALL.


Last but not least, observe the Pyramids of Egypt starting at 6:27. And watch what then begins to happen at 6:33.




ICYMI: Venus, The Silver Gate & 8 Days

Did you know the Scriptures speak of not just one Messiah – at the Second Coming – but TWO Messiahs?!

Don’t believe it? What these videos first….


Signs in The Sun, Moon and Stars

Venus, The Bright and Morning Star is about to enter The Silver Gate



Venus, Orion, Gemini



Venus & The Silver Gate





Venus represents The Bright and Morningstar of Revelation 22


But if you go look at Jeremiah 23 & 33 – you will see something very interesting. Yes, Jesus came the first time as Messiah….he was the Lamb of God and the root and offspring of David.


But with the arrival of TuBAV in Israel, which is looked at as Wedding Season – we should be watching for the Time of the Wave-Sheaf offering (Leviticus)


Whereas most of “Christian-dom” considers Christmas their holy season – Yahuah’s Holy Sabbath is celebrated during Feast of Tabernacles and Feast of Trumpets  – as well as Feast of New Wine (Wedding at Cana).


While you may have been taught in the mainstream churches to await the return of Jesus Christ – we might want to prepare for a 2nd coming with TWO Messiahs –

as this lines up with the two olive branches (Voices of Truth, Law & Shalom) and the two golden pipes (Zechariah 4) emptying the golden oil (Spirit of Truth/Prophecy, Revelation 11).

Jeremiah 23:6 King James Bible
In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Jeremiah 33:16 King James Bible
In those days shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely: and this is the name wherewith she shall be called, The LORD our righteousness.

The Restrainer – His Dalet – Seals


Think we’ve seen “Crazy” yet?


For those of you who haven’t figured it out, C-V isn’t just about “safe distancing”


The covering “mandate” is all about the

PNEUMA – “breath” – WIND:

What we are seeing is the Spiritual manifestation of

The Silencing of The Holy Spirit.


Your very breath is that which comes as a Gift from Elohim – The Holy Spirit.

Indeed, there is a price they will have to pay for what they are doing.

Yahuah sees all.

That which they have devised (Psalm 2) against His Children…they shall reap what they have sown.


Psalm 2

Why do the nations conspire[a]
    and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth rise up
    and the rulers band together
    against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,
“Let us break their chains
    and throw off their shackles.”

The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
the Lord scoffs at them.
He rebukes them in his anger
and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,
“I have installed my king
on Zion, my holy mountain.”


They themselves shall feel the Fires of their fornication, which is their downfall.


I will proclaim the Lord’s decree:

He said to me, “You are my son;
    today I have become your father.
Ask me,
    and I will make the nations your inheritance,
    the ends of the earth your possession.
You will break them with a rod of iron[b];
    you will dash them to pieces like pottery.”

10 Therefore, you kings, be wise;
    be warned, you rulers of the earth.
11 Serve the Lord with fear
    and celebrate his rule with trembling.
12 Kiss his son, or he will be angry
    and your way will lead to your destruction,
for his wrath can flare up in a moment.
    Blessed are all who take refuge in him.




So, I’m playing the “game” my friends…because this battle is by no means O-V-E-R


Not by a long shot.


Because in the Name of My God – and Our CREATOR Yahuah – Elohim is bigger than the one which you claim to extol and worship: The Darkness which is falling upon this land.


The difference is, I have finally figured out the puzzle piece that I doubted for so long.


Overthinker and Overanalyzer that I have been….


Many people are beginning to wonder what is going on in this world – how much more CRAZY can it get


This CRAZY might be the new normal. and if so – we might have to adjust our own perspective and realize we have been operating from the head instead of the heart.

That which we instinctively know will set us FREE…remember well the mighty Love of Jesus Christ/Yahushua HamaSchiach

Isaiah 5:20

King James Bible
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


This Pre-Tribulation period is nearing its closer but this is just Matthew 24 – do not be surprised when the Trumpet of Tribulation is blown –



888 – 717 – Alpha & Omega – The Imp(a/o)ssible

What The Pharisees missed is what The Church (Laodicea) will, likely, also miss – because the word “Laodicea” points back to the “decayed” fig tree which provided no fruit due from lack of growth (ie: Truth)


The 717 is the 888

Laeacco Mountain Tomb Cross Sunset Scenic Photography ...


Since the world is becoming ever more virtual – in many ways our daily life seems much like the day the Sun stood still – and we stand inside a “time bubble” as it were.

Many now find themselves working at home – and schools have now switched to or preparing for on-line (virtual classes).

This is true of my children. What’s so ironic is that when my students were younger, I really wanted to try and home-school them – but I was told that because I was not a certified teacher and didn’t have “formal background” that I was not fit to do so. That made me sad.


I had taught them to read and swim and each of those opportunities gave me the chance to grow closer and bond with them. While I was helping them learn, I also learned.


That kind of bonding isn’t something that can be satisfied by just keeping their schedules full.


I never imagined at this stage of the game – high school – that they would now be immersed in a world of virtual education.


As I was listening to morning announcements –  the word “impossible” was mentioned – and in The Spirit I saw the word “im-PASS-able” – then I saw the words: “Alpha – Omega”

Making the cross in this image more than profound.


Just Like You - The Fagans - YouTube

The Father and his relationship to the Son are represented by the vertical line. The top of that vertical line (what I think of as a vortex) highlights God’s presence in the Aether/Stars as the Originator/Creator and Source of the Galaxies.

The Horizontal line is the relationship of the Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost and their presence abiding with the human children of earth. The Comforter that Jesus promised whose waters were spilt out from Jesus at Calvary (also reminiscent of Genesis 1:2) The same one who today is here guiding God’s sheep under the wings of Heaven’s Protection (Ps 91) and still calling out in these late hours to those whose hearts have not softened.

So, what’s the point? The Wheels that Ezekiel saw (Ez 1)- are Alpha and Omega. We are within the realm of time and space (of which all things consist under Elohim’s control).

The Father and Son represent the Alpha. The Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost represent The Omega. The Omega is the scales of Judgement that are part of The Father’s Mazzaroth.

888 is Jesus Christ

717 is The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ at Mark 9:2

The Im-poss-ible becomes Im-Pass-able because of Alpha and Omega

Im-pass-able is the pass-over of the Omega – the 11:11 becoming the 717.

A person must experience the 11:11 as they journey through to the 30-60-100 fold blessing. (Luke 8:8, Gen 26:12, Mt 13:8)

For those who are walking in The Spirit – you will understand.

For those who are still aligned in the doctrines of men, seek the Holy Spirit and ask to receive Wisdom.

Covid 19: What are they trying to tell us?

New Coronavirus Disease Officially Named COVID-19 By The ...


Do you recall the cliche, a picture is worth a thousand words? Look at the image above. The first time I saw this image about a week ago – my Spirit had to do a “double take” because of this:


Pyramid On Back American One Dollar Stock Photo 14790562 ...


This message is not about whether or not CV is real or a hoax – or about truth in the numbers. It’s not that I don’t think that matters but the media is doing a good enough job at spreading fear mongering and we are left trying to sort out what the TRUTH is…I say TRUTH because we are living in the age of deceit and deception – this is what Jesus told us would be part of the end of the age (we have left, or are leaving the age of Pisces – which Jesus represents) and entering the Age of Aquarius (the water-bearer of “Truth”) – Mark 14:13.


The above video is powerful in that it includes the Biblical concept of “the signs in the heavens” (ie: Arcturus, Orion, Pleiades, spoken of in Genesis 1, Job and Amos). Of note also is this video is from 1969. those numbers are significant. In Strong’s Greek 1969 mean to rebuke yet in the Hebrew it means “hin” or a liquid measure (his children are being measured as spoken of in Rev 11:1-2). One other noteworthy feature of 1969 is how similar it appear to this tetragrammation: YHWH. Where 1 is indicative of Father God, 6 is the number of Man (Son of God) and the 9’s relate to the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost.

Yet, to me this next version is almost more powerful because of the colors: Blue (Holy Spirit); Yellow: can represent fire and the purging process (sin/wickedness), and Purple denotes royalty. The props in the background of “water” resemble both the net the apostles used to catch the 153 fish as well as a segue of transition to the waterbearer.



Every day, now that many are at home – we are becoming bombarded with news reports and “press briefings” regarding that which is sweeping across the continents. So, please I ask you to take what I am sharing with you not just into consideration but into your prayer closets and seek out the answer’s from Jesus himself.


Getting back on track – in the image of the virus: it’s in the shape of a circle (globe) and it appears black in the photo (plague/pestilence of Ex 9, Lev 26:25, Num 14:2, Deut 28:1).


Observe the outer portion of this image and “stemming out” from the black core are red triangles. To me, these remind me of the pyramid on the back of currency. Yet, they are in RED (does this point to Zechariah 6:1-2?) Is this indicative of their attempt to destroy the economic market and replace paper currency? These are thoughts I’m pondering as I search the Scriptures….Red and black represents impending Judgement.


Is the red horse riding?


It’s so important to remember that those who are not filled with The Holy Spirit, those who are not walking on a daily basis with Jesus will have a greater tendency to become consumed by fear and if they don’t continue seeking a relationship with Jesus, instead of feeling peace their anxiety will only continue to rise.


Jesus is our Hope. Jesus is our Fortress…the only one we can depend on because he will not forsake us.


Please consider this as more than just a wake up call – it’s a clarion call.


Mankind is being given a chance to repent of their individual sins before God unleashes the Four Winds of Judgement. Instead of wondering how bad things could get – focus on Hope – and know that Jesus works out all things for the good of those that Love God. (Romans 8:28)


Why Psalm 91 Matters

Hello Brethren,

We are facing unprecedented times.

Many of you are familiar with much of The Holy Word.

Some of the more well known Scriptures are the 23rd Psalm and Psalm 91.

I know that many are praying these prayers and speaking them aloud, as they were intended.

However, as I was studying them this morning – I ran across something profound – and it is something I know that each of you should be aware of.

While the words of Psalm 91 are a covering for God’s Children – the Holy Spirit just took me on a journey of why this specific one is so important – especially in this season we are in (or rather a celebration that is mentioned in the Scriptures): Purim

A calendar I have up on my wall indicates that “Purim” was March 9-10. Purim is considered “Esther’s Feast.” Esther’s Feast is associated with King Xerxes, Queen Vashti, Esther, Haman and Mordecai.

You can read all about them in The Book of Esther.

But Psalm 91 is actually – directly – correlated to it.

As I was studying the individual words of 91st Psalm – specifically the words “snare” and “fowler” – The Spirit had me simultaneously look up the title Number: “91”

In Strong’s Hebrew (91) is Agagiy (ag-aw-ghee) “partrial” or patron from 90; an Agagite or descendant of Agag. Agagite. Strong’s H90 means “flame”; Agag, a title of an Amalekitish King. Agag.


PAY ATTENTION: HAMAN WAS an Agagite. He was the son of an Amelekite King. He was the instigator of The decree to annihilate The Jews – for which Esther was placed in her position by God’s Appointment.


Esther’s placement in the King’s presence was by God’s design. Because it was by her intercession and sanctification that she was prepared – to lay down her life to save many.


So, Psalm 91 is a Prayer of Protection against the Powers of Haman – one of the Principalities mentioned in Ephesians 6:12. Psalm 91 is also of primary importance because of the numbers 9+1. The number 9 indicates “destruction” and the number 1 is indicative of The Father’s Presence. 9+1=10. 10 in Strong’s Hebrew: is the same as “9” – mis-written for 11; a perishing, destruction.

What this means to me is that the invisible war is now RAMPING up. Each day, even each hour seems to bring some new, different and unexpected change. This is why we LOOK To The Father and believe in Him – just as Jesus did. Just as Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego did. Just like Daniel – just like Esther. We can do all things through Him who gives us STRENGTH.

In Strong’s Greek the picture gets really interesting. 91 is from “94” and 94 means “wicked” and by implication “treacherous” – 91 means to be unjust, do wrong (morally, socially, physically), hurt, injure, be an offender.

It would appear the world is likely now “bearing witness” to the Pestilences of Psalm 91:3, Matthew 24 and Luke 21.

Therefore, Do NOT fear. Allowing fear to infiltrate your mind gives it the upper hand. This is where you must speak aloud Psalm 91 since WE operate under The Power of The Most High – and in Yahweh Ahavah Adonai there is NO FEAR. Because Perfect Love CASTS out fear.

We – you and I – WALK in the Light of Christ’s Love – We are to be the Light in the dark places. To believe in HIM for all Things – His Covenant Promises and The Gifts of The Spirit.

Trust that He will guide us, keep us close to Him and not forsake us…

Remember: Do not lose Heart, Hope or Faith and that God’s Love conquers ALL.

Prepare your Temples


To All Believers in Christ Jesus (Yeshua)

and The Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh)



Festivals, Traditions and Timelines – We are about to learn the truth about that which we believed was truth vs that which has been taught according to “Man’s” Customs.


Often, what M-A-N deems as truth is not within the boundaries or in accordance with our God of The Old Testament. I am speaking of The Yahweh Ahavah Adonai – He that never changes and is the SAME: yesterday, today and eternally.




That which we have become familiar with is man’s tradition passed down over centuries, even millennia.


The Wave-Sheaf Offering will soon be gathered as part of God’s First Firsts Tithe according to Leviticus 23. Who among you will be ready?



It matters not if you believe me…what I say is of no importance – yet what does matter is the Godhead: YHWH


The Following are Song Lyrics to the attached video below:


This one goes out to the one I love
This one goes out to the one I’ve left behind (Jesus Holy Spirit left behind at Calvary)
A simple prop to occupy my time (Holy Spirit/Ghost occupies on earth)
This one goes out to the one I love

Fire  (Ruach Hakodesh purges the willing)

This one goes out to the one I love
This one goes out to the one I’ve left behind
A simple prop to occupy my time
This one goes out to the one I love

Fire (she’s comin’ down on her own, now)
Fire (she’s comin’ down on her own, now)

This one goes out to the one I love
This one goes out to the one I’ve left behind
Another prop has occupied my time
This one goes out to the one I love

Fire (she’s comin’ down on her own, now)
Fire (she’s comin’ down on her own, now)
Fire (she’s comin’ down on her own, now)
Fire (she’s comin’ down on her own, now)


Note the following within the attached video:

the flying spark/flame that transits across this REM video story line. That is the fire of The Holy Spirit/Ghost.


the unfolding flower appears to be a Rose of Sharon.


The blowing out of the candle near the end is a parallel pointing to 2 Thessalonians 2:7 and the beginning of perdition’s lawlessness.


As many of you know – History is repeating itself. The Book of Acts is about to be re-enacted and the Festival of Purim is nigh.

(Personally, I’m dumbfounded by how the majority of this video actually depicts so many of the Signs Jesus told us to look for prior to Christ’s return.)


Please make sure you are ready for Christ’s return

that you have repented

and your Heart is clean.


#SignofJonah  #OmerFirstFruits  #Barley Harvest  #WaveSheafOffering  #Apocalypse

Only Through Repentance

The National Day of Prayer was Thursday May 2nd. I don’t pay attention to most media so I only viewed this for the first time this morning.



From Deuteronomy 4:2 (KJV)- Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.



The following video is 5:45 in length – but if you are stretched for time fast-forward to the 5:00 mark and start listening from there. He seems to begin quoting from Deuteronomy 4:2. However, there is only one way that Yahweh Adonai will heal this land and it takes more than prayer…



…It takes humbling oneself.

To “REPENT” (repenting/repentance) – or turning away from the sin/leaven and humbling one’s heart to submit to the Potter and allow The Holy Spirit (Ishshah) to cleanse our impurities.

Elohim listens and responds to those who both Pray and Repent

The Algorithym of Unity





Recognize these words? Good. You should.


I am here to tell you something you need to know. Everything you thought you know – well, it’s not.


You’ve been hearing much rhetoric recently about there being “movement” to create unity.

Unity in the world.

Unity among men.

Unity among all faiths.


The common denominator in ALL of it – is a matrix (no, not exactly like the Keanu Reeves movie. You’ve got to remember that The Matrix is a Hollywood production.)


No, The Matrix I am talking about is a Godly One – and until this morning I really wasn’t sure it existed. The reason I say that is because during one of my daily in-depth bible studies recently I discovered The Word MATRIX in The Strong’s Dictionary. No Joke.


The Word Matrix can be found in Exodus 13:12 and Exodus 13:15 and Exodus 34:19. In addition, Numbers 3:12 and Numbers 18:15. There is only one root word to Matrix and it is found in The Hebrew:


H7358: from 7355; the womb; (comp to 7356) matrix, womb

7355: to fondle, to love, espec. to compassionate. Have compassion, love, mercy.

7356: from 7355, compassion (in the plur) by extension the womb (as cherishing the fetus) by impl. a maiden – bowels compassion, damsel, tender love (great, tender), mercy, pity, womb


Where is this WORD study leading? To be honest, I have studied The Word almost more diligently than I ever studied any subject in college (except maybe Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis)

I’ve been told a couple times in the past, that most people wouldn’t understand the way that I think. Until now, I don’t think I realized the implications of what that meant. It has an association with The Godly Matrix.

The Truth is that Scripture isn’t just a book of how to live well. And it isn’t just a nice history lesson. It is not just THE LIVING WORD. It is more. It is OUR MATRIX.


The Matrix of The People of God.

Eve was The Matrix. And The Serpent knew it. I am also under the impression that Adam knew it but for whatever reason he was silenced.


Back to the Title of this post.

You might have noticed a few blog posts back that I had mentioned I was no longer worthy of writing The Lord’s Words.

That was based on a dream I’d had. The dream was about The Bride and the apostate church. A larger hunk of that dream was personal in nature, so I shared what I could. The remaining personal interpretation was given yesterday and I better understand Yahshua’s righteousness and my position in Him. Praise God!

That being said, this blog still belongs to Him and Him only. I will only write as prompted.

He is having me return to another writing assignment I was tasked with sometime ago. For the last year or so I knew that I knew there was something I was supposed “to do” – that thing I was supposed to do was this writing assignment. I confess, I just wasn’t sure I could write it…but that doesn’t exempt me from what I have been asked to do.

And He has asked me to do this. There has been a fierce battle over this in The Spiritual Realm so I have a request: Please pray over me for this assignment. The writing is intended to benefit all those who are lost, broken, hurting, isolated and otherwise far from God.

I ask for you to leave any comments of encouragement and/or prayers on this blog post – but even if you pray silently as an intercessor…I thank you and Our Lord for those.]


The Believer’s Acronym for Unity is:

United  In   The  (Body of) Yahshua


The World is going to start talking a whole lot more about Unity and it won’t be related to Eternal life. The algorithym the world speaks about is related to CERN, AI, Google and a host of others you are likely (hopefully) already familiar with.

The Truth is this. The Algorithym of the Godly Matrix is going to bust wide open. This is going to happen either just before or when the Tribulation starts.

I have learned through a series of hard lessons not to mention dates or timing because I also just learned in the Spirit that because of the Time Space Continuum the time framework of Heaven doesn’t translate well into our world (consider the similarities in nature of how difficult it can be to translate the scrolls from their original language of Greek/Hebrew into a word form WE can understand.)

Again, we keep forgetting God Way’s are higher than ours.


One last thing I’ll mention. Quantum Physics.

Don’t go all weird on me.

Years ago (2006?) I was given the WORD: Quantum Physics. I tried to learn about it then, but I had just barely begun drinking Milk. So, let’s get real right now.

God is Creator. If He created the Universe and Galaxies then isn’t it possible/probable that HE USED Quantum Physics to do it? After all, He knit you and I together in our mother’s womb and as mentioned before His Ways are higher than ours…besides, HE IS GOD.

When you get down to it – what is the difference between knitting the galaxies together by means of quantum physics or knitting us in our mother’s womb? Sounds a whole lot like the Book of Ecclesiastes to me!

Here’s the definition of quan·tum phys·ics

[quantum physics]

  1. the branch of physics concerned with quantum theory.
    “quantum physics allows for particles to be in two states at the same time

One last reality check about how GOD’S Quantum Physics fits into the Bible. I was just given Ephesians 2:6 and Ephesians 1:20 as confirmation. (Pray over the highlighted purple text above as it relates to the verses given from Ephesians)

In closing:

Brothers and Sisters, I saw The Banquet Table and a portion of The Great Hall recently in a dream.

Notice I didn’t say the Wedding Feast.

I saw people gathered around a LONG table – it was SET and ready but we were there for a “meeting” soon to commence.

What we are here for, isn’t far off. The moment MANY of us have longed for is JUST AHEAD. I don’t know what just ahead means – so just stay in the Spirit and really WALK with HIM.

I don’t think IT will happen the way everyone hopes it will or wants it to – but seeing what I was shown is something I never imagined I would even get to dream about!

Very soon, those He has called will be “Pulled into” something very real (surreal) – so Make Haste – and make yourselves ready.


This Blog and Blog Post are covered by The Blood Of Christ