Back In His Arms

After the last blog post I really wrestled with The Father. As in, several times I contemplated changing its status to private or moving it to my sister blog site.


But I didn’t. 


I know most people don’t want to hear about the world we live in changing like that. I can’t say I blame them. Who really wants to give up their creature comforts? And why would anything like that happen now any way?


Valid questions. I ask these questions to Our God every day. He gets an endless stream of conversation from me in the Spirit. I sometimes wonder how He puts up with it….Yet, here I am.

He brought me back to balance out the messages. Just like the Bible is incomplete without the package deal of Old Testament and New Testament. He wants to affirm that even with Judgements ahead – He DOES have a plan. That doesn’t change the fact that each and every person that breathes will ultimately have to make the decision to choose life in Paradise or death in the grave. But, IF we make the choice to STAND by HIM – He will stand by US.


With that being said; within hours of posting, “This Is It” He began to place on repeat the melody and lyrics of another song….one I’ve not listened to in a very long time.

A song by Mark Schultz.

Back In His Arms


Father, You asked that I write a note here. I’m following your lead.

I want you to know how much I love you, LORD. 

I want to Thank you for the guidance within your HOLY WORD.

I want to Thank you for the provision you have always given me. I now see, in the rear view mirror that you never ever let go of my hands. We both know how many hours of darkness we faced together since this journey began. 

Brothers, Sisters and new readers…It is because of those very dark hours – because of heartache, heart break, betrayal and tears that I can tell you that God’s magnificence and glory makes up for all of it.


In the end, to any and all who are willing to listen and hear…God’s LOVE knows no bounds. When the moment arrives that this world does change – remember to cry out His name (Yahshua) and He will give you His Peace. 


May you step out into your purpose, destinies and callings, walking in His Grace and may His Love to those who so desperately need it – pour out through you.


1 Peter 5:6-7


This Is It

The origin of this message dates back to more than a year ago but The Holy Spirit has been preparing me to write it since last Friday evening.


“Go and read the novel you wrote, the one under the desk.”

“You mean the one I was told to scrap and start over at the Writer’s conference?”

“Yes, that one. Go and read it.”

I had heard “Go and Read it” at least once each day since Friday.

Last night, I found myself sitting in the chair and “fishing” the manuscript out from under the slush pile I call a desk.

I started paging through the jumbled mess of writing. I had forgotten how many pages I printed out.

I had barely started to skim read the pages and I started trembling, then I started sobbing. Some of what I have published here on the Testimony series was among this slush pile. What’s in the slush pile though feels much different than what I wrote that you’ll find here.

It’s not gruesome but it’s like experiencing what the soldiers in the trench do (spiritually) sans the physical blood and gore.

 And, I discovered that what’s spiritual in some cases can be more jarring than the physical scars of the natural.

I was surprised. All the writing surprised me. Because a part of it included a detailed spiritual conversation with my Dad.

By the time I finished reading the pile I sat back feeling a sense of bewilderment…and as if I was shifting between heaven and earth at the speed of light.

It made no sense and yet made more sense than anything ever has. It seems like it was another convergence of the natural and spiritual.


That feeling lasted all night. I’ve written about Paradigm Shifts before…but this is a big one and it leads me into the real message I’m to share with you today.


After I read those slush pile papers, He told me to Lean into Him and trust Him.

I’m supposed to let His Words flow through the keyboard. So Be It.


Last night as I was getting ready for sleep I heard these words: “This Is It” and it is directly related to this…


This Is It

(Found @ ~2:30)


America (The U.S.A.) is The Titanic.

The bulk of the remaing message now dates back to last year and the time of The Election.

I was truly unsure of what to do with that election. I wasn’t thrilled with either candidate but I also knew that I was not to abstain from the voting process.

I wanted to feel encouraged by the ideas that Trump was promoting and it’s not like I wasn’t familiar with him.


The Apprentice: 1 Official Intro


The above is the Season 1 opening trailer for The Apprentice. The Father has had me post the trailer with a strong suggestion for you to watch it because references will be listed based on symbolism.

  1. Trump’s Helicopter in this video includes the #76 (There is only one 76 I was able to locate in the Bible. Psalm 76 (76:10 – Trump is a vessel of God’s Judgement and 76:7 applies here because he has shown his anger in his speech/tweets) I think God is using Trump to call out the dark but there is also a fine line and you can read about that in Matthew 5:22

  2. Near the beginning, there is a globe style statue. (This is at the :29 mark – See Proverbs 29, 1 Kings 22:29-35) No, I’m not saying he is a globalist – but he is completely surrounded by the ways of the World…and Jesus taught us that to be absorbed by man’s ways could ensnare us (Matthew 19:23-24)

  3. The spinning and accelerated clock at :46. Read Isaiah 46, Jeremiah 46 (I also recently saw a clock very similar to this in The Spirit.)

  4. The cab at :50. I think the number on the top of the cab is a 21 (Read Isaiah 21)


I understood I am also to share a vision I was given the day after the election.

This was the day, the world pretty much changed for me because I had felt deceived. I am only going to share a portion of the dream with you, the portion I have been told to release.


I was watching the morning news. Trump was all over the headlines with his victory. I was generally feeling optimistic that I believed God’s Will had been accomplished.

However, at one particular point, I saw a snippet of Trump – smiling and waving, followed by a cut away to his building, Trump Tower. In that moment, I literally and physically cried out to God…because what I saw in The Spirit was horrific. I saw Trump’s Tower coming down. As in, somehow I was shown that it would physically collapse. I don’t believe this represents just his building. I think this represents him, as well. Imagine going from a mood of celebratory JOY after having watched what seemed to be unprecedented election results to seeing its collapse and destruction? Not cool. Not cool at all.

But that is why I have been beckoned to write today. It is a follow up to the  previous message which addressed Destruction and The Destroyer…well, the message today: This is It!


“Father, must I share this message?”

“As I said before, you do not have to but if you do not, you will be held accountable.”


The following will emphasize where we are. The length of this video is 4:32 (note the countdown effect)…and be aware that at “1” the Suddenly occurs.


The clock of acceleration is at full speed and there is no stopping what has already been determined. There is no need for me to write the words. The message of the Iceberg is detailed enough…in 4, 3, 2…


Iceberg Right Ahead


Listen 2 Ps 91 for Cover: Game Over (Updated)

“Children, I ask you to listen to this recording. 

Cover yourselves with MY protection…The Blood of Yahushua Hamaschiach. 

The Days which have long been spoken of, are here.”

This episode was published Oct 13, 2017 07:30

Psalm 91 KJV:


Revelation 17, 18, 13, 8

Daniel 12, 11, 9


Post Script:

After this was published I began to hear the soft melody and lyrics of a song play.

I don’t know what to make of it but I must have initially viewed 10 versions of this video before I arrived here and while I was watching it I asked “Lord, talk to me” and I understood “This One.”

Seek The Lord…and ask Him for the deeper meaning in the video message. “Nothing is what it seems” and as scripture clearly says, the heart lies and The Love of many will wax cold at The End.



Interpretation of Song from The Father:

“This song in not intended to be “romantic” in nature. Have I not told you in MY Word that the heart is deceitful? That it lies? The World listens to its heart.

Did “The World” not mistake my identity the first time? They refused to believe in the perfect plan of The One Who created ALL things. They have continued to refuse….things are hardly any different now than when they crucified The Son of God for it. As in the days of Noah…

As mentioned above, nothing is what it seems. That which you have been told are half-truths. That which you have become “accustomed” to are all distractions to hinder you from ME.

I have told you previously destruction was coming. The time and number of the Gentiles has been fulfilled/reached. I must do that which was promised long ago. Fear not those of you with trimmed wicks and extra oil.

Listen to the audio recording of Psalm 91 and pray you are counted worthy.”


Romans 11:25

Modified: The Shifting of The Sifting

The theme of the message remains but He wanted me to provide clarity…in case there was any confusion; but also to re-emphasize the hour WE are in. 

The Words of Knowledge that were given are also included. If you were a recipient you are urged to listen (confirmation for you is found in Ezekiel 47, Isaiah 47, 48, 49)

Destruction & The Destroyer Emerges

Folks, while I’m not thrilled to share this message…He made it clear it better go out. The message was so unexpected that I tested The Spirit and asked for confirmations. I’m trembling.


The first words I heard were: “Time on your phones is up.”






That was followed by: “Now would be a good time to get pen and paper: Write.”

Received 12:12pm 10/6/17


“The time on your phones is up. I AM going to disrupt communications.


If I can’t get the people to listen, to look up from their phones on their own – So. Be. It.


I have told them to LOOK UP


I have told them to KEEP WATCH.

I have told them to keep Oil in their Lamps.

But they choose to ignore my whispers, pleadings and promptings.

They will ignore ME no longer – if they do – it is at their peril.”

I stared at the words in utter disbelief. How can I release this?


“You don’t have to release it, but you will be held accountable, if you do not. Do not squander time in releasing this warning.”


Normally I would say: “What?” or “Are you kidding?” This time, I say nothing. The Holy Spirit has sealed my lips, my thoughts are but a murmur. I am too dumbfounded.


I look at the words on the page and think – confirmation – I need confirmation. Heeelllppp.


As much as I was startled by the words He had me write; The Scripture he gave me caused my heart to quicken….it hasn’t slowed.


“I work in numbers — I am a God of numbers. You know that. Calm your mind. Use what I have given you to SEEK out what they need to know.”

And remember, I AM with you ALL even unto The End.”

Scripture Cross References:

Revelation 10:6

“And he swore an oath in the name of the one who lives forever and ever, who created heaven and everything in it, the earth and everything in it and the sea and everything in it. He said, “God will wait no longer.”

Revelation 12:12

Rejoice, Oh heavens! And you who live in the heavens, rejoice! But terror will come on the earth and the sea. For the Devil has come down to you in great anger, and he knows that he has little time.

I am to add a note:

Tony shared a dream yesterday about having had a vision regarding The Anti-Christ (I think yesterday?).

Tony, that post sooo resonated in me because just about the time you published it – I received Word he is about to emerge. The remnant will recognize him (instantly).


I’m disabling comments on this one. Folks, I really have no idea what might be coming but I have Holy Fear surging through me right now.


I pray His Shalom over each of you and ALL God’s children.


I publish this with a very heavy heart. I do not know timing, I only write the Words given and I’m fighting tears.


Seek the Holy Spirit…and God Be with Us.

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“The Sifting” & Words of Knowledge

A Message for The Bride


I AM here. I have been listening, watching and interceding for you.


I recognize this season has been difficult and your giants have appeared insurmountable.


My children, your efforts in this struggle have not gone unnoticed. For those of you who do not understand what has been happening this has been the “Season of Sifting.” The season of sifting does not happen to everyone all at once/at the same time.


The remnant of The Bride has been under going testing in advance of what’s ahead. As such, there are “shifts of seasons” with different people and groups going through these though not necessarily simultaneously.


Some of you have been in your current “sifting” for months, some have been for years.


The current season of the remnants sifting is coming to a close…to make way for transition into the next shift and formation (gathering) of MY army. Make no mistake about it, this does not mean that your spiritual fight is done so continue to check your Armor regularly. 

The enemy has only one goal – and the battle that has been heating up is about to go “full throttle.”


Many of you were separated from your groups or families. Some of these separations were temporary, some are permanent. Some of my sheep had no groupings or attachments and were sifted individually.


Remember, the enemy prowls the earth and the sifting you have encountered has been part of his scheming, but always within my divine plan.


Know this, because of what must happen, the current season of sifting is about to undergo another transition. That means even greater changes are ahead – and will occur to show I AM Sovereign.


Know that what you have gained is endurance to persevere and your training has strengthened you for what you will see.


My Love for you is Eternal.

Keep your focus on MY WORD and always lean into ME.


Yahushua Hamashiach



Words of Knowledge:

For Vickie – your heart is genuine. You have shared with Kenzel how her writing/blog has touched you. Though you have struggled to regain your creative momentum you need not. I AM the God of creation, The earth has been my canvas and you are a precious part of it.

Come to me in prayer and communion (1 Cor 11:23-32). Lean into me. You have much to share and I have much to give you. My yoke is easy and my burden is light. Let me give you what only I know you need.

Please seek The Father and Holy Spirit for confirmation and His Truth.



For Michael:

This message has weighed on me for sometime but until now has been incomplete. He has presented the word “MOVE” to me with increasing intensity and frequency. So much so, that I can no longer hold it in. I have prayed and petitioned The Father for what to tell you. I’m under the impression tonight’s word for you prompted “The Sifting” Message.

“My son, you have sought me for some time now. Wondering what course you are to be on. Wondering when I will answer. The answers have always been there. I have longed to give you the key. Your journey soon begins. Be strong and courageous.”

Michael, after many questions and much waiting I finally asked Father what to tell you. If this makes any sense,  your pathway aligns with Moses (and Joshua.)

He told me yesterday he would provide The Word of knowledge you needed. Initially he mentioned the Book of Exodus…but Exodus is a long book.

Tonight, he had me read Exodus 33 – and it was near the end when I realized this is the chapter you are to read. As you read it, pay special attention to v: 12-18. I believe this is associated with your purpose and destiny.

[After a short night of sleep, tossing and turning, I question myself on The Words I posted above. I have long doubted that I had any words of validity for anyone. This morning, the song Courageous aired on radio. He prompted me to take note of it.]


“Daughter, you are within MY Will. Your Words are within My Will.”

Listen to the song, Michael…He wants you to listen to it. There are many lives ahead that will be changed: (Joshua 1:9)


Praise Him & He Will Raise You…


As I continue on with the day, the word MOVE continues to repeat, almost incessantly. So, I add this song to the post as well.




Please seek The Father and Holy Spirit for confirmation and His Truth.



I’m being told to ask if there is a Sandra or Cassandra that reads this blog. …?



I Praise and Thank you, LORD, for helping me release these words.

Birth – Day

I don’t know that I have ever published 3 posts in one day.


As I was driving this morning, I was given lyrics to a song in the car. The whisper was so soft I could barely hear them but what I heard sounded much like a Christmas song.




Yesterday, I briefly read about Feast of Tabernacles.

I think it was Wednesday night that was Eve of Tabernacles because I looked at a calendar and realized this is the Week of Tabernacles.


Then Holy Spirit had me search up a key phrase on-line: “Was Jesus born during Feast of Tabernacles” (this is not something I would have EVER thought to do.)


And this is where it got interesting: Although I have grown up celebrating Jesus birth in December – there is speculation that Jesus was born during this Feast time.


This morning, after I heard the faint lyrics to that song – the words “Birth” Day were whispered… And yes, that caused me to pause because those words:


Birth Day


were referring to the Feast of Tabernacles (and quite possibly, today) as Yahushua’s Birth-Day.




We will know The Truth once we are in His Presence.


I think this is the song that I heard the lyrics for…if at any time I receive a correction I will update.


We Three Kings

Eye of God

I am trying to keep up with what He is wanting me to post here. This is the 2nd prompting I have received for sharing a Word today. There may be a 3rd and I’m praying for clarity over it.

This blog post was published on the other blog back on August 19. I have been prompted to post it here.

Did you recognize My Hand in the tipping of the scales?


MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN (Daniel 5:25)…the handwriting on the wall is inscribed across your land be it by a shadow of my workmanship.


As the Sun and Moon join and traverse across your “Great Country of America” – how will you be weighed? The object that darkens the light of day foreshadows that soon coming battle you shall face.


Who among you will seek to gaze at this heavenly wonder? Who among you will seek to understand the implications of My ROVING EYE across your land?


Did you not know the election tested the condition of your heart? Did you SEEK ME for wisdom back then…? Do you know what this event will measure? Have I not said in My Word that the EYES are the lamp to the body?


Consider that as an eclipse causes the LIGHT of Day to be dimmed…at the appointed time (which is fast approaching) MY Children, Children of the Day…those that carry MY LIGHT – will emerge.




The epic battle that you have long read about will no longer be the subject of scoffers – for the enemy that has stolen from the invisible comes to challenge those on the earth.


Remember that even as time marches forward and the darkness increases the Lights I have planted on earth via The Holy Spirit shine ever brighter.  Who will be among the virgins found waiting and ready vs wanting?


Recall that I AM placed the Sun and Moon in the Heavens. I SEE through a different lens than mortal Man. Have you examined yourself thoroughly?


Now, NINE MONTHS after the “infamous election” I will re-evaluate what you have learned – or if you have grown. I SEE EACH OF YOU just HOW I CREATED YOU…and now my EYE (THIS ECLIPSE) will in part further determine if your wicks have been kept trimmed.

Do you have enough oil? Are your wedding clothes clean and spotless?

Though not all is as it seems…I AM aware of ALL that is happening in the darkness.


Do you discern The Truth? Do you know who speaks the TRUTH?


I AM that I AM


Know ME and SEEK Me, as I have known you, because the tables will again be overturned.


As with all messages please seek The Lord for wisdom and understanding.


Amos 8: 9-10

Daniel 5

Isaiah 8 (8:21-22)

Isaiah 21 (8)

Jeremiah 8 (8:21)

Jeremiah 21:8

Matthew 6:22

Psalm 8

Proverbs 8 (21)

Proverbs 21 (8)

Zechariah 8:21