The Algorithym of Unity





Recognize these words? Good. You should.


I am here to tell you something you need to know. Everything you thought you know – well, it’s not.


You’ve been hearing much rhetoric recently about there being “movement” to create unity.

Unity in the world.

Unity among men.

Unity among all faiths.


The common denominator in ALL of it – is a matrix (no, not exactly like the Keanu Reeves movie. You’ve got to remember that The Matrix is a Hollywood production.)


No, The Matrix I am talking about is a Godly One – and until this morning I really wasn’t sure it existed. The reason I say that is because during one of my daily in-depth bible studies recently I discovered The Word MATRIX in The Strong’s Dictionary. No Joke.


The Word Matrix can be found in Exodus 13:12 and Exodus 13:15 and Exodus 34:19. In addition, Numbers 3:12 and Numbers 18:15. There is only one root word to Matrix and it is found in The Hebrew:


H7358: from 7355; the womb; (comp to 7356) matrix, womb

7355: to fondle, to love, espec. to compassionate. Have compassion, love, mercy.

7356: from 7355, compassion (in the plur) by extension the womb (as cherishing the fetus) by impl. a maiden – bowels compassion, damsel, tender love (great, tender), mercy, pity, womb


Where is this WORD study leading? To be honest, I have studied The Word almost more diligently than I ever studied any subject in college (except maybe Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis)

I’ve been told a couple times in the past, that most people wouldn’t understand the way that I think. Until now, I don’t think I realized the implications of what that meant. It has an association with The Godly Matrix.

The Truth is that Scripture isn’t just a book of how to live well. And it isn’t just a nice history lesson. It is not just THE LIVING WORD. It is more. It is OUR MATRIX.


The Matrix of The People of God.

Eve was The Matrix. And The Serpent knew it. I am also under the impression that Adam knew it but for whatever reason he was silenced.


Back to the Title of this post.

You might have noticed a few blog posts back that I had mentioned I was no longer worthy of writing The Lord’s Words.

That was based on a dream I’d had. The dream was about The Bride and the apostate church. A larger hunk of that dream was personal in nature, so I shared what I could. The remaining personal interpretation was given yesterday and I better understand Yahshua’s righteousness and my position in Him. Praise God!

That being said, this blog still belongs to Him and Him only. I will only write as prompted.

He is having me return to another writing assignment I was tasked with sometime ago. For the last year or so I knew that I knew there was something I was supposed “to do” – that thing I was supposed to do was this writing assignment. I confess, I just wasn’t sure I could write it…but that doesn’t exempt me from what I have been asked to do.

And He has asked me to do this. There has been a fierce battle over this in The Spiritual Realm so I have a request: Please pray over me for this assignment. The writing is intended to benefit all those who are lost, broken, hurting, isolated and otherwise far from God.

I ask for you to leave any comments of encouragement and/or prayers on this blog post – but even if you pray silently as an intercessor…I thank you and Our Lord for those.]


The Bride’s acronym for Unity is:

United  In   The  (Body of) Yahshua


The World is going to start talking a whole lot more about Unity and it won’t be related to Eternal life. The algorithym the world speaks about is related to CERN, AI, Google and a host of others you are likely (hopefully) already familiar with.

The Truth is this. The Algorithym of the Godly Matrix is going to bust wide open. This is going to happen either just before or when the Tribulation starts.

I have learned through a series of hard lessons not to mention dates or timing because I also just learned in the Spirit that because of the Time Space Continuum the time framework of Heaven doesn’t translate well into our world (consider the similarities in nature of how difficult it can be to translate the scrolls from their original language of Greek/Hebrew into a word form WE can understand.)

Again, we keep forgetting God Way’s are higher than ours.


One last thing I’ll mention. Quantum Physics.

Don’t go all weird on me.

Years ago (2006?) I was given the WORD: Quantum Physics. I tried to learn about it then, but I had just barely begun drinking Milk. So, let’s get real right now.

God is Creator. If He created the Universe and Galaxies then isn’t it possible/probable that HE USED Quantum Physics to do it? After all, He knit you and I together in our mother’s womb and as mentioned before His Ways are higher than ours…besides, HE IS GOD.

When you get down to it – what is the difference between knitting the galaxies together by means of quantum physics or knitting us in our mother’s womb? Sounds a whole lot like the Book of Ecclesiastes to me!

Here’s the definition of quan·tum phys·ics

[quantum physics]

  1. the branch of physics concerned with quantum theory.
    “quantum physics allows for particles to be in two states at the same time

One last reality check about how GOD’S Quantum Physics fits into the Bible. I was just given Ephesians 2:6 and Ephesians 1:20 as confirmation. (Pray over the highlighted purple text above as it relates to the verses given from Ephesians)

In closing:

Brothers and Sisters, I saw The Banquet Table and a portion of The Great Hall recently in a dream. The Father is getting ready to address His Bride/Army.

Notice I didn’t say the Wedding Feast.

I saw people gathered around a LONG table – it was SET and ready but we were there for a “meeting” and I was sitting next to a man (through HS interpretation of the dream I saw His face when I was there – but on THIS side of the veil I’m not permitted to remember it, as such it has been obscured from my earthly memory – I do realize however that I both saw Jesus and was speaking to and with Him).

What we are here for, isn’t far off. The moment MANY of us have longed for is JUST AHEAD. I don’t know what just ahead means – so just stay in the Spirit and really WALK with HIM.

I don’t think IT will happen the way everyone hopes it will or wants it to – but seeing what I was shown is something I never imagined I would even get to dream about!

Very soon, those He has called will be “Pulled into” something very real (surreal) – so Make Haste – make yourselves ready – because your Groom is Nigh.


And I say, “Yes.”

Amen and Amen


This Blog and Blog Post are covered by The Blood Of Christ



Make Haste

Upon the earth – I sent my Son

The Perfect Sacrifice of but One.

Surrendered Soul – to blot out sin

Above Calvary’s jeers and blood – Heaven gazed on the broken body of My sinless Son

They saw Him not who would save their souls

Those mighty “priests” from days of old

Tell me now – you “preacher’s” of Jah

Are you ready to face The Almighty’s Throne?

Make haste of your rhetoric and rhyme. You speak not words divine

False doctrines of peace and plenty abound as you gather offerings based on Hananiah promises of “palaces and gold.”

My White hot anger bubbles – yet unaware are you as I ride.

Your mammon was not satisfied. Hearts waxed cold lusting for more. Oh, the fate of those Baal-worshipers, puffed up with Pride.

Your Flocks led astray by bitter-water and gall – Milk and Meat replaced by “cotton-candy retreats.”

Fear and Trembling was MY COMMAND – Oh son of the morning – you rebelled in vain.

The tares soon stake their eternal claim-

My People, My Land…who among you is ready?

The Battle is REAL – To Those who have answered My Call: Stand Ready!


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The Songbird Sings

Feet once defiled,

now Sandaled with Light

The tongue drips

with Honey from His Honeycomb

Waters from the endless fountain flow

with streams of Mercy and Compassion.

Aching hearts heal as The Lamb’s work

begins; restoring His Sheep

Foxes caught in Snares, their deeds

revealed by The Light

His are We – In Union

Everlasting to Everlasting

Daughter Eve rises to greet

The Palaquin of His Might

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Come Out (of Her): The Devil’s Playground

This blog entry is bittersweet…

A couple of months ago I was given a dream – it disturbed me immensely. I mentioned previously that I knew it was multi-layered and that it dealt with the Times that we are in (the soon coming abomination of desolation) – meaning the reality of the great deception that is upon us.

In the course of the passing weeks, I had been made to understand that I would be given that dream’s interpretation but that I would not like it.

I did receive the interpretation. It is not something I will share but the realization of its meaning is difficult at best and thus it brings me to the final crossroads.

I know God has a plan. In the past that plan had him direct me to leave facebook. I also eventually left Twitter – then Periscope, and Instagram. I have not yet determined what will happen to this blog, if anything.

The crossroads I now face, that we all face, is the world we are in.

We are to be “In the world but not of the world” (John 17:16) and that is why what The Lord told me just before I received the dream interpretation makes so much sense: “You are done with WordPress.”

At first I wasn’t sure why He would say that…until He replayed snippets of the dream for me and provided His own interpretation. In that moment, I dropped to my knees in horror and pleaded for mercy. The Spirit was right…not only did I not like what the dream meant but I wasn’t ready to hear it. To be honest, I return to write this blog entry in complete and total humility.

It might seem weird but The Lord brought this scene into my Spirit today.

Padme’s unintended discovery relates to the reality of The Truth of what The Church is currently facing (deception) and that the dress Jesus Bride is wearing is stained.

The only way for the stains to be removed is for her to wait upon Jesus for restoration through Judgement. Essentially, the dream meant that no one will escape what’s coming unless they know the Truth of Jesus’ Promises.

That means cutting through all the junk of man’s doctrines and begging for the Spirit of Truth to reveal what the body needs to gain victory.

Unfortunately, in light of what I was personally shown (in this moment) I no longer feel worthy to write His Words – so I am voluntarily stepping down from this platform and Spiritually I now cover myself in ashes and sackcloth while I wait for Him to guide and direct me.

In closing:

In The Spirit, the world I have known was just turned upside down. This is probably why I had the Earthquake dream soon after.

Dear Yahuveh: I know that My life was bought at a price by Jesus…May your Will be done.

I hope I have done what God intended for me to do through the words He gave me. I will share with you that some of the last words He recently gave me were “remember that on-line you are in the devil’s playground…since he is prince of the air – and the internet uses wi-fi.”

God Bless you and I pray that I am found worthy to meet you at The Gates of Heaven.

Goodbye for now….

On Eagle’s Wings

Revelation 18 (v:4)

Numbers 6:24-27

The Ultimate Test

God is the God of the unexpected…He is the God of New Things (Jeremiah 31:21-22)

I was reading Proverbs 11 and as I finished reading 11:2 I heard the gentle voice of His dove (Mt 3:16) whisper “go to Rev 3 and read it.”

I started reading and at chapter 3:7 I was reminded of the dream I had a month ago that combined a message about The abomination of desolation, The Great Deception and Spiritual Darkness that is now upon us. (Rev 9: 20-21)

However, the message the Spirit conveyed tonight wasn’t focused only on that aspect of The Apocalyptic book. The focus was on the very last image I was shown in the dream – an open door at the back of the room (Rev 3:7-8) or what The Lord has termed “The Mercy Card.”

In hindsight, this open door was not the first I’d seen in a panoramic vision/dream. The revelation I was given forced me to step back and pause. …because when reality meets the road of the Spirit realm your thought processes need time to play “catch up.”

In this moment, I have to echo Paul’s words from 2 Corinthians 12 – So I’ll be as blunt as I can –

What would you do if the scary movies or tv shows you watched for entertainment became frighteningly life like?

Take for instance, a series called “Walking Dead” (though I have not viewed it.)

What IF the theme of that sci-fi series went from something on your television screen to an actual reality. What if the premise of that became fulfilled by something completely surreal and was fulfilled supernaturally by The Judgements “rolling out” resulting in Zechariah 12-13 (NLT)?

The point I’m trying to make is something each of you will have to contemplate, pray and Seek God about.

Y’all already know that we have to “test” the Spirits; and ask for confirmation.

The Almighty works in patterns. His Word is consistent. I mention that, because I was reminded the message regarding my dream about The Ultimate Test was not a “first” – it was actually a secondary confirmation.

I had a dream on 3/28. He took me in the Spirit in time to a moment in the future. What I saw was as real as my living and breathing in the moment right now. What happened occurred during sleep, but it was VERY, VERY real.

I don’t know if I was witnessing a) opening of Rev 6:12 or b) the results of a two state solution or c) something else entirely. I only know I recognized chaos starting around me. I cried out “No! Oh no..Oh God No. This is it. It’s starting. It’s really happening – for real!”

There are 2-3 times in my life I have truly felt fear. What I experienced in the Spirit in this vision – surpassed all that.

Fortunately, as the moment of chaos started, He released me from it and brought me back to the present by waking me. It was a shocking transition. I had to breathe in and out several times and clutch pillows to convince myself of where I was.

Somehow, He had switched me between “realms.” This was nothing I could have done on my own.I had not been in just a regular dream.

When I opened my eyes here, I think it was roughly 5am – still somewhere in the wee hours. I was too scared when I awoke to even cry. When I finally managed to gather myself together to speak with Him – I began to ask for Him to provide interpretation. A portion of the interpretation came within minutes of waking. But it was last night (4/11) I received confirmation to the dream…which was not easy to hear.

Therefore, this message addresses The Ultimate Test. The Ultimate Test is something every human being on earth must face. This video will help explain it…

Dark Island

“The only way to defeat the darkness and receive Victory is to call out MY NAME. Remember it. It will not fail you.”

Bear in mind, EVERY human being alive today, has an area within their mind that contains a fear we do not know of.

This fear is known to God, but by God’s Grace, it is generally kept hidden to mortal man.

For lack of a better word this “fear” is a type of Achilles Heel – especially to the unbeliever because they lack Jesus’ Blood covering and Holy Spirit indwelling.

To the believer, the enemies intent (John 10:10) is foiled for the opposite reason.

You and I exist here on earth as a place to learn. We are supposed to learn about WHO Jesus is. How He LOVED and ABSORB the reality that we don’t HAVE to become our sin.

The more we Seek Jesus – the more we become like Him. The goal God has for us is to reflect Jesus. Once we grasp this – the moment in time comes for us to face “The Ultimate Test.”

This test is the final door that we face prior to crossing the veil and meeting The Lord face to face. In the case of Christ, his Ultimate Test was the cross – and each of us will so too have a similar moment. What is the purpose of the test?

Think back to the movie The Passion of the Christ:

The Cross

The purpose of the test is the culmination of all our combined “training” on earth. It is the moment that tests us physically-emotionally-and spiritually.

It is when our time on earth – in our current capacity is complete. It is the moment when we are tested while facing a situation specifically tailored to us. Each person’s test will be different because we are all different. (Psalm 139:14)

The test is used to measure whether or not we will call out to Jesus/Yahushua (Luke 23:46) as our Savior to rescue us in our final moments.

The Ultimate Test is the moment when the measurements of our lives are taken on the balance scales (Proverbs 16:11). Will we use the tools we have been given (Yahushua’s name as Victor: Luke 23:46) to defeat an enemy we cannot see? (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Father, through this lesson you have taught me about who I am becoming and given me a new name (Rev 2:17). (There WAS a purpose to my Room #217 at college!)

Therefore, I lift up each soul that reads these Words!

I ask that each is prepared for what they must face and that you would deliver them through this specified moment in time…

Above all – I pray I have delivered the message as you intended and that each of you are ready for the challenge when it presents.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Proverbs 10:24

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Read Hosea 2

1 Corinthians 14:5


“Do you not realize, Daughter, that by Noah merely building the Ark – his actions were in effect prophesying to his people about their demise?

Do not fear The Words I ask you to speak. There may be some who do not agree or like hearing them but what you say, are not your words – but WORDS from The Father.

Israel WILL acknowledge her Messiah

The U.S. will bow down under my Judgement.

Prophesy, Daughter!

YOU were elected by MY WILL. But not as a Cyrus. Yes, your people asked for a “king.” They demanded prosperity. But in the middle of their cries they neglected to examine their own hearts. Their hearts were corrupted by greed. By idols. And above all, false worship.

Many still see you as a Cyrus, and you will be used to accomplish MY WILL. But since your election you have failed to submit to me and to lead The People of this land into a state of repentance.

Merely “attending church” on a Sunday morning does not “qualify nor quantify” as redeemed or restored. Just as when Abel’s blood was shed – the blood of “unwanted” babies cries out and the sound is deafening. Maybe if you could hear what we, The Father, The Ruach and The Son do, you would understand???

Injustice runs much further and deeper though than almost any can imagine and most have enough reminders each time they turn on their nightly “news.”

Suffice it to say – to paraphrase Ruth Bell Graham “If God doesn’t Judge America – he will owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.” True, words – from Daughter, Ruth….based on Ezekiel 16:49-50.

My Children – those who know my voice know that Israel and especially Jerusalem is a prophetic marker in Biblical time. Right now, she is at “boiling point.” It is high time my chosen people learn who Messiah is.”

Yesterday, I really had to talk to Jesus about the meaning of the Scripture in Psalms 122:6 “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.”

As we talked, I understood this Scripture is actually a Prophetic prayer intended for a specific time on God’s calendar. It has been the The Will of God to prepare his Jewish family for the Days to come (Revelation)…Thus, even though there has been on-going strife since 1948 this specific verse of prayer will have new meaning.

“It is now time to finish Prophesying, Daughter”

“Yes, Lord”

“Daughter, Prophesy My WORDS…

To The Nation of Israel: You have been my chosen people since the beginning. I have loved you as I loved my own Son – But you did not love My Son. You not only rejected Him – but have since then turned your back even unto His sacrificial gift of life.

I have weighed your sins – observed your handling of my temple and have watched my son cry tears for too long over that which you treat with contempt.

You acknowledge The Sovereign God as your Creator but have been blinded to the reality of who my Yahushua is and what He has done out of My great love for you. Therefore, I shall now invoke verse 122:6 of Psalms.

The People shall now be taught my commandments and my laws – that they may live. My Laws are as the Apple of Thine Eye (Proverbs 7:2) and ALL will recognize that my plan was fulfilled a very long time ago. You shall see Jerusalem invaded and will finally understand the true implications, applications and meaning of Psalm 122. Soon – very soon – every mouth WILL be praying for Jerusalem’s Peace and when the HamaShiach’s name is Blessed – EVERY knee WILL finally BOW!

To Israel’s Sister & Ally

The mirror of your existence will suffer the same fate as that of my beloved land. You call yourself a Christian Nation but your pagan practices do not reflect what My Son – Your Savior was born into the earth for.

I gave you “the king” you asked for, but he and his counselors have been led astray – and led your countrymen down the wide path. The “reprieve” was a mythical lie – that most ate up like cotton candy. Do you now see how that cotton candy was as a “mist of vapor”?

You do not know and have not seen the full picture – but you shall. Your fate shall be as that of Israel’s and Jerusalem as well. Your idols shall not be able to help you and you shall watch your leaders crumble – you have already begun to witness this. That was just the beginning….

Prepare your hearts and minds for what is ahead. Submerge yourself in my word according to Psalm 139:23-24 and seek Jesus (Yahushua’s) protection (Psalm 91/Psalm 23).

My promises in scripture will be your only life vest: use them.

Guard your hear and your mind: Judgement Commences –

In The Name of Jesus The Christ,

and The Ruach Ha Kodesh –

I AM The I AM”

Isaiah 26

Isaiah 27

Isaiah 28
(As with all Words, please seek The Spirit for confirmation)

The Decoy

A Message of Caution (Updated 3/26)

from The Father, The Son & Holy Spirit

“For so long they have asked, sought and contemplated.

The question, above all questions – who is the antichrist?

Yes, in my WORD I have told you that if you ask you shall receive. However, there is also another truth, when you beg to know an answer whose time has not yet come – if your heart has an incorrect motive sometimes you will receive an answer (sometimes more than once) that is correct but is not THE Most correct answer.

My Word says the lawless one will not be revealed until the restrainer is removed. The Father finds it disturbing that his children are more perplexed over the identity of the antichrist than fully understanding the RESTRAINER!”

A couple of years ago, I too, asked The Lord to show me the identity of the antichrist. It wasn’t long before he presented me with a vision – but as with all things it wasn’t what I expected. The image given was of Obama but he was not illuminated. He was shown to me as “carrying darkness” and “presenting a deception” – but the final surprise came last week when I heard the Holy Spirit utter the term “decoy” in regards to his position as AC.

The numbers of people claiming that he is the antichrist makes him seem like the obvious choice. Unfortunately, it is because he seems like the OBVIOUS choice that this is where things get “sticky.”

When has the devil ever operated in a way that is obvious? His goal is a snare…he did it to Eve – is it not possible he is attempting to do the same to God’s Elect? Don’t get “bent out of shape” over this blog post question, either, ’cause I’m just here writing as called to “MAKE MY PEOPLE THINK!”

The LORD now asks each of you this question:

“Do you recall why I told my disciples that I speak in Parables? In a matter of speaking it was to keep the leaders of religious law, ‘on their toes.’ They sought throughout my ministry every avenue to destroy the work The Father would have me do. They were jealous, conniving and full of pride. Has anything changed since I walked the earth?

What if Obama was indeed the antichrist and everyone knew? What good would that do? How does that help you? How does that help anyone?

Speculation breeds distrust. Have you noticed that?

Speculation breeds DIVISION – and ultimately

Speculation can also breed false revelation.

I had my Daughter previously ‘pen’ a blog post where I had her indicate that WHEN the antichrist was revealed – MY ELECT would instantly recognize him.

I NEED My Elect to Trust ME.

In case you have forgotten, I see all that occurs both on earth and in the Spirit realm. My brethren, try to worry LESS about the antichrist and refocus on The Promises of MY WORD. It is MY WORD that will be your weapon once He is revealed.

The enemy, Satan is having a FIELD DAY knowing how many of you have believed the visions you have been given that Obama is in fact the Son of Perdition. Because by believing in that premise before the moment has actually occurred you leave yourself vulnerable to further deception. Pray over yourself and ask me to help you invoke Psalm 139:23-24. Time is critical. Now is not the time to immerse yourself in debates such as this.

Yes, it is amazing to watch Prophecy unfold…but YOU ALL need to be ready for what actually happens when it does because it will be overwhelming for the mortal mind and conscience. I do not say that lightly.

LOOK To your Father, to I – your Savior and Messiah – and The Ruach. We will guide you into all Truth including the Truth (& the forthcoming identity) of the lawless one.

He is roaming the earth and preparing to reveal himself – so continue to pray for wisdom and understanding But especially for THE LOST.”

The Holy Spirit is in the middle of pouring out Revelation to the flock. If you really want to understand His Word – open up Scripture and it will be shown.

God The Father and The Son want to bless each of their children beyond measure. But part of that blessing involves healing of our Souls and renewing our Spirits.

Our Spirits are renewed by reading The Word but our Souls are healed through Jesus. Part of the reason why so many people are receiving the Obama as AC revelation is that they have not completed what The Spirit refers to as the “Wound Healing Process.” This doesn’t come from me – I’m just passing along what I’m given. But the term “Wound Healing Process” is something MANY need to go through and is part of the reason I was tasked with writing a Testimony.


Obama as a figurative AC represents a wounded soul and its associated emotions. It is both an AntiChrist Spirit but it is bigger than that- it is a Spirit intended to serve as a distraction (hence “decoy”) What better way to inhibit a person from healing emotionally from some type of past trauma or other “scar” than to place in their pathway a symbol representing the ultimate “religious coup” of God’s followers ahead of the real one showing up…

If you are so inclined, look up Peter Gabriel’s music video “Digging in the Dirt.” Be aware, that while the video isn’t offensive – to the True Believer the visuals are somewhat crude, but the MEANING behind the MESSAGE is what you would be looking for. Ask The Great Physician” where you need healing and ask that he help you to achieve it. That’s Jesus ultimate goal – to heal the sick, help them see, reveal his true self through YOU and set the captives FREE!


I pray that in the coming days you are showered by God’s Grace and Mercy, but above all by His Shalom.


You Will See – Few Are Ready

Watch this

(This was written at least a week ago, maybe two or three. Something is prompting me to post it now.)

There’s not much need to warn any more. No one will listen. The few who do already recognize what’s ahead.

A couple of times over the last few years I have shared about the power of Holy Spirit language. Pastor Dave Roberson wrote about it and the link to that free ebook is somewhere on this blog.

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time in prayer and focusing on The Father’s Will. The take away was those who have spent time praying in The Holy Spirit have the better chance of making it through what’s ahead.

Never underestimate God’s Power…He is Faithful and True.

Do not look to the world’s leaders for answers or direction – because Our Redeemer and His Restoration draweth nigh.


Pray like you have never prayed before; Ask for mercy of the lost, and for the blinded…they will need those prayers to endure.

Isaiah 60

Isaiah 61

Is this a sign – as per 1 Thessalonians 5:3 that we should be paying attention to? (Scroll down the schedule to 3:00 pm)

Does this relate to Peace & Safety?

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Yesterday’s blog-post wasn’t the only Revelation I received. It was already just too lengthy to continue on.

It wouldn’t surprise me if people who read that…raised an eyebrow in the process. That’s precisely the reason it took me days of contemplating to even begin writing about it.

Yet, that insight wasn’t really what is most important. That’s the subject of today’s blog.

One of the very first bloggers I ever met on WordPress was Linda (Clay) Hasche (believeacts2 and believeacts2fire).


Once – what seems like a very long time ago – Linda mentioned to me it was so important to make sure we remained an extremely clean vessel and within the Will of God. Since each of us has a God ordained purpose and destiny, we needed to keep asking Him for help to stay on track with His plan’s for us. I agreed then, as I still do. Thing is, I didn’t really understand what that would entail.


Can we all agree that the only sinless person to ever walk the earth is Jesus Christ? If so, then that forces each of us into a position we might not be ready to face; discovering that each of us (at various points on our Christian walk) may in fact have some type of unholy Spirit “hanging around our shoulders.” This isn’t meant to scare anyone because this is a Spiritual reality we have to deal with. Jesus came to GIVE US the tools to fight this invisible thing called “Spiritual Warfare.” And here is your reality check for today – have you ever heard the phrase “you are being tested”?  Well that in part refers to the concept of Spiritual Warfare.


I don’t care how holy we think we are. By the sheer nature of the reality that we walk this earth – Spiritual Oppression is a reality. We can see that it happened to the Israelite’s back in the Old Testament Book of Exodus. This is why we read about Jesus casting out so many demons in the New Testament. He was giving us real time examples of what to do and how to do it. Notice that there is no casting out of demons in the Old Testament? That’s because we weren’t given the POWER to do so until Jesus was given to us. He was the game changer.

Part of the reason I was so hesitant on sharing that blog yesterday wasn’t just what felt like the magnitude of the origination of spirits – a better part of it was simply the shock of having been given it in the first place (James 4:2). Who am I that God would decide to release it to me?


I wrestled with God most of the week over it. But there was a turning point which leads me to today’s message. Repeatedly this week, I had started meditating on the meaning of Psalm 26:2 and Proverbs 16:2.


Before I received the message regarding the Origin of Warfare, I had also received Words of Knowledge and I wrote most of them down. It was Wednesday, while I was reading The Word that I got really frustrated with myself over what to do with this “stuff.” Exasperated, I finally blurted out: “Father, why do I struggle so hard to release your revelations and insight? Especially Words of Knowledge? Help me understand!”


And there was a momentary pause – before I heard, “Ahab Spirit.”

Silence (on my part) – followed by “Say What?!”


“The Ahab Spirit. It exists quietly in the shadows and attempts to try to minimize how you see your Kingdom work and if it can – foil success and progress. It tries to make you think you couldn’t possibly be able to contribute to the Body of Christ and weasels doubt into your mind so that you perceive what you receive from ME is by “fluke”instead of divine Holy Spirit.

Its desire is to leave you dangling – and ultimately seeking to have you think you provide no real benefit (even though you are not the source – BUT THE VESSEL).

The reality is there are so many people out there who DO benefit from Words of Knowledge if for no other reason than the revelation will prompt them to start asking questions and pondering WHO they are and in doing so asking more questions of ME.

But the core emphasis behind the Words of Knowledge is to assist the brethren. Then My People can test The Spirit and ASK Holy Spirit for Wisdom, Clarity and Understanding.”


So, this week’s journey brings me up to the last 24 hrs. Having posted yesterday’s blog – last night I heard The Lord say: “You belong to me. You are my possession. Are you ready for me to prepare you for my use? It’s time to Burn away and remove that which holds you back.”

I gasp slightly, then respond: “LORD, I have come to the end of myself. I can go no further. You know your purpose is the reason I am here.” I can feel my shoulders tighten in slight hesitation before I give my next response. Then in the Spirit I reply: “Burn it.”


“Then it is time to remove the remaining dross. My People: Stay close to me and steel yourselves.”


Earlier this morning, I felt so out of sorts. It was like The Spirit of Confusion and Spirit of Sadness were running wild. Finally, I was prompted to sit down with The Word.

I had just finished reading Day 18, about Jacob’s Death, when tears started running and I started feeling something weird deep inside – like where soul and spirit meet. (Hebrews 4:12)


“Lord, now what is going on?”


“Huh?”and then I heard Eustace speaking (in the first :30 seconds) these words

and finally I saw this in my Spirit…


Eustace and Aslan


“I AM burning away that which has tricked you into holding back your spoken words.  Both unbelievers and the church need Words of Knowledge. If you can just trust ME, let me lead you. The hours left for healing are few.”


Amen, Jesus, Amen….

Post script addendum

“Children, the BIGGEST lesson you must take from this is the caution I gave you in Matthew 24:24. That IF it were possible, even the elect could be deceived (The Great Deception – Grand Delusion)

If YOU have not entered into “self-examination” to purge anything unholy – whether you believe it is there or not – this is what could cause you to stumble and fall under the category of the deceived. (Psalm 139:23-24)