Reflecting The Future

Hello Brothers and Sisters and Friends of This Blog,


When I started to write about Spiritual Abuse I was doing so to work through my own Salvation with fear and trembling – just as the Scriptures instruct us to.


I have read of so many of the miracles that Jesus performed while He walked this earth. Everything about his life was truly amazing and yet there was also a profound simplicity to who he was, what he did and how he did it..


While I shared those two parts regarding Spiritual Abuse – part of the writing also involves a healing aspect. The healing aspect is not something I included with those articles – I think that was intentional on The Lord’s part because as Jesus is the conduit of the Lord’s Glory, his intent was to Glorify The Father.

He always said he was here to accomplish The Father’s Work.


The healing aspect I mention is where the presence of Jesus and His Holy Spirit are an integral part of walking me through past pain into the glory of joy, peace and clarity.

The healing aspect of this process is not something you are able to see but it is something that Jesus and The Holy Spirit will help me address. Fortunately, Jesus is still in the business of gracing us with his healing waters, we just have to ask and be specific with our petitions. Hallelujah!


I plan to utilize the Scriptures to assist with identifying areas of sensitivity within my writing. Jesus did tell us he came to set the captives free – and he is the ONE we should always look to for guidance and comfort. (The Other Comforter/Advocate: John 14:16)


This may seem odd to some and unorthodox to others’ but it is also true that many people who saw Jesus from afar – stayed far away from him because of their skepticism, unbelief or fear.


Historically, the way I do things may seem to go against the current of what is “mainstream” – yet I have tried not to judge other’s because what works for one person might not work for another. As the saying goes, “a square peg won’t fit into a round hole.”


The Lord is re-directing me to work through these issues with him – and will personally guide me. I am grateful and recognize this is possible because it is something he has done in bits and pieces over time – though not everything he has done in my life have I been able to share here on this platform. At this point, I do not know when or if I will resume. I will leave that up to Christ Jesus.


We serve a mighty and loving God. But we all have our assignments and things we must do in order to hear, “well done good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21)


Thank you for your prayers and for praying for others who likewise are looking for the healing water – just as is described in Ezekiel 47. We all who have been wounded and oppressed will soon be healed by The Water of The Temple and then we will experience in fullness The Joy of The Lord.


Please note, that I had only intended for the SA posts to be read by those who visited this blog. I will be transitioning them from Public to Private so that I can continue working on them as directed by The Lord.

Those who needed to read them, have read them…yet they are part of the story of The Glory Jesus will work out in my life.


My personal prayer as I embark on this journey is that The God Head leads me every step of the way, closing the doors that need to be closed, and opening the doors that need to be open. (Rev 3:7)


After all, He is the author and finisher of our faith. (Hebrews 12)


May The Lord Bless and keep each of you – and give you his Peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)


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Heart Strings: To A Sister



This message is to: “Judith” and “Friends”


If by some miracle, you are listening, know this message is directed to you. This will seem like a cryptic message to all but those to whom it is meant to be received by.


My heart is pounding.


Though my heart is convicted, the forest is so dark that I do not pretend to know the way out. I know very well about Paul, I recognized it years ago. It didn’t occur to me until about 6months ago the implications of those “teachings.”


Yet the deeper I dig into the “rabbit hole” the more skittish I become. Not unlike the “ground hog” – I am so frightened of not just seeing my own shadows but of the ramification of facing them. And know, that I have just started facing them. The Holy Spirit just had me “work through” a quantum memory scenario. Can I just tell you how weird that is? To reconstruct that reality and with The Holy Spirits help try to turn it inside out?


And for all that are reading this…this is not sci-fi, nor a joke. It’s part of Quantum Mechanics. This is part of the very FABRIC of what makes you, YOU and me, ME. We don’t get to move beyond WHO we are in the Now unless we face the who we used to be of yesteryear and yesterday. This is all part and parcel of why Jesus died on the cross and what “It is finished” was about. He was deconstructing a broken reality.


Judith, if you get a “whiff” of this message…the tears started to flow.  The words I heard by The Spirit were like a very abrupt “secondary” awakening – yet I don’t know where to go or how.


I Love You, Sister…wherever you are.


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Short Story Beginnings: The Exilir

“The Elixir: Erasing of Memories”

He sat next to me; as I sat lakeside on the grass and the water’s warmth caressed my feet.

Even in the silence, my brother’s voice could speak volumes – yet as I listened I focused my concentration on the sun. Absorbing every last wave of warmth I could.

Looking up from the water’s of the lake – I gazed at these surroundings. The sky, mountains and hills, even the sky and heavens were illuminated with melody.

I knew this was as a deja-vu moment. I’d seen this in the future. Even though it was part of the past. Which sounds like utter nonsense, no less.

He spoke again. Not as you or I would speak. Without words. But those words and the manner of which he spoke were thirst quenching.

Yet, the message they conveyed I was unprepared for. As was I, for any of it – because His thoughts were my thoughts.

“I just don’t know that I’m ready for this. Even with all the training and preparation – I don’t know that I’m ready.”

He held the elixir in his hand. He spoke not with words.
“You were designed for this, you were born ready.”


Although I had already seen what was ahead, a pang of something called “3d fear” ebbed from that glistening cup of elixir. I was mystified that something so beautiful could harbor such a dark frequency.

“What is that?”

It is what will change everything you knew, or thought you knew…(and as he read my thoughts he added) – yes, it will wipe your memories clean, except for a few. In time, a very few will be restored. But complete memory won’t be restored until your return.

I looked at the glass of elixir. Then I looked once more at the beauty of the lake and mountain – and then back at him. He with his brown hair and eyes, held his own glass. He would drink his elixir soon after.

Taking a long deep breath, all I could do was hope. As I placed the elixir to my lips and drank – I felt it. The first tear running down my cheek.

As I finished the last drop and looked. The image of his face was already slowly fading away – and even in that moment, I wondered, “whose face was that?”

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Jonah’s 3 Days: Prophetic Darkness

I am finally following the prompting of The Holy Spirit – ’cause once again I’m tired of wrestling with Jesus. Wrestling with The Lord is never a good idea – obedience is better and I prefer to accept His direction and let Him lead.

I understood I was to share a Bible study on this platform a few days back – I’m just now getting to it.


The following is what I’m to share. A written version of my time studying the Bible. Specifically, The Book of Jonah (Part of Ch 1 & 2).


A couple of Notes. The attached Eddie Money song is to go with this message. Primarily because all references to “Baby” refer to the previous blog post about Revelation 12 and The Ring of Fire. “Take Me Home tonight” has nothing to do with any sort of – temptation – reference. Rather, “Take Me Home Tonight” refers to “vomit” of Jonah 2:10 and that is a cross reference to Jeremiah 25:27 which is a cross reference to Isaiah 51:21 through chapter 52 (His Cup of Trembling removed.)

Beginning of The Word/Bible Study (H= Strong’s Hebrew/G=Strong’s Greek)


Now the word of the Lord came unto *Jo-nah the son of *Amittai, saying [Called Matthew 12:39, Jonas]


*Jonah: H3124 A Prophet The same as 3123. H3123 The same as 3196; a dove. (appar from the warmth of their mating – dove, pigeon.  H3196 from an unused root meaning o effervesce; wine (as fermented) by implication, intoxication, banqueting, wine, winebibber


Amittai: (Father of Jonah) H573 From 571; veracious. H571 From539 Stability; Fig. certainty, truth, trustworthiness, established, faithful H539 To build up or support; to foster as a parent or nurse; to render firm or faithful, to trust or believe.

Jonah 1:12

And he said unto them, *Take me up and cast me forth into the sea; so shall the sea be calm unto you; for I know that for my sake this great tempest is upon you.

*Take: H8610 a primitive root; to manipulate, ie: sieze; to capture, wield.

Jonah 1:12 is a parallel (prophetic) verse to two other references in The New Testament.  The first is when Jesus calmed the waters as he walked upon them. The second was his crucifixion. “Take me up” points to the future time when Jesus was nailed to the cross and cast me forth is further prophesying of the Glory of His Spirit being spilled out (as water) which would ultimately WASH his Children Clean.

The name Jo-nah as a reference to “dove” is a multiple level parallel as it points to the dove of Songs and is a veiled descriptive cross reference for The Book of Revelation Ch 12.

Jonah 1:17

Now the Lord had prepared a great fish to *swallow up Jo-nah. And Jo-nah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights

*Swallow: H1104 a primitive root; to make away with (specifically by swallowing) gen. to destroy – cover, devour, eat up, be at end.

*belly: H6148 intermix; tech to traffic (as if by barter); also to give or be security (as a kind of exchange) engage, (inter-) meddle (with), mingle (self), mortgage, occupy, give pledges, be (-come, put in) surety, undertake.

I am not “interpreting” anything here…the portions I have listed are what I was led to write down and I’m to show what I “see” – because this is how The Spirit of God directs my thoughts.

Maranatha & Shalom



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The Glory of God’s Love


He Came once to Live, but died.

Yet that death wasn’t the end, it was the beginning.

The magnificence of His Work wasn’t in what was seen – it was in the unseen – and the hidden.



What do we allow ourselves to see?

Have we done the work and truly purged  ourselves to be made ready?


Will we become quiet and still enough to recognize that Love does not equate with what other men see us “doing” but what occupies each His own Heart Space, resonating as frequencies of Love and Light.

The Fruits of The Spirit: The 30-60-100 Fold Blessing


What God did before, he shall do once more. Jesus promised us this – His Word never returns void.


This message was not planned but I cannot get this song out of my head. I sat down just to post it and then the words above “flowed out.”


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The Woman and The Ring

Editor’s Note: Having just posted “Quantum String Theory” I was directed to share this immediately. This was written back on January 13. In re-reading it, I just realized Trump and Netanyahu  announced the Israeli Peace Deal (“Deal of The Century”) today.



The Revelation 12 Sign

Solar Eclipse, September 23, 2017 and Celestial Signs of ...

AND Plate Tectonics: History and Boundaries

How they are connected

As we know, September 23, 2017 seemingly came and went with little more “fanfare” than people gazing up to look upon, The Eye of God.

Prophecy experts spoke far and wide about the meaning of the Sign of Revelation 12. And then, when nothing seemingly materialized it was, “business as usual,” and the mockers and scoffers seemed to increase by exponential means.

I had never even heard of the 2017 Sign in the heavens until the summer just before it occurred. The Revelation 12 sign had never been on my “radar” – because something else had been instead.

The Ring of Fire (Pacific Rim).

FOR   Y E A R S –

The Ring of Fire has captured my attention. Not just the Ring of Fire but something directly connected to it. The Cascadia Fault Zone.

I have lived on The Cascadia Fault Zone. That is where I was raised. I have also lived in the vicinity of The San Andreas Fault.

I have asked and prayed for years about WHY deep in my soul there is more to The Ring of Fire than the basics of what we have been told.

Having been shown that answer, I now understand why it is so active and there is a Prophetic reason for it.


The Ring of Fire & The Revelation 12 Sign are LINKED.


Most everyone reading this is probably aware of what The Revelation 12 Sign is. Here is how and why The Ring of Fire is pivotal to it.

Whereas The Revelation 12 Sign is Celestial

The Ring of Fire is both Terrestrial and Subterranean, hence it “carries” an uncanny and prophetic meaning

If you study the map of the Ring of Fire. It is more than just a
“ring.” It is several facets rolled into one.

First, the overall shape of it resembles a “fox” – (Song of Solomon 2:15) And soon this verse of scripture will be fulfilled before our eye as all of the foxes occupying all the pulpits, as well as those in places of authority, will face their own TRUTHS as appointed by and in God’s Timing.

Second, If you study the formation of “The Ring” – that is actually LOOK at it from an outside “the box” perspective of our physical eyes (meaning observe it with Spiritual eyes) you will notice it has an association with the Infinity Symbol. But, that’s not all…

The infinity symbol is reflective of The Woman’s Womb (Vesica Pisces) or – in layman’s terms the overlapping “ring” shape (at the “foxes” neck) is the central vortex (volcanos) of the “head” crowning in birth with simultaneous “Coronation” (Ps 45) of Revelation 12.

If you think we’ve seen volcanoes, eruptions, earthquakes, and other seismically related activities yet…you are very much mistaken. We have not begun to see “The Ring” – in action or “do it’s thing yet.”

This will ALL uptick when the Israeli Peace Agreement is released.

That Ring of Fire is directly correlated to the upcoming division of God’s Land. And that is why everyone, everywhere will be affected…on all continents and both hemispheres.


May God Bless and Protect Each of You in the weeks, days and hours ahead.

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Echoes from the Aether – A Voice Silenced



Twenty seven years after I met you John…after a Cascade of roller coaster events – I now have to sort through the impact of life you and Ann had on me.

Twenty seven years of swimming against the tide of your distaste for living a Life built on Faith.

I have not written in this space for a long time – actually that’s only partly true. I was given a chunk of Prophecy last night that I have yet to release. But the lengthy prior absence was necessary to Seek The Lord’s Presence – and to stabilize myself for yet another loss.

My Mother-in-law passed in 2012, after enduring a brutal illness and an untimely post-surgical death. Yet, God utilized the events surrounding her demise to help me evangelize LIFE into my Father-in-law.

The family I am associated with (married into) spent their life as “carnal, lukewarm” christians. Such association is not an easy road for the heart that has spent their life trying to emulate and follow Christ. Yet, this carnal/lukewarm “model” is also completely the opposite of the family I was born into. Both my parents were incredibly strong and grounded, Dad had an enormous moral compass and Mom’s reason for being was based on her Trust in the Lord.

Even when I shared the news of John’s (whom I nicknamed “Grandpa) passing with his relatives in England – and that he died believing in Jesus Christ as His Savior – their response was (sadly) less than enthusiastic. Sigh…

After Grandpa was Saved and repented, he decided to travel to Israel to get Baptized in The Jordan.

Yeah, I N-E-V-E-R saw that coming!

As it were, for twenty seven years I listened to indifference and apathy about the very nature of Faith I carried in our invisible – yet all powerful and omnipotent God.

It is the seed of doubt, coupled with the seed of unforgiveness that led to Ann’s bitterness and it is that bitterness that led to her demise.

Now, that both of your voices have been silenced – I can only wait for God’s leading. Since The Lord is and has always been in control, even if and when I don’t know what to do, he does. Nothing will ever change that.

Grandpa, It was four weeks yesterday that I stood in that Mausoleum watching your casket slide into its crypt. The cold hard smack of its base reaching the end of the vault with an unceremonious “thud” and the concrete dust that danced once last time into permanent seclusion.

I finally just made the two last phone calls I’d been putting off to begin the “closure” and healing process. To the Dr’s office that last oversaw your temporary stay at the ER and to the Hospice Office to which you were transferred for Pallative Care.

In the years after Grandpa entered “widower-hood” – when he was staying with us in 2016, he had a supernatural encounter with God and he told me about it. It was on that day, the day of this supernatural encounter that Grandpa found out about who Jesus Christ was and the Gospel of Salvation.

Grandpa accepted Christ then and there, repenting of his sins. He even went so far as to travel to Jerusalem and visit the Holy Land (sometime between 2015/17) – where he was Baptized in The Jordan.

I guess what’s hard is to have been here to guide him into starting his walk with Jesus Christ — and to have heard him describe what it was like to see Jesus/God face to face. The indescribable perfect Love, Peace and Joy he felt. That he spoke with Jesus (in Tongues) and didn’t want to leave Heaven or Jesus Presence, even though Jesus said Grandpa had to come back to earth for a while. It was then that I guided him through accepting Christ and seeking repentance for his sins – so what was hard? Having to witness the devastating effects of Dementia steal someone’s memories, and their very “life” essence.

I miss you Grandpa, but I know that I know that you’re with Jesus – and in His Presence         ❤ Hugs ❤





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Revelation and “the churches”

In the last couple of weeks I have removed two blogposts. I didn’t remove them because I doubt what I know, I removed them because what I know I believed would make me accountable if I did not share it.

However, I learned I was wrong. Not about what I knew and know – but that human beings are a unique part of God’s Creation. We think we know what we want. We think we know what’s best.

What I have learned though is that none of us is prepared for what’s ahead. I did not realize how truly brainwashed every last one of us has BEEN MADE. And I don’t say that lightly.

To be honest, Atheists may have an easier time with getting into Heaven that those who self label themselves as “christian” – and I only wish I were joking when I say that.

I should note, to me “churchians” refer to anyone who has ever spent time inside an earthly church. I used to be one of them. If you are still in a church, be very aware and very, very cautious…

I listen to very few messages on-line anymore but based on what The Spirit has told me, this is one message you might want to hear.

Listen to it.

Take what resonates and pray over it

Use your discernment

And always, Be Ready!


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Neuralink, The Quantum & Babylon

The following video is a post shared via Watchman73 – btw, thank you Watchman…for sharing it!



I have heard the name Elon Musk in passing over the course of the last few years. Among the many voices I had heard – some were indicating to keep a close eye on him in relation to the Beast System.


Within the last month, at the leading of The Spirit, I watched a documentary on his life. Viewing this 12:00 video from Face Like The Sun was entirely eye opening.


Elon Musk has taken and reapplied the work of Nikola Tesla to initiate some very large projects, initiatives and cutting edge practices.  Which is rather astonishing in light of who Nikola Tesla was as far as his contributions to this world and what he represented to TPTB.


There are a couple things that raise the hairs on the back of my neck – especially when I hear or see his name. Elon – Musk


His first name is closely associated with Babylon – how?


Baby-lon > Bab – e – lon >  to Babel means “to confuse” and I am under the impression by attached video…he is on the road to leading many to confusion. How?

As BRILLIANT as the man is he is developing systems to benefit the world. Systems that could easily cause many to forfeit their souls (meaning exchange truth for a lie via mixing iron with clay).


Musk – Everytime I hear that word/name…I associate it with The Tabernacle. And what happens within The Tabernacle? The burning of incense to Yahuweh Ahavah Adonai. We are NOT to submit ourselves to any other god or god(s) other than Elohim.


Elon Musk seems to be highly respected and almost a magnet to others for both how he thinks, his innovative approaches and willingness to take enormous risk.


From SpaceX, to PayPal, Tesla (cars), Open AI, Solar City and The Boring Co, he is now announcing the emergence of the brain chip from his “brain child” Neuralink…to merge the BRAIN with AI.


His association with “Innovating” and, this innovation in particular, is unsettling because its premise insinuates the ultimate in control over a human “subject” – As Children of God – The Most High – in reality we already have the ability to control our thoughts because of what Yahshua gave us in HIS WORD. Neuralink could very well be considered “kin” to the forbidden fruit we’ve been warned about from Genesis 3 to Revelation 13.


Maintain your Peace and FOCUS on Yahshua Hamaschiach…it seems that Ezekiel’s wheels are now spinning faster than CERN and the Musky Scent of Bab-Elon is about to spark from embers into a full blown flame.





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I went to a craft store yesterday: to be clear the date was July 17.

And what you see in the following photos is what greeted me in the aisles… and not just one aisle – but many

As much as I used to like Christmas, the whole Santa thing never sat well with me.

So now the store has both Christmas and Fall decorating items out simultaneously in the middle of July…

Track with me… has the Spirit of Greed (merchandising of our minds) and Spirit of Idolatry really taken us from having to see items like this stocked on shelves in September or October – now being thrust out onto us in July? Oy Vey!

And yes, I do realize there are way bigger problems we are all battling at this hour – this is just a case in point of the mis- focus society at large has at this point…

If this has become the “new norm” – I’ll just say it – No Thanks!