Message from The Lord: Nabal

Yesterday I was led to re-read from Jeremiah 33, verse 3.

I pondered that verse all night last night. And today, as I worked on my garden – weeding and pulling up roots – Jesus began to share a message I am to transcribe here…

Nabal, It has been a long time. You have not seen me – nor heard from me since our last meeting in the Courts of Heaven.

I have seen you, though. I observe you daily. There are many times over the years I had hoped you would reach out for me and truly surrender yourself to the Cross.

Unfortunately, that is not how things turned out.

We have arrived at the hour we mutually agreed upon, Nabal. The hour upon which your Soul Contract rests. You challenged me in the midst of the High Court insisting your ability to prove yourself.

Even then I asked you if you could identify the difference between a truth and a lie – could you differentiate between the Spirit of Prophecy and a Spirit of Deception (?)

You laughed in my face and said, “easily.”

I reminded you while you stood before me – that you might very well never remember our agreement.

There were few things I required of you – but above all I told you that if you ever committed blasphemy against the Holy Ghost that our “mortal contract” would be in jeopardy. (1 Ch 12:19)

You would likely not remember the date that was set on that soul contract.

I have not forgotten — but just as is mentioned in 1 Samuel 25– you have re-committed the grievous sin. Your hypocrisy has caught up with you.

The Father is most displeased.

By your actions and words you have not only committed hypocrisy and blasphemy (Eccl. 1:14) but you turned your back early on for both Salvation offered at the Cross as well as the infilling of My Holy Spirit. (Eccl. 1:15)

Yet, you did not think twice about the Scorpion’s Venom – (1 Kings 12:11)

The “Sting”

According to My Word – you reap what you have sown. You have not sown peace though you have falsely believed you walk in peace. (Galatians 6:5, Gal. 6:7) (Matthew 6:22-23)

The words you have spoken in this life are catching up with you. For you have never truly understood that every word that you spoke either brought you life or death. (Matthew 12:36-37)

The one fear that you had is the one thing you will face – your dark night of the soul. (Mark 14:34).

I will tell you now what I told the Pharisees

An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.

(Matthew 12:39)

What you will see will bring you to your knees. Though your heart is stony – it will fail you. The Sign of the Prophet Jonas is coming.

I, The Lord have told you I would not forsake you – but have you forsaken your soul by forsaking the essence of Life itself? When the Passover occurs – you will experience your Dark Night of the Soul. For the Sign of Jonas thrusts you into facing your deepest darkness. This too I faced at Calvary. But I believed in the Promises of My Father and The Holy Spirit.

They stood by Me.

What do you believe in?

So here is something for you to reflect on –

When the Light that has Graced your life is no longer present – When your pathway is darkened because the Son has removed the Light – When Faith, Hope and Love have vanished – will you recognize what is Passing over you? Will darkness consume your soul or will you awaken from drunkenness?

Luke 21:34

Galatians 5:21

2/14 Dream: Eric C²

Sleep has been – difficult to find and it comes in fits and spurts. I haven’t had dreams in what feels like a year or more. So, when I have a dream that I at least in part remember, that’s probably important.

When I can’t get the dream off my mind – I know it’s probably something I should write about.

Dream: I was suddenly in a room. There was a male, I was told by Holy Spirit it was EC² and his Dad (whom I never met – although EC, early on, had asked me to). I think I spoke with them (telepathically) because deep in my Soul I feel like we had a conversation. EC² looked different (but I know in the Spirit, I also do not look like I look, right now.)

We didn’t communicate for very long – before they were ready, it was time for me to leave.

I had transitioned from the room I was in with him and I was now walking solo down a street (the word “cobblestone” comes to mind as I type.) But as I was walking and soaking up the beauty and aesthetics of this locale – I could again hear someone’s thoughts coming from behind. Someone was again talking to me telepathically. I turned around to look and it was EC². I knew I needed to keep moving, so I turned to progress onward.

As I continued walking, the next thing I knew – he was walking on my left side – I recognized his Spirit but his physical appearance had changed slightly, and this time, his Dad was not with him.

I don’t recall what, if anything he may have said in the dream – but in the Spirit right now I hear “I’m not letting you walk alone. It’s time for Love to come back around.” I also now understand that this dream is also less about me and more about what is occurring in the life of EC²

I think this all revolves around the End of the Dispensation of Grace and the past month I keep “seeing”

22222 – as in February 22, 2022.

I became familiar with this song in ’91. And I am only now realizing how prophetic in nature it really might be.

I’m sharing this video trailer clip because it was what we went and saw the evening of our “blind” date. “The Cutting Edge” has turned out to be one of my favorite movies – especially if I need a good laugh (and really, who doesn’t lately?)

What’s so weird is that my own parents met and were married for 36 years after being set up on a blind date (I kid you not) –

Yet, because of the events that led up to this blind date, I did not have high expectations for the evening.

[Ed. Note: Pay close attention to the opening trailer – the poster on the back wall is of the Calgary Games ’88. First, the Olympics currently “in swing” through 2/20 and hasn’t there been some events also occurring in Canada(?).

Could these events have synchronicity?

The Final Signs – Look Up!

Felt compelled by The Spirit to also share this message from Ken McClellan. I discovered his page about the same time as James’

Ken also recognizes we are approaching the Pole Shift. He has shared in his videos about the meanings of the ancient stones and the warnings that were left for us to prepare us for what’s ahead.

I concur with Ken. I hope and pray to be accounted worthy to escape what’s coming upon this world.

I hope I am blessed to meet all my brothers and sisters on the other side.

Thank you, Ken. I appreciate your knowledge and what you have shared.

God Bless and Protect us all

“Tick-Tock” of Mazzaroth: Patriarchy’s End

2020 – The year of hindsight and reflection confirms the ages old cliche “Hindsight is 20/20”

I did not realize it but this transition was brought to my attention back in 2005(ish). A friend had emailed us a fascinating anecdote that alluded to there being a timeline as to how all empires ultimately fall. At the time, I thought – how is that possible? There is no way. That was about the same time as when The Father had directed me to open my Bible and begin reading Revelation: The Book of The Apocalypse.

Have you seen the “memes” that mention, “there is no stopping what’s coming”? In general I tend to think people attribute that concept to “Cue” – but the true credit belongs to Father GodElohim.

The Book of Job (chapter 38) mentions the Mazzaroth, which encompasses the Shamayim (Heavens) and within the Heavens – written among the stars is what is commonly known as the Zodiac. The Ancients were familiar with it as the Dendera – Zoroastrianism – Vedics.

Last year after the infamous “Car. Oh Na” virus became part of the propaganda campaign for the Old World Or-der of Patriarchal control – I did a little digging around God’s Word related to Job 38.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the 2020 shake up was symbolically also written in the stars. I used to live in a place called – Corona, CA.

I didn’t even realize how this past 18mos could be significant until you really look at WHERE the “Serpens” is on the astronomical map. Pause it and notice that, indeed, the “dragon” at this point is about to fulfill Revelation 12:4. This is where the archons (powers and principalities mentioned in Ephesians) began to try and exercise their bicep muscles and we see here that deep within the Mazzaroth there is in fact a Crown within one of the decans. The (reptilians -ie: Archons) are trying to devour the Children of God.

I bring up this topic because it is pertinent. We – each of us – is a creation of God. We are walking energy in motion. Whether that energy is dark or light. We see evidence of this ranging from Jesus transfiguration in the New Testament to also when Jesus identified the legion (archons of darkness) in Mark 5 and Luke 8.

Moving on to the next “Tick Tock” Clock, is this from Hunger Games. And the reason I share this now is because the usual suspects are showing us in plain sight what is going on. Even each “wedge” within the clock seems eerily reminiscent of the Judgements written about in Revelation. The “Clock” in the movie even includes the ‘decans’ – described as “tubes” within script.

And why does all this matter? Because we are leaving the Age of Pisces and are entering the Age of Aquarius. Recall Jesus words at Luke 22:10. That is a reference pointing to the Sign of Aquarius in the Heavens (owka “The Waterbearer” – the one who pours out truth).

Yet, what we really need now is balance – and balance is another keyword pointing to the scales of balance….the archons of darkness are about to be overthrown.

How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth,

A woman shall compass a man.

Jeremiah 31:22

And speaking of Job

Thank you Judith

And this all relates to Jeremiah 23:6 – Jeremiah 33:16 and Jeremiah 51:10

Tick Tock

And So It Begins…

I had heard about this cargo ship “stuck” at sea, but haven’t really paid much attention.

I was outside working with wood and building a project when the Holy Spirit had me pause and take a moment to peruse through WordPress. That’s when I noticed an article shared by “Blood of the Lamb” (Watchman73) regarding the Suez Canal crisis – which included the above photo from SkyNet, that I did a double take –

We are looking at Prophecy in the making here – and more than a couple of signs of Tribulation and Apocalypse.

I have seen these cargo ships before – when I was little I lived near the Port of Tacoma, and remember well driving past them. What struck a chord in me today was seeing that “Evergreen” Logo. Because that Logo directly relates to this song:

I remember hearing this song on the radio as a kid – I almost thought of it as my parents song – because their love was steadfast and loyal, almost more Agape in nature than how culture has tried to romanticize everything that love isn’t. After they died, it was really hard to listen to it – so I tried not to.

Today, when I saw the Evergreen ship in the Suez Canal – The Holy Spirit directed me to listen to the above. Until now, I would not have realized how incredibly prophetic the lyrics are. If you are at all aware of our Biblical Scriptures – the lyrics to Streisand’s, “Evergreen,” point right back to Books such as Song of Solomon and Esther. Utterly amazing….

Now, for the Prophetic kicker of this Cargo Ship as it relates to “Current” events – The Evergreen is stuck in the Suez Canal. I read that The etymology of “Suez” (in Arabic) means “Beginning”…on top of that the Suez Canal is located near the opening of the Red Sea. Think about that REALLY carefully.

Opening —-

Red Sea —

Opening alludes to “Birth Pangs” of a woman (Rev 12) – this cargo ship is in the WATER. A woman’s water normally “breaks” or “bursts” as the baby “Crowns” and is birthed. We are now at (if not past) 3-1/2 years since the Revelation 12 Sign.

This Suez Canal “BREACH” is not just coincidental.

RED SEA – the parting of the RED SEA. As a woman gives birth, the woman’s water not only breaks but there is a parting of blood and water as the baby is delivered. Not to mention, when Yahuah used Moses to “Part the Red Sea” in the Exodus.

And – this appears to be occurring over what many acknowledge as Pesach, or “Passover”….and “Passion Week”

Man’s Truth Vs. Spirit of Truth

Every Breath You Take - YouTube

I had a really strong inclination to share this last night, along with the lyrics and melody to “Every Breath You Take” but stopped short of doing so.

It was a few moments ago when I saw – “Every Breath You Take” – shared by another blogger that I took it as confirmation and find myself back at the keyboard.

The Magnetic Pull of the Earth’s orbit is about to come full circle…I previously shared about how corrupt the MSM has become – and that I had been shown this would happen in a Vision back in 1992/3. Back in 2016, I’d started keeping a combined dream journal and Spiritual messages journal. In that journal I was given the words “High Stakes Treachery” and “Treason” among many others – But I eventually stopped writing them down because I didn’t understand what those messages were alluding to.

Now, I have a better idea. If you have read, “Whose Truth Have We really been Fed?” then you will have a much better understanding of both “Every Breath You Take” and “The Plot against The President.”

We have truly seen nothing yet. The World we knew is about to B-U-S-T wide open as the Firmament of the Heaven’s is opened as a scroll.

The Age of Pisces is about to come face to face with the Precessional Mazzaroth transition into AND of Aquarius – this is not new age – nor is it Tarot or Astrology.

This is about God’s Mazzaroth, Spoken by God in Job 38: 31-34. This is about the LIES being exposed and the Truth being poured out.

The First Fruits Wave Sheaf Harvest is approaching – along with the division of Wheat & Tares – are YOU ready for the Harvests of The Lordwill you be part of New Jerusalem?

What do you need to know?: Info about the C-V V-xxine

[Ed Note: Since this post was published, Yutztube actually removed the video for “violating TOS”]

I am posting from another page – but this is information the MSM and TPTB would rather try to suppress. Only you can decide what is right for you and what resonates DEEP within your Soul.

I must confess, this is one of Dr. Madej’s shortest video’s…yet I have only watched about half of this presentation. In my heart, she resonates Truth…but what I heard weighed so heavily on my heart – I had to stop the video midway through and move on.

I had heard last year about “hydrogel” – which was developed by the US Military.

The Spiritual War Scriptures speak about (in the Quantum or Aetheral Realm) is nearing it’s manifestation in our 3d world.

Why Beirut? – The Cedars of Lebanon




We saw much damage yesterday among the fields of Lebanon.

Lives lost among bloodshed, families torn apart, property destroyed, collateral damage….unfortunately there is more to come as Prophecy marches on toward its fulfillment.





Last night as I pondered Beirut – and the graphic and visual images of what most would attribute to a mini n-ke (or suitcase) b-mb or even possibly a d-e-w — it does not matter.


Darkness, has once again stolen children from those that loved them.

The actions that have been carried out will leave those thirsty with bloodlust at the mercy of The Beama Seat of Christ.


As for Heliofant’s I Pet Goat II. I am tired of hearing about people’s interpretation and their perception of darkness.


I reviewed this last night out of Holy Anger and sheer frustration. Nothing is what it seems.


So, FWIW, I will share with you what I see…


In the opening scene with the goat and the barbed wired – the barbed wire represents the lines we used to see that run across our television screens, and yes, the people as a whole are the goats because most of us at one time or another have watched tv, listened to radio, political rhetoric – all of it….Christians, Pagans, Unbelievers…all religions. As a whole, no one has been exempt from the programming of the Puppeteers

And yes, I said puppeteers. The Majority of the world is still asleep to all the programming (economic/religious/cultural) that we have been exposed to.


In the classroom scene, the apple rolls and lands right next to the number 7. When the apple opens the two halves form the perimeter shape of the #8.

Together, that reads 8-7 or August 7.

The reason I mention this is that in the video, the camera depicts Ob-ma as looking at that date and the Lotus blossom (Rose of Sharon) has bloomed and is “sweating bullets.” I have this distinct impression this scene relates directly to Revelation 12. Although most believe “O” to be the Son of Perdition – I have other thoughts on the matter. A dream I recently had would seem to indicate otherwise…but we really won’t know until it happens.

I ask of you to PLEASE maintain a heightened awareness of your surroundings. I do not say this to cause fear or paranoia but to make you aware to be prepared for anything and everything.

Appreciate what you have right now – in this moment.

Here’s what I do see though in relation to the young blond girl who was holding the apple. The persona of this girl holding the apple is the same, as the woman at 3:19 dressed in black (Song of Solomon 1:5) holding the symbolically (devoured) man-child of Revelation 12:4. The persona continues as the “crone” depicted in the Tower at the 4:40 minute mark. The Crone is the barren woman described throughout The scriptures. If you look at the top of the tower she is held in. There is a Cross on top of the structure AND an illuminated Heart next to the window “bars” – has anyone noticed that the top of the tower the “Crone” is trapped in looks like the helmet from Ephesians 6:12-18? The woman in the Tower is not evil. She is protected under the Helmet of Salvation and by The Hand of Yahuah which comes out of the clouds and shines illumination into the tower (Songs 2:9 & 4:8 ).

The “Crone” or “Hag” is shown topless.

Many would say that would seem pornographic…but those “targets” are otherwise known as the “Targeted Individuals” or the True Believers/Christians who receive sustenance through the milk (Songs 2:5-8) of The Word of God.

Her presence, with the Hand of God descending from the cloud, points to the barren woman (Ps 113:9) who has been scorned and ridiculed (Joshua 6:17)

That may sound twisted but have you ever heard the scripture verse about “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” Is 5:20


I Pet Goat II is a CGI re-enactment of The Scriptures we call The Bible.


At 4:53, The Hag is shown bleeding from her Vesica Pisces.

While an old Hag or a barren woman is typically unable to menstruate. This moment points to the Transfiguration of the woman – the pure energy Nikola Tesla referred to as the 3-6-9 ultimately transforms that Hag/Crone into a young maiden once again as Jesus said was possible in Revelation 21:5…behold I make all things new.


The blinding illumination inside her tower cell is followed at 4:54 by the man traveling through a dark tunnel and finally arriving in a city in which case his – SOON – meteoric rise causes a huge explosion to the City by the Bay (Beirut). The City by the Bay endures death and destruction to the Children (Trees/Cedars) of Lebanon.


Now, what finally prompted this post…

Fast forward to 5:50…with the boat emerging from Satan’s womb…


At 5:55 the Jesus figure inhales a deep breath (is this the Breath of Ruach HaQodesk OR the Son of Perdition?).

At the moment, I tend to lean into the idea that this this figure as NOT Jesus or Yeshua HamaSchiach because of that CROWN of Thorns on his head.


They are there at 6:00, but by 6:04 that crown has “twinkled” and vanished into thin air from his head. The Satan figure at the top of the womb from which he emerged – his eyes TWINKLED brightly SIMULTANEOUSLY as an Earthquake occurred and then the Jesus figured floated by underneath.

Note that just after his crown of thorns fades away – the church in the background FALLS. The Patriarchal church system currently in place will soon FALL.


Last but not least, observe the Pyramids of Egypt starting at 6:27. And watch what then begins to happen at 6:33.



ICYMI: Venus, The Silver Gate & 8 Days

Did you know the Scriptures speak of not just one Messiah – at the Second Coming – but TWO Messiahs?!

Don’t believe it? What these videos first….


Signs in The Sun, Moon and Stars

Venus, The Bright and Morning Star is about to enter The Silver Gate



Venus, Orion, Gemini



Venus & The Silver Gate





Venus represents The Bright and Morningstar of Revelation 22


But if you go look at Jeremiah 23 & 33 – you will see something very interesting. Yes, Jesus came the first time as Messiah….he was the Lamb of God and the root and offspring of David.


But with the arrival of TuBAV in Israel, which is looked at as Wedding Season – we should be watching for the Time of the Wave-Sheaf offering (Leviticus)


Whereas most of “Christian-dom” considers Christmas their holy season – Yahuah’s Holy Sabbath is celebrated during Feast of Tabernacles and Feast of Trumpets  – as well as Feast of New Wine (Wedding at Cana).


While you may have been taught in the mainstream churches to await the return of Jesus Christ – we might want to prepare for a 2nd coming with TWO Messiahs –

as this lines up with the two olive branches (Voices of Truth, Law & Shalom) and the two golden pipes (Zechariah 4) emptying the golden oil (Spirit of Truth/Prophecy, Revelation 11).

Jeremiah 23:6 King James Bible
In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Jeremiah 33:16 King James Bible
In those days shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely: and this is the name wherewith she shall be called, The LORD our righteousness.