Cool Video & Deja Vu

I have watched this video at least 3 times. Twice on my phone before I switched over to a larger screen.

This blog post will be rather unusual because it is about Spiritual Experience….

I have no idea who took this video or where it was taken – but I have watched it multiple times because I experienced a major case of Deja Vu with this.

Who ever it is that took the video – I have been where you are. About seven years ago I had a dream – in that dream I was standing under an awning. I have stood under this SAME awning – where YOU are standing in this video.

Also, that rainbow was Amazing. It’s not easily seen on a phone but via a larger screen – that Rainbow is The Presence of The Holy Spirit. I’m in awe! The Golden light emanating from it was as if it radiated the Light of The Holy City! Absolutely Stunning!

Fast Forward to the end of the the video – with the clouds, near the end – in the clouds its the Bride & Groom and the entourage!

In anticipation of the upcoming Wave Sheaf offering and Matthew 22