Half Truths of Outliers & “Astro-Turfing”

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Naomi Wolf shared the truth – Allison Morrow interviews and discusses with Sharyl Atkisson the “world” of darkness behind the wide road of broad-casting and the “Spells” they have “cast.”

When I first started blogging I really considered including a series on Autism/ASD. Because we were among the many families out there affected by it.

I have so many mixed emotions watching and listening to Allison and Sharyl in this video.

My son who is now 21 – was a baby in 2001 when he was adversely affected by one of the “scheduled” childhood immunizations we are all rather familiar with.

That was the year my initial “wake up” began. I had been given the “facts sheets” from the HMO Dr. in advance to review the basics of their “scheduled protocol” when I got that familiar feeling of uneasiness in my gut.

A few days later, my son was having a play date with our neighbors toddler and I started a conversation with the Mom. It turned out, the other Mom was a CNA and had just begun her journey into the world of childhood immunizations. Jo-El (God rest your soul) was the first one who helped initially open my eyes to the rabbit hole that is big farma.

Ten years later – I traveled further down that rabbit hole and found out just how deep the trail of “Astro-Turfing” extends. I found my self questioned (border-lining on feeling ridiculed) by a Special Ed teacher. And when I voiced my opinion to a “Specialist” that I long suspected the M. M. R. had contributed to where we were at – I was informed there was no proof, no data and no support to indicate any correlation.

Later, when I had finally gotten frustrated enough with the public brick n mortar system I decided to withdraw him and pursue other educational options. Of all things, I got a call from the Teacher he had been assigned to for 4th grade (the new semester was about to start).

The teacher was calling with a “set of questions” as part of our “exit interview” – the intent of which seemed designed to intimidate and provoke me to question my personal belief system and instincts.

As we reached the end of her call, she asked me what our plans were for his education. I responded saying we were going to try a school specifically designed to support students with Special Needs.

Her last words to me, “we’ll you’ll no longer have the support we once offered – yeah, good luck with that.”

And I never looked back….

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