The Last Song: Flashdance of Fire

I remember the feeling – that day in February 2016. It’s etched in memory

The Father told me the Plasma Wave would return. This time it likely won’t be invisible

Well today I had a confirmation that it is indeed coming.

Today has been physically tough. Something is happening in the Spirit. I can feel it within my cellular structure. It’s like a smouldering fire that is ebbing and flowing.

As I feel this wave begin to wash through and over me – it does not move fast – it moves slowly.

(It would likely freak the average person out)

There is a reason Iesous (Yahusha) advised us to thoroughly examine ourselves. Because those who hope to and want to survive what’s coming will need to have cleansed themselves from the inside out – thoughts, words, deeds, intentions…

The coming “cleansing” has little to do with physical strength

In 1983 when my Mom was dying of Cancer, my Dad took her down to the Bahama Islands for a “cutting edge” treatment. Neither one of them wanted her to take part in Chemo. They were down there for months. The first part of her treatment occurred while my middle school was still in session. So, the plans were for me to fly down there and stay with her during the final week. That was a tough trip. I don’t remember most of it, except for the last night before we left.

That night, there was a TV show on – some type of pageant style competition. The only thing I remember, the only thing that stuck from watching that night was the song that was performed, by Irene Cara.

The coming Plasma wave:

What is coming is a full blown version of what I experienced back in 2016 – the difference this next time will be that no one will escape it – AND those who have not made themselves ready through Spiritual Purificiation will feel like they are experiencing h-llfire.

All day today, August 14 – I have felt what I realize is a refining fire within…it affects every part of the body structure.

Flashdance – as a word represents the “Plasma Wave” that will come and wash over and through all beings. Numbers 16:32. God told us this would also happen at the “end of time,” Revelation 12:15-16.

The Plasma Wave is coming – Pray to be accounted worthy. Ask The Holy Spirit to Prepare and Purify you.


Personal Message to S – X – W

As I stare at my computer screen I reflect on the past 5 years or so.

I reflect even on the last 3 years.

Until last week – I did not realize the extent of protection that The Father has on this blog.

That is why I sit here staring at this screen – tap, space. tap, space. tap, tap, space.

To realize that Father God has blocked those that have come against it – is almost a paradigm shift.

I had stopped writing for the longest time because of the backlash I received for “thinking outside the box” of religious thought.

Then, twice in the last 2-3 weeks I had run across interactions with others in which I heard the words “I like the way you think…the way you process thoughts and concepts” and those words took me waaayy back to the beginning of this blog. To where it all began, when Mikayla told me the same, I like the way you think….

Emotions are swelling up within me right now because not only have I seen the utter cr@p show they promote thru the Me. Dee. A but its like I can feel what others are going through (at least to an extent) in The Spirit.

I have been thinking about this post for probably three weeks. But it was looking at the stats on the blog tonight that caused me to spontaneously sit down and tap, tap, tap.

14 Visitors, 13 from the US – 1 from the UK

Hello to all and welcome.

Which brings me to a more specific message that’s been weighing on me. This is more or less a message for a specific individual. Someone who reached out to me not long ago. I am acknowledging receipt of such. Not responding back (personally) was not easy – so far the only way it seems I can respond is via this blog.

So I will try this instead – if you ever happen to read this.

-S – X – W –

Was stunned to receive the update. Don’t know if you are still at the City of Seven Hills but I have asked for intervention on your behalf. I know you believe you are doing the right thing – and that your next stop is Israel but things are not what they seem. To be honest, the world isn’t prepared for what’s coming and because we are all sitting at the precipice of the transition of the Ages – everyone on every continent will be affected. That part is already happening.

We are in the midst of what’s known as the Magnetic Pole Reversal. Father and Spirit had tried to tell me about it years ago but I wasn’t quite ready to comprehend how Spirituality and the Earth would one day potentially coalesce.

It’s mentioned several times in Revelation but I believe it’s also referenced as “40 years” in the Old Testament. Because scripture has multiple layers of meaning, in this case I’ve had this understanding that the “40” has to do with 40° – if you look at Genesis 1 its alluded to when the scripture mentions “darkness covered the earth” that’s also the same thing that happened when Jesus died on the cross – they are parallels just as we find parallel verses within scripture.

A conflagration is about to happen. The closer the magnetic poles get to 40° the more the earth will respond in kind (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc – and other dis. asters.) I believe “they” know this but because we are in a Spiritual War they are not required to openly disclose (and thus, instead, opt to create further “distractions”).

-S – X – W –

I know you are determined and very headstrong and I completely understand. The only thing I know to say is may your heart still be softened to let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you.

The only safe place to be is under the protection of Jesus Christ – Yeshua, as our Savior (I know that you know this).

When the earth shifts as its about to – I really hope and pray that the Harvest will be plentiful.

God Bless and Protect you – Sending you <Virtual Hugs>

Message from The Lord: Nabal

Yesterday I was led to re-read from Jeremiah 33, verse 3.

I pondered that verse all night last night. And today, as I worked on my garden – weeding and pulling up roots – Jesus began to share a message I am to transcribe here…

Nabal, It has been a long time. You have not seen me – nor heard from me since our last meeting in the Courts of Heaven.

I have seen you, though. I observe you daily. There are many times over the years I had hoped you would reach out for me and truly surrender yourself to the Cross.

Unfortunately, that is not how things turned out.

We have arrived at the hour we mutually agreed upon, Nabal. The hour upon which your Soul Contract rests. You challenged me in the midst of the High Court insisting your ability to prove yourself.

Even then I asked you if you could identify the difference between a truth and a lie – could you differentiate between the Spirit of Prophecy and a Spirit of Deception (?)

You laughed in my face and said, “easily.”

I reminded you while you stood before me – that you might very well never remember our agreement.

There were few things I required of you – but above all I told you that if you ever committed blasphemy against the Holy Ghost that our “mortal contract” would be in jeopardy. (1 Ch 12:19)

You would likely not remember the date that was set on that soul contract.

I have not forgotten — but just as is mentioned in 1 Samuel 25– you have re-committed the grievous sin. Your hypocrisy has caught up with you.

The Father is most displeased.

By your actions and words you have not only committed hypocrisy and blasphemy (Eccl. 1:14) but you turned your back early on for both Salvation offered at the Cross as well as the infilling of My Holy Spirit. (Eccl. 1:15)

Yet, you did not think twice about the Scorpion’s Venom – (1 Kings 12:11)

The “Sting”

According to My Word – you reap what you have sown. You have not sown peace though you have falsely believed you walk in peace. (Galatians 6:5, Gal. 6:7) (Matthew 6:22-23)

The words you have spoken in this life are catching up with you. For you have never truly understood that every word that you spoke either brought you life or death. (Matthew 12:36-37)

The one fear that you had is the one thing you will face – your dark night of the soul. (Mark 14:34).

I will tell you now what I told the Pharisees

An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.

(Matthew 12:39)

What you will see will bring you to your knees. Though your heart is stony – it will fail you. The Sign of the Prophet Jonas is coming.

I, The Lord have told you I would not forsake you – but have you forsaken your soul by forsaking the essence of Life itself? When the Passover occurs – you will experience your Dark Night of the Soul. For the Sign of Jonas thrusts you into facing your deepest darkness. This too I faced at Calvary. But I believed in the Promises of My Father and The Holy Spirit.

They stood by Me.

What do you believe in?

So here is something for you to reflect on –

When the Light that has Graced your life is no longer present – When your pathway is darkened because the Son has removed the Light – When Faith, Hope and Love have vanished – will you recognize what is Passing over you? Will darkness consume your soul or will you awaken from drunkenness?

Luke 21:34

Galatians 5:21

The Plasma Event: The Bifurcation

I began this blog post months ago and was looking for something else entirely, when I stumbled upon some of the videos  highlighted. Today The Spirit redirected me to complete it.


Some of you may have heard about The Georgia Guidestones, which basically is a list that includes reducing the population of humanity. You will notice within the Genesis Device (Star Trek) video how the description alludes to much of the propaganda the Me. Dea. has been feeding the masses since the Tell-lies-of vision entered the main stream decades ago.


I have never mentioned this on this blog, but 5 years ago – one of the very first Rhema Words the Holy Spirit gave me was “Nuclear Winter”


When I heard that, I dropped to the floor on my knees and just started crying. The moment was so very surreal…because it was like I was being shown in the Spirit – the effect of a Nuclear Winter occurring. I felt an eerie type of “cold” begin to cover me in The Spirit – though I felt it at an aetheric level sometimes the aetheric is more powerful than physical.


Part of this Spiritual information exchange was knowing that a type of nuclear holocaust was down the road in our future. However, this “nuclear winter” may not appear as they have presented in Sci-Fi film.


As I have read the scriptures over the years – I keep seeing and hearing the phrase from Revelation 3:15 “I wish you were neither hot nor cold.” Having recently realized that the Bible was written utilizing mostly alchemical references – it is no wonder that it has been misunderstood. Pastors in the pulpits are not instructed to teach from the alchemical perspective. They are taught to teach what the puppet masters want the masses to believe, this allows the current hierarchy to retain control of their 3d matrix.


I would imagine, those of you who are following this blog – whether you are a long time follower or rather new are searching for a new way of life. Another way of living. I have been praying about this. Many of us who believe in Christ Jesus, Immanuel and the Work on the Cross have been awaiting the Rapture of The Church of Philadelphia – The Rescue of The Bride, The Wave Sheaf Company.


I was led to establish this blog by our Father God. And have tried to share only as incoming information is deemed fit. Years ago, when I received the phrase “Nuclear Winter” that download really frightened me. However that was quite some time before Pre 2019. As the hours tick toward the conclusion of 2021 – Nuclear Winter has taken on a totally different perspective.


A few weeks back I had heard people online talking about hearing the sounds of “booms” and attributing such sounds to thunder in the clouds. Then recently, I had heard that those booms might actually be associated with the techtonic plates within the earth and the shift of those plates related to the Magnetic Pole Reversal and the end of the current Epoch we are observing. I really didn’t think anything of it until I was outside this past week and I also HEARD the sound of the boom. I know what thunder sounds like because I love thunder and lightning storms. This was not the sound of thunder. Deep down in my Spirit I have this knowing that Nuclear Winter is likely associated with the coming Magnetic Pole Reversal.


I really wasn’t sure about any of this until yesterday when The Father spoke to me in Spirit and I asked additional follow up questions.


The first download I received was “Plasma” -followed by, “Be Ready for the incoming Plasma Wave.”

“Father, what on earth do you mean by Plasma and Plasma Wave?”

“Little one, you are in the womb of the Earth – you and your siblings are effectively gestating in a womb of darkness. While in the womb you have WORKED spiritually to seek and find truth. All within earth’s womb are about to experience the labors pains necessary to leave this 3d reality and enter into the one you have been waiting for: 5d, 6d, 7d or what the scriptures identify as New Jerusalem. Part of that labor pain is going through the Plasma Wave. This soon coming plasma wave is the “birth canal” of delivery via electricity. It will produce an energy vortex. The energy vortex is necessary. The human body is a field of energy which has been condensed into darkness (skin) and within the law as a part of the beast.

However, New Jerusalem/Heaven – does not require this skin. In fact this skin covering is not permitted in The Holy City. As such prior to entering the Holy City it must be discarded. Part of this discarding requires cleansing of the old garment (skin of sin) to release the new (Purified Spirit/Soul – Tree of Life). The Plasma Wave is the necessary bridge between Earth and Heaven.”



(Kind of weird to see a display of “QR code” displayed here in video)

“The “Plasma Wave” is a field of electricity. It will resemble the same type of environment that encased each of you within your mother’s womb. In this case the Plasma Wave will have a double natured effect. This is because the Plasma Wave is both a blessing and curse as part of the Day of the Lord. Those familiar with The Old Testament will recognize it as “The Destroyer” and it is something that no one will escape. Even those hidden within underground caves or bunkers will not escape it.


Those who have believed in the sacrifice of Christ Jesus (and his resurrection) and accepted The Holy Spirit into their heart, mind and soul will not be harmed but there may be other lessons learned and knowledge gained through the Plasma Wave.”

(Please note there will likely be more than one “Plasma Wave” that passes across and through Earth which would account for more than one Harvest of Souls.)


“Those who have not surrendered to Christ or done their Spiritual Work to cleanse themselves of iniquity will experience rather unpleasant side- effects of the Plasma Wave. The Plasma Wave will signal the beginning of the Apocalypse. That is because once the Plasma Wave enters your atmosphere it will cover the Light of the Sun, moon and heavenly bodies. It will create an energy vortex (the Signal of the Sign of Jonah) and this will begin the 3 days of Darkness.”



The following video is merely a generalized presentation of the coming magnetic pole shift Cataclysm, mentioned in Genesis 1 and in the Book of Revelation. Notice when Admiral Kirk addresses the computer what the blue and white symbol looks like at its introduction


Please check back as this blog post may be (frequently) updated.

Of Dreams and Prophecy

It has been a long while since I had a dream. The last one I had was in 2018 – and I’m fairly certain what I dreamed about and saw was the 6th Seal (Rev 6:12) Quake.

I had recently asked Father to help me understand what is coming but to do so gently. I really don’t know how much more my heart, soul or Spirit can handle seeing what a mess the Patriarchy has made of Yahuah’s creation.

This dream occurred this morning. 7/11. I had almost forgotten about it until later this afternoon. Frankly, I didn’t really want to share it because it was just so weird. I have waffled back and forth….until just a few minutes ago when in The Spirit I heard…”You should share it, because this isn’t just about you…this dream will (ultimately) affect many”

Ughhh – that’s just a gentle way the Ruach lets me know that I need to share it because doing so is an Act of obedience.

So, here goes….

We (my family was with me) walked into a store. I think it was a travel agency of some kind

My spouse requested a ticket for me. I distinctly recall it was ticket for a Cruise Ship. I was kind of dumb-founded by this. (I have zero interest in taking a Cruise)

I don’t recall being handed any kind of a ticket just that my spouse said I should go, and I would enjoy it. The next thing I remember is being a in room/bedroom trying to pack for this trip. I had some swimsuits in my hand and was searching for other items of clothing. At that moment I realized…why would I be going on a trip now with so many uncertainties? I should cancel this… and as I was about to put everything back, the dream ended.

This dream was so odd because the only time we have ever walked into a travel agency (AAA) was to book a 13 day trip we took in 1999 touring Europe and places like England, France, Rome, Germany….

As far as Cruises go, we have taken a few though the last was probably in 2005/6.

I had decided years ago after having gone Gluten Free that I would probably not take any more because my eating habits also changed after they removed my gallbladder – and the highlight of a cruise (besides Ports of Call) was the dining experience. To top it off, I think we have only ever booked one cruise with a travel agent and then proceeded to arrange the rest ourselves, online

In real time, we just had a conversation about the future and travel plans – (which is why this dream was so strange). He currently likes “van life” travel and touring the country in small spurts of time. I’m content working in my garden – growing plants and (trying to grow) vegetables – at least for the time being.

I will also say this, I feel like the exchange at the ticket counter indicates there is some type of “transition” coming. And that the Cruise Ship referred to here isn’t necessarily what we have come to know as the traditional Ocean Liner…

Cascadia Subduction Zone

Message received 12/28-29/17

8:17 am From The Ruach Hakodesh


There are Spirits (Ephesians 6:12) over Washington State and The Northwest. These Spirits are a part of what will make The Cascadia Subduction Zone come to life and domino.

Anyone who lives on or near this vicinity needs to be paying attention.

My daughter has long thought (and wrote some time ago) that the San Andreas would “trigger” a set of devastating geological events along the West Coast. In a manner of speaking, that is true..

Although man places a good deal too much “faith” in his technology

what man has developed by his intellect does not compare to THE WILL of The Father or THE POWER of The Son.

Like it or not, your lives are not just about you.

Many of the people that walk your earth believe they exist in pursuit of pleasure. This is faulty, self-absorbed thinking and a by-product of your sin nature.

You have been given Millenia to understand the how and why for your existence

Unfortunately, the basic lessons that my children should have learned have for the most part gone un-heeded.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone is the “Center Point” of dark spirits in the Northwest.  (Job 38:17)

When the Cascadia Zone is released “it shall open one of the portals of the gates of hell.” (direct quote from Ruach) However, by association and by design the Cascadia Fault is part of The Ring of Fire, thus the trigger effect will not only be this portal but the “Ring” of portals.  As in Cascadia, will be a “flash point” (there is more than one) for unlocking the gates of hell that are located throughout the earth.

Recall in Luke 21:26 the scripture that mentions Men’s hearts failing them? This is what that verse is referring to the beginning of …”the hordes of hell unleashed.”

Accompanying Scripture:

Job 38-42