Cascadia Subduction Zone & Word for Bethany

Message received 12/28-29/17

8:17 am From The Ruach Hakodesh

[I received this message while reading Chapter 22, and Bethany’s Word,specifically, at pg 222 of Derek Prince’s book “They Shall expel demons”]

There are Spirits (Ephesians 6:12) over Washington State and The Northwest. These Spirits are a part of what will make The Cascadia Subduction Zone come to life and domino.

Anyone who lives on or near this vicinity needs to be paying attention.

My daughter has long thought (and wrote some time ago) that the San Andreas would “trigger” a set of devastating geological events along the West Coast. In a manner of speaking, that is true..

Although man places a good deal too much “faith” in his technology




what man has developed by his intellect does not compare to THE WILL of The Father or THE POWER of The Son.

Kenzel, in the past year, had drafted a blogpost that she never published titled, “The Ring of Fire” because all she had was recognizing there was a spiritual significance to it’s shape, logistics and placement. All that being said, I had not provided enough substance for her to share with listening ears.

But back to Cascadia.

Like it or not, your lives are not just about you.

Many of the people that walk your earth believe they exist in pursuit of pleasure. This is faulty, self-absorbed thinking and a by-product of your sin nature.

You have been given Millenia to understand the how and why for your existence: God, Yahuveh, Elohim

Unfortunately, the basic lessons that my children should have learned have for the most part gone un-heeded.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone is the “Center Point” of dark spirits in the Northwest. If you will – this is one of the strongest principalities in the nation – not the strongest (But no matter.) (Job 38:17)

When the Cascadia Zone is released “it shall open one of the portals of the gates of hell.” (direct quote from Ruach) However, by association and by design the Cascadia Fault is part of The Ring of Fire, thus the trigger effect will not only be this portal but the “Ring” of portals.  As in Cascadia, will be a “flash point” (there is more than one) for unlocking the gates of hell that are located throughout the earth.

Recall in Luke 21:26 the scripture that mentions Men’s hearts failing them? This is what that verse is referring to the beginning of …”the hordes of hell unleashed.”

Accompanying Scripture:

Job 38-42


Before Closing, I have a message for Bethany:

Last night, as I was listening to Julie True (Spirit to Spirit) I head the name “Bethany.” Then I saw a floating and repeated image of a person with dark hair and wearing a dark sweater. He was sitting with his back against a window. I could see what appeared to be light outside from a backyard and trees.

This morning, just before I started writing this piece I asked “why did I hear the name Bethany?” and then received: “Spirit of Sadness.” Once I completed writing Cascadia, here was the explanation in full.

Bethany: At some point soon, your life is going to change. Like, change a lot. As in everything you know is going to be completely different. I’m under the impression things around you (related to Cascadia) are going to create that change. Do not fear it.

You have an association with the person I saw in that floating image. You are close to him. Not having his friendship would be a difficult loss but this is where you have to know WHO you are in Christ. No matter what happens to your friend or your family…your Father is your creator and YOUR LORD.

Whatever happens that is coming when these events start happening The Spirit of Sadness will approach.

Bethany, resist it.

At every moment you feel ANY kind of sadness – Submit that feeling to God and resist it. This will be your testing. You can and must fight this spirit because this Spirit would bring other spirits. Whether or not you know it, you are one of God’s Holy Vessels and there will be people (that you don’t even know yet) counting on you. You will survive what’s coming and help others through it.

You are valuable to The Father and God has amazing things planned for your life


Submit to God.

Resist the devil (and he will flee)

And listen for God’s voice. He will talk and walk you through it.

Even in crisis and calamity…


Love and Blessings, Sister!


*I am to record this Word of Knowledge on Podbean, you will find it there if you would like to hear this read aloud.